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UPDATED May 20. 2024.
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If you are a passionate carnivore, it may sometimes seem like it is easier to find a soul mate than to get a decent cut of meat that is not filled with growth hormones and antibiotics. This modern meat lover’s plight is what inspired Mike Salguero to create ButcherBox, a top-notch meat delivery company.

Advertised as the neighborhood butcher for modern America, this service provides regular deliveries of high-quality, sustainably sourced meat and makes it easier for home cooks across the country to make healthy, protein-packed meals for their families. One of the things you’re going to notice right away is just how important customers are to this company. After all, they list their phone number right there, on the homepage, unlike some others. Read this ButcherBox review and discover all the key details about this company’s impressive offer.

ButcherBox Review Homepage

How ButcherBox Works

ButcherBox is a subscription-based meat delivery service. It brings fresh, quality meat to your doorstep every month or every other month, depending on your family’s needs.

The company’s selection includes more than 60 meat items. You can enjoy 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, pasture raised and free-range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork. Both premium and convenience cuts are available.

You can choose between 2 main types of boxes – the Curated Box, including cuts handpicked by the ButcherBox team, and the Custom Box, including cuts of your choice. You can further choose between 2 box sizes. Whether you choose the Curated Box or the Custom Box, you get to decide which types of meat you want to get in your delivery.

Although a subscription is required, it comes with many perks and no limitations. As a subscriber, you get to enjoy free shipping, members-only offers, recipes, and other exciting perks. You also get to modify your subscription, switch between boxes, and pause or cancel your subscription at any point.

ButcherBox how it work

What Makes ButcherBox Different

ButcherBox has already won over more than 10,000 families across America thanks to its unique sourcing methods. The meat you get from this company is the same meat the folks at ButcherBox and their families enjoy at home. It is as good as it gets and here is how it is sourced.

ButcherBox meat is not just free from antibiotics and growth hormones. It is also humanely raised on family-run farms, with no interference with the animals’ natural diet. The animals on these farms have full access to both pastures and shelters and they are not kept in crowded spaces. They spend their lives out in the open, interacting with other animals.

The reason why not all animals are grown this way is that it is expensive. According to expert estimates, less than 5% of the beef currently on the market is grass-fed, making this kind of high-quality meat hard to find. With ButcherBox, you do not only get the highest-quality meat delivered to your doorstep but also support hardworking local farmers who employ humane raising practices.

ButcherBox Products

As mentioned earlier in this ButcherBox review, there are more than 60 delicious meat items to choose from and you can decide whether you want to handpick the items yourself or get a tasty surprise in your box. Now, we will provide more details about what is inside ButcherBox boxes.

ButcherBox Sample Boxes

Curated Box

With the Curated Box, you get a nice mix of premium and convenience cuts selected by the ButcherBox team. You can expect to get both New York strip, ribeye, and other fancy steaks and easy-to-cook chicken thighs, sirloin steaks, and roasts. Depending on your preferences, you can decide whether you want to receive a mixed box including beef, pork, and chicken, a beef and pork box, a beef and chicken box or a beef-only box.

You can choose between the smaller Classic box and the larger Big box. The Classic box brings you 8-11 lbs. of meat, enough to make around 24 meals, while the Big box contains 16-22 lbs. of meat, allowing you to cook around 48 tasty meals.

If you wish, you can customize your box by adding any of the 12 add-ons available, including burgers, breakfast sausage, ground beef, boneless pork chops, boneless, skinless chicken thighs, uncured, sugar-free bacon, and more.

Custom Box

The Custom Box includes up to 21 items of your choice. Just like with the Curated box, you can choose between two box sizes and include any of the 12 add-ons. With the Custom Box, the Classic size brings you 9-14 lbs. of meat, good for around 30 meals, and the Big box comes with 18-26 lbs. of meat, which should be enough to cook around 60 individual meals.

In addition to the gorgeous meat, ButcherBox provides lovely, inspiring recipes that make perfect use of the items in your box. The prep time usually ranges from just 5 to around 30 minutes. There are dozens upon dozens of recipes in the ButcherBox recipe library, so you can easily find something you would like to try out.

ButcherBox Meal custom box


With ButcherBox, pricing is perfectly straightforward, so you always know exactly how much your box is going to cost. The price exclusively depends on the box type and box size you choose.

With the Custom Box, the price of the 9-14 lbs of high-quality meat box is $159 per month. The Mixed Box costs $137 per month. If you opt for the Beef & Chicken Box, you get the Classic-sized box for $137 per month and the price is the same for Beef & Pork Box. ButcherBox All Beef Box will set you back $137 per month.

Of course, you can always throw in a couple of add-ons when you need some extra meat. The prices of add-ons range between $7 and $25 per pack, depending on whether you opt for premium or convenience cuts. Shipping is always free and there are no additional or hidden costs.

ButcherBox Pricing

Delivery Areas

At the moment, ButcherBox delivery map covers the entire contiguous US. The company is actively working on finding adequate delivery solutions that would allow it to ship its products to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. The boxes are shipped from Monday to Friday and deliveries are made from Tuesday to Saturday. Deliveries can be made to both home and business addresses. However, the company does not recommend using a business address due to potential issues caused by limited business hours.

ButcherBox Pros And Cons

To make sure ButcherBox meets all your standards and expectations, it is important to know its biggest advantages and disadvantages. With a short overview of its pros and cons, you can easily decide if ButcherBox is the right company for you.

  • More than 60 high-quality meat items
  • 100% grass-fed beef, organic chicken, and heritage breed pork
  • Great selection of both premium and convenience cuts
  • Customizable boxes
  • Delicious add-ons
  • Excellent membership perks
  • Mouthwatering recipes
  • Flexible subscription
  • Free shipping


  • Not too affordable

Bottom Line

ButcherBox promises to bring the best natural meat straight to your doorstep and from our experience, the quality really is as high as advertised. The meat is more flavorful and boasts a richer texture than the kind you get at the store. What is great is that you can decide exactly what you want to get in your box and there are tons of options to choose from.

The boxes may be a bit too large for families that do not eat meat every day, but since you can receive the boxes every other month, this should not be too big of a problem. We have to admit that the prices are not as low as we would like them to be. However, the truth is that in order to raise animals the natural way, farmers need to invest a lot of money, so keeping that in mind, the prices are more than reasonable. Not only that, but after tasting the meat, we can say that it is definitely worth it.

User Reviews (50)

ButcherBox is rated 2.5/5, based on 50 user reviews.

The ButcherBox reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the service reviewed here. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  1. | March 21, 2021

    They will charge you and send you an order…SURPRISE!!!.Act of congress and still not sure it is canceled. This is a very Shady company . Only their “team ” memeber can remove your card info and cancel your “surprise suscription>” I did go to bank and go a new card so I won’t get these “SURPRISES.” Meat is gritty and grainy. no good quality meat. I would rate them -Star but it is not there. Minus Star rating.

  2. | October 25, 2020

    Before you sign up be sure you realize you are their customer for life. They do not let you cancel! We ordered once. It was ok, not special so we cancelled. That was in June. In October we received email saying an order was coming for $149. We called and said we canceled. They said “no you didn’t.” We said cancel now. They said “too late it’s already shipped” (even though tracking Info they had sent says “not yet shipped.”

    I emailed. They responded admitting we DID cancel but claims that we “renewed.” It’s a lie. In truth in October they sent an email. We opened the email, not knowing that the MERE FACT of opening the email meant to Butcher Box that we renewed. In response to that email we said “no thank you.” Didn’t matter.

    So we have $149 on our credit card and meat is arriving we do not want and did not order. Worse and far more importantly, they blame us for their mistake.

    Forget Butcher Box. There are lots of struggling butchers in your area who would love to sell you organically grown product from local farms. Shop local and avoid Butcher Box unless you like people having your credit card number and charging whatever and whenever they want.

  3. | July 20, 2020

    Same issues as those above, Thawed meat–completely or partially, broken packaging on the chicken breasts –who knows what got in! I left them today.

  4. | July 8, 2020

    I have been using Butcher Box for years and have always been very happy with their products. However, I can no longer support this company as I have recently discovered they get their meat from Australia. Not that I have anything against Australia, or its products, but as someone who is trying to be environmentally conscious *and* ethical with my food, I cannot support shipping meat across the ocean. I asked them if they had any plans to switch to American farms and they said no. So I have been forced to cancel my subscription.

  5. | May 17, 2020

    The last 3 boxes they sent me had thawed meat in them. They refunded me the thawed stuff on the first one and sent me a replacement box on the second time I got a thawed box they sent an entire replacement box and half of that was thawed. They refunded me some off of that box and I cancelled the service.

    BB deleted and blocks all negative reviews and comments so people don’t know the negatives to what they’re getting.

    They claim to be “better” for the planet, animal, people, etc. in the video on their Facebook page but they are wasting those animals, causing more gas to be burned by the shipping company, sending out replacement packages and it not better for me because I now have about 15# of unusable meat that I put in my spare fridge because I would hate to see it go to waste.

  6. | April 27, 2020

    This is my second delivery of Butcherbox, and my last! Although the first shipment went well and the meat was great, like the gentleman Bryce on April 7th, my shipment arrived just over an hour ago and it was leading juice’s & after opening there was no signs of any dry ice and the entire contents were not only thawed but some of the packaging had holes and was leaking juice’s to the point the box material was saturated.

    Save your time and money and don’t mess with it!

  7. | April 7, 2020

    Dont use ButcherBox. Their quality of meat is fantastic but the delivery service they partner with is entirely incompetent. The first time around they delivered to the next door address and now they sent out a package without a tracking number or notification that it was sent. The meat sat over the weekend in my mailroom building and now I’m out $150. I was told they could reship for another $75 bucks but that’s just dumb and I can’t afford to lose that 150 without consequences. If you want quality meat shop elsewhere

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