Home Chef Review

UPDATED May. 2018

Home Chef has been on the market for half a decade and in that time, it has developed into a perfect example of what a meal kit delivery service should look like. It boasts a rich menu with fresh meal ideas available every week, the ordering process is quick and simple, the subscriptions are flexible, and the prices are more than fair. It provides the freshest, natural ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes that allow you to cook a gorgeous dinner in just half an hour, regardless of your cooking skills. Plus, you can enrich your weekly menu with some refreshing fruity add-ons and a lunch that takes just 5 minutes to make. Learn more about how this renowned service can help you start cooking effortlessly and eating more healthily in this Home Chef revie

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How Home Chef Works

Curious about how their service works? Check out what we have discovered during our Home Chef review.

Taking special care not to disappoint with menu variety, Home Chef makes sure offer 12 new dinner options, as well as new breakfasts, a fruit basket and a smoothie each week. There’s always a dinner option to suit even the pickiest of eaters: from meat and seafood ingredients to gluten-free, soy-free and low-carb dishes. Recently, the company has enriched its offer with incredible 5-minute lunches that allow you to quickly make a delicious lunch wherever you are, no cooking required.

Home Chef won’t ask you to commit for any particular period of time. Instead, it offer a flexible plan to suit everyone’s schedule. It’s no problem if you want to skip a delivery, edit your orders, or cancel directly online.

If you like Home Chef’s service and would like your loved ones to try it too, you can purchase a gift card in the amount of $60, $120, $240, or your own custom value, which they can use to order meals from Home Chef’s website.

What Makes Home Chef Different

Unlike what happens when you order takeout food, Home Chef takes special care to honor its 3 R rules, including reducing, reusing, and recycling the packaging it use. Remember, when using pre-portioned ingredients you also eliminate food waste and help preserve the environment. This is also reflected in the company’s policy of carefully choosing its suppliers, selecting only the most prominent who take care not to damage the ecosystem and demonstrate that same respect towards their employees.

Home Chef’s website even allows you to “meet” a few of its suppliers – you can read a little about who they are, how they work and what their standards are, and even see some pictures. In the spirit of environmental consciousness, Home Chef also advises you to recycle all the plastic parts you find in its delivery boxes. Its produce is always shipped in insulated, biodegradable boxes with water soluble, cool gel packs designed to keep your food refrigerated, not frozen. This way the food will be ready to cook, but won’t go bad even if it waits for you a couple of hours.

Home Chef’s marketplace offers a selection of kitchen dishes, utensils and other essentials you can purchase, in case you realize you’re missing something needed for one of your recipes. What really sets Home Chef apart from its  competition is its taste profile feature – you can choose between numerous culinary preferences to get recipe offers especially tuned to your tastes.

Meals and Recipes

Home Chef meal options
For Families
Weight Loss

If you decide to register with Home Chef, you’ll be asked to fill out a taste chart, specifying what sort of ingredients you’d like to have in your meals. Home Chef offers one of the most detailed meal preference choices you’ll find, which they use to build your taste profile.

As far as dining preferences go, you start out by choosing meat, seafood, vegetables, or any combination of those. You can then specify any ingredients you’d like to avoid; for example, you can choose not to eat pork, red meat, gluten, mushrooms, soy, nuts, dairy, shellfish, or any combination of those. In addition, you can choose whether you prefer a low carb or low-calorie diet, both or neither.

Obviously, this is especially useful for vegetarians or people with allergies. When you’re done choosing your taste preferences, you can choose whether you’d like 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 meals per week for 2, 4 or 6 people. Compared to most food delivery services this is exceptionally flexible: instead of choosing a 2-person or typical family plan, you’ve got more choices. Afterward, you choose the day of the week you’d like your meals delivered – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays.

When your package arrives, just follow the step-by-step recipe cards. The preparation should be easy even if you’re a kitchen rookie.

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Home Chef Pricing

How much does Home Chef cost?

Home Chef takes pride in being able to offer you ingredients that are fresher and better than those you’ll find in local stores – and all that for about the same price. Their meals cost $9.95 per serving and you can choose between 2, 4, or 6 serving options. The 5-minute lunches come at a lower price and cost $7.99 per serving.

home chef pricing

The good news is that you can order as many different meals as you’d like. You can even purchase fruit and smoothie add-ons for $4.95, as well as premium meals on occasion. These are special meals that are a bit pricier than the standard menu items, such as holiday specials which include multiple sides and a desert. Next Christmas you might not have to spend time shopping for groceries and looking for recipes, as Home Chef has everything you need for the occasion.

home chef pricing2

As far as delivery itself goes, it’s free of charge for orders over $45 but costs up to $10 for orders below that price. Unless you’re eating by yourself, you’ll probably end up ordering enough to get your food delivered for free. Taking all of this into account, we can say that Home Chef definitely has one of the most flexible payment plans when it comes to home deliveries. You’re offered lots of choices regarding the number of servings you’re ordering, as well as the recipes and add ons.

2 Servings
Meals per weekMeal kit pricePrice per serving
4 Servings
Meals per weekMeal kit pricePrice per serving
6 Servings
Meals per weekMeal kit pricePrice per serving

Delivery Areas

Until recently, Home Chef offered its services to only about 90% of the US. Fortunately, the company is constantly working on expanding its delivery map and now covers around 98% of the country. Its delivery range will continue to grow, so in case your location isn’t supported yet, it probably will be in the near future. Just to be safe, you can enter your zip code on the company’s website to find out whether it delivers to your area.

home chef delivery areas
  • Huge variety of meals to choose from
  • You can set your personal taste preference
  • Fresh and of high-quality ingredients
  • Easy-to-follow recipes
  • All meals prepared in 30 minutes or less


  • The service should introduce more options for special diets

Sample Dishes

If you subscribe to Home Chef, you can easily prepare culinary masterpieces using only the ingredients and recipes found in your meal kit box. You may not be a pro chef just yet, but with Home Chef, you can easily make restaurant-grade meals. You don’t have to take our word for it – check out the images below to get a better idea of the types of dishes you can enjoy with Home Chef.

Bottom Line

Home Chef has been in the meal delivery game for a while. But, even though meal delivery is becoming more and more popular now and competitors are stepping up, Home Chef not only keeps up, it offers some pretty neat features you probably won’t find with any other service. For example, it has an amazing variety of options including gluten-free, soy-free, low-carb, and vegetarian meals.

The ingredients are fresh and tasty and meal preparation takes as little as 30 minutes, with easy-to-follow step-by-step recipe cards to help you along the way. All in all, we were pleasantly surprised with what we found out while doing research for our Home Chef review. If, you’re tired of ordering takeout or shopping for ingredients, but still want a warm, home-cooked meal, then we certainly recommend you give Home Chef a try – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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