Dinnerly is a new meal kit delivery service recently launched by Marley Spoon. It is currently the most affordable service of this kind available on the market, created with the desire to make meal kits available to virtually anyone in search of a more convenient alternative to meal planning and grocery shopping.

While meal kits were designed to revolutionize home cooking, they are commonly considered to be a luxury, with the prices often too high for the average customer. In this Dinnerly review, we shall take a look at Dinnerly’s clever plan to bring about a real revolution in the industry with its low-priced, high-quality kits.

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How Dinnerly Works

Dinnerly is a subscription-based service, so before you order, you need to take a few minutes to create an account. Once you have successfully registered, you can choose from the two box types currently available – the 2-Person box, including all the ingredients necessary to make 3 scrumptious meals for 2 adults and the Family box, containing ingredients for 3 healthy, tasty meals for a family of 4.

At the moment, Dinnerly only offers dinner recipes. Each week, there are exactly 3 dishes available on the menu, so there is not much room for customizing your order. However, the recipes are picky-eater approved and most of the time, they are classic, well-loved recipes that suit the tastes of the majority of potential customers.

Although ordering from Dinnerly requires a subscription, it does not mean that you need to order even if the meals on the current menu do not suit your preferences or you simply have other plans. The subscription is extremely flexible and you get to skip as many deliveries as you please and easily cancel your subscription if you are not happy with the service. You can even switch between boxes whenever you feel the need to order more or less food. Dinnerly has truly done everything possible in order to prevent you from feeling stuck, providing you with full freedom to decide how often and for how long you wish to order.

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What Makes Dinnerly Different

We have mentioned before in this Dinnerly review that this is the most affordable service on the market, which is its most prominent feature. It offers high-quality ingredients and great recipes for only half of the usual price of meal kits. The company hopes that the low prices will attract a large number of new customers who wanted to give this kind of service a try but simply found it to be too rich for their blood.

The Dinnerly recipes are also unique in that they normally require only 6 ingredients, which makes cooking even easier and cuts down on the preparation time. Although the produce is fresh and natural and the meat is antibiotic-free and grass-fed, just as in the case of the pricier meal kits, there are no exotic, luxury items that would increase the price of the meals.

Another distinctive, money-saving feature of Dinnerly are digital recipes that are offered instead of the fancy recipe cards normally delivered within the meal kit boxes. This decision was made in order to avoid any unnecessary costs and in our opinion, it does not affect the overall quality of the service.

The company is also eco-friendly, using sustainable packaging that helps you reduce your carbon footprint. The official Dinnerly website also offers recycling instructions for the packaging, making it easy for you to dispose of the bags, boxes, and liners the right way.

Dinnerly Different

Meals and Recipes

dinnerly Recipes

Although the weekly menu is limited to only 3 meals, it still manages to satisfy a wide variety of preferences. Every week, there are kid-friendly meals available, so you do not have to worry about the little ones frowning at their plates in discontent. Most of the meals can be prepared in no more than 30 minutes and quite often, there are vegetarian-friendly, low-carb, gluten-free, and dairy-free meals in the offer.

The great news is that the digital recipes are detailed and easy to understand, with lovely photos available for each step of the preparation. You also get information on the preparation time, the difficulty level, and allergens, as well as the basic ingredients you should have in your pantry and the pots, pans, and other kitchen tools you need in order to prepare the meal.

Dinnerly also offers nutrition information on its meals, including the number of calories and the amount of fat, proteins, and carbs present in every serving. What we especially like is the fact that Dinnerly lets you in on the little tricks that can help you make your meal even better. With the hacks attached to the recipes, you can upgrade your cooking skills and learn how to take the dish from fine to divine.

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Regardless of whether you choose the 2-Person or the Family box, the price per serving is always the same and amounts to only $5. Unfortunately, the delivery is not free, which is to be expected, as the price of the meals is surprisingly low and thus not enough to cover the shipping costs as well. With every order, you need to pay an additional $8.99 for shipping.

In total, the price of a weekly delivery with the 2-Person plan amounts to $38.99, with shipping included. The price of a Family box together with the shipping costs is $68.99. Even with the shipping, the price per meal remains low enough to be more than worth it, especially if you factor in the time and money you spend on your trips to the store and the market and the time it takes to think of new recipes every day.

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Delivery Areas

As expected, Dinnerly quickly became one of America’s favorite meal kit services. When it first entered the market, it was available in only 6 states on the West Coast. It did not take long for its creators to notice the immense interest of the public, which is why the service is now available nationwide, with only several exceptions, including Upstate New York and certain rural areas of the country. If you are not sure if Dinnerly delivers to your zip code, you can find out in minutes by contacting its support staff.

  • The most affordable meal kits on the market
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Easy-to-follow recipes
  • Suitable for kids and picky eaters
  • Extremely flexible subscription
  • Eco-friendly


  • No customization options

Sample Dishes

Bottom Line

Dinnerly aims to make it possible for nearly anyone to enjoy the perks of simplified cooking by offering great ingredients and recipes at probably the lowest possible price. We had the pleasure of testing the service and have to say that we were pleasantly surprised to see that the quality of the service is not inferior to that provided by some of the best meal kit services out there. It is a perfect combination of convenience, deliciousness, and affordability and possibly the best option for home cooks who want to prepare their meals more easily without spending more cash than usual.

Dinnerly Rating

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of Dinnerly, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the company. Ratings may change as the service changes.

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Final Rating 9.0/10

User Reviews (16)

    Dinnerly user rating based on 16 user reviews.

    The reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the meal delivery companies. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  • Submitted By Irma on 01/02/2018
    My meal was never delivered. Left several emails over the course of one week not one response. They billed me for the meal though. I called and get placed on hold right away with a preprecorded message to either stay on the line or call back. I stay on the line then get disconnected. Multiple times! I don't think they can handle business that they have. If you choose to go this route just know at some point you will have an issue (nature of the business) and when you do it will be a huge effort to resolve.
  • Submitted By Toni Silverberg on 09/25/2017
    I am so disappointed in this service. Dinnerly should be so ashamed of themselves. I'm cancelling now. Not enough food, no flavors, taste and questionable meat. I can't and won't eat the choice of meat that was in my box. The frozen food arrived defrosted, the spice packets were wet and gross, very unsatisfactory. I did not get $30 worth of food. The thing that is really bothering me, the packages are slimy and they smell. Don't waste your money on this, it's too bad I was looking forward to it...
  • Submitted By Heather on 09/13/2017
    Not impressed. It seems to me that you should have some meal options to choose from before your card is charged, however, it's the opposite. They charge your card and then stick you with some pretty boring and bland recipes comingnnin the mail. To top it off, not only did I get 3 just ok at best meals to prepare but on top of it 2 of my meals were missing ingredients. Thought they offered to "credit my card" for the missing items that hardly makes up for the things that I couldn't make without making a trip to the grocery store which this service was supposed to eliminate. Not impressed AT ALL. Either spring for the higher priced competitors or just make your own trip to the grocer and come up with your own recipes. Less of a let down and more exciting food.
  • Submitted By C Ivory on 08/24/2017
    This is just wrong. I was not able to see the food offerings before they charged my account. I wasn't happy with the chosen menu items and there were no alternates available. When I immediately cancelled the subscription, this message popped up: You subscription has been stopped. We are already preparing your order for August 30, 2017 so you will still receive this delivery. This will be your final box. I wasn't happy with that message. How could they already be preparing my order that I just put in about one minute ago? NOTE: When I used their CHAT function, they immediately credited my account, so they made it right, right away.
  • Submitted By Bopha P on 08/24/2017
    Not enough food for the price, I had to run to the grocery store each week to grab more stuff to fill the plate. The flavors aren't there and there's just no wow factor of excitement for cooking. The recipes are bland and lame, I didn't learn anything new to add to my cooking skills. You're better off grocery shopping on your own. Yes it's cheaper but it's a very sad box....
  • Submitted By Tony on 08/18/2017
    You get what you pay for.  Go with the other options.  Some of the items you receive it looks like they went to restaurants like panda express, grab some soy sauce packets and thru it on the box to send to you.
  • Submitted By Karen Moore on 08/14/2017
    The first week was great - after that, the meals were awful - sometimes inedible. Do not get sucked in by the price after the first week. On a scale of 1 to 10, Dinnerly gets a -5.
  • Submitted By Katie on 08/09/2017
    Very little produce... The recipes suggest side dishes / add in to make with the meal (like a salad to go with beef and barely soup). I was under the impression I was paying for a full meal in the box! So far I am not impressed, seems worth the extra $20 to go with one of their competitors.
  • Submitted By Martha Roberts on 07/20/2017
    Finally, something budget-friendly for all of us who are tired of going to the store and thinking of something to cook every day. The ingredients are better than I expected.
  • Submitted By Ted Chambers on 07/18/2017
    I just cant believe that you can eat this good at such low prices! Simply amazing!
  • Submitted By Frederick Lowe on 07/15/2017
    Thank God someone realized that the 3-percenters are not the only people who have to eat. Hope they don’t switch to crappy ingredients over time.
  • Submitted By Pete Field on 07/13/2017
    Not bad but needs way more options.
  • Submitted By Alice Hudson on 07/03/2017
    I actually prefer digital recipes that they give because I can access them from my phone. It makes cooking so much easier.
  • Submitted By Tom Robins on 07/02/2017
    Nah, nothing special. I didn’t really like the food.
  • Submitted By Leila Johnson on 06/30/2017
    I’m just in love with dinnerly. It’s not just the meals – which are exquisite – it’s also that they’re eco-friendly and trying so hard to reduce their (and our!!) carbon footprint! Well done!
  • Submitted By Peter Bush on 06/17/2017
    Not too many options for vegetarians
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