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UPDATED May 20. 2024.
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If you’re wondering what happened to the Freshly meal delivery service, we’ve got big news for you: Freshly has ceased operations and is no longer working. They are recommending you to check out their friends at Factor meal delivery if you want to get healthy meals delivered to your doorstep. You’ll also get a coupon code: GOFACTOR50 that will get you 50% off your subscription. If you want to know more about this meal delivery service read our Factor Review.

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Freshly Now Out of Business

Freshly is a healthy meal delivery service that has quickly found its way into the homes of hungry home diners across America. The New York-based company with production facilities in Arizona started out in 2015 with the goal of becoming one of the industry leaders. Its mission statement insists that all its meals are absolutely fresh, never frozen. In the relatively short time that it has been on the market, it has doubled the number of states it delivers to, improved the variety of its offer, and consequently gained an increased number of loyal customers. It is a company that just keeps on improving. Read this detailed Freshly review to learn more.

Freshly Homepage

How Freshly Works

Freshly is in the business of providing fresh and healthy gourmet entrees for fans of the high-protein diet. Every week, there are a couple of dozen of delicious dishes to choose from and even though they focus on meat as the source of proteins, there are always several vegetarian meals available too.

Ordering from Freshly is a piece of cake. All you have to do is choose how many meals you wish to receive weekly – 4, 6, 9 or 12 – and pick the dishes you like the most. Unlike many other meal deliveries that offer fixed meal plans, Freshly allows you to customize your menu, so you get to hand-pick the meals you wish to see on your table.

The menu changes weekly, so there are new lunch and dinner options every time you stop by. With dozens of dishes available every week, you always get to try at least a few new dishes and revisit something you already ordered and enjoyed. If you need some help picking the best dishes, you can check out which meals are marked as Top Rated and rely on the experience of other happy customers.

Even though it is not exclusively an organic meal delivery, its ingredients are all-natural and essentially good for your health. All of its meals are gluten-free, contain no processed sugars, and have low carb content. With plenty of protein, its meals keep you feeling full for longer and help your body burn fat much quicker, so you feel light and energized throughout the day.Freshly How It Works

Ordering from Freshly is a piece of cake. All you have to do is choose how many meals you wish to receive weekly – 4, 6, 9 or 12 – and pick the dishes you like the most.

What Makes Freshly Different

Freshly is unique in its efforts to give proteins the glory they deserve. Its diet philosophy has its roots in the Paleo diet. It highlights the importance of proteins in regard to feeling energized and losing weight more easily. The service has done away with everything that makes a person sluggish or overweight. By that, we primarily mean carbs and processed sugars, which seem to be the cornerstone of the modern diet. More protein, combined with fewer carbs and sugar, means more energy, easier fat burning, and above all, a healthier body.

Freshly provides you with all the info you may need to know exactly what you are eating. Apart from selecting only the highest-quality natural ingredients, it also lets you know exactly what each meal contains. If you would like to know all the nutrition facts, you can check out the detailed info on the fat, cholesterol, sodium, fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamin content, as well as on the amount of carbs, proteins, and calories in every meal.

What really impressed us while we were researching for this Freshly review is how extremely eco-friendly the service is. Every part of the packaging it uses is recyclable or biodegradable, so you can keep your environmental footprint to a minimum. Even the meals it ships are eco-friendly, as each meal is perfectly portioned, so there is no food waste either.

If you like Freshly and wish to spread the joy, you can join the refer-a-friend program. With every successful referral, you get $40 and your friend can get 6 dinners for just $39 for two weeks. Keep in mind that you can only be rewarded for up to 10 successful referrals every month.

The service also offers gift subscriptions that allow you to treat a friend to a week of Freshly meals. You can send someone 4, 6, 9 or 12 meals. Gift meals cost the same as standard meals ($9 to $12.50 per single-serving dish, depending on the quantity). The recipient needs to start a subscription in order to redeem your gift. He or she can choose the meals independently and cancel anytime.

Freshly is incredibly flexible and allows you to skip a delivery, pause your subscription or cancel at any time, as long as you do it before the weekly deadline. Luckily, the service sends you weekly emails in order to remind you of the deadline, so you do not have to worry about missing it and receiving any unwanted deliveries.

Meals and Recipes

Freshly meal options
For Singles

As we have mentioned before in this Freshly review, this company offers delicious entrees that can serve both as lunch and dinner. In partnership with some of the best chefs in the country, it is constantly coming up with new recipes that satisfy its main criteria – healthy, tasty, fresh, and protein-packed.

jamaican meal image

While Freshly does not offer specialized meal plans for different dietary needs and preferences, all of its meals are created in accordance with the requirements of several types of special diets. Its meals are mostly Paleo-inspired and contain no gluten or processed sugars. This makes them a good option for people on the Paleo or gluten-free diets, as well as diabetics. Being low in carbs and high in protein, they are a great choice for people who are trying to lose weight or just want to keep their bodies in good shape.

peach balsamic pork chop

Every week, there are around 30 entrees on the menu. At least 4 of them are vegetarian-friendly while the remaining items feature all sorts of meat, with a heavy accent on chicken and poultry in general, as well as shrimps and other delicious seafood. The perfectly cooked meat is complemented by various kinds of healthy and nutritious veggies, which makes for a well-balanced meal beaming with flavor.

Here are the Freshly meal plans:

  • Purely Plant – Unleash the power of plants with this plan
  • Gluten Free – One of the few Gluten Free plans certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group
  • Dairy Free Meals – Tasty meals without any dairy
  • Carb-Smart – Although these meals are low in carbs they are still tasty and nourishing
  • Calorie-Conscious – If you really want to cut your calorie intake choose this plan

Nutrition Facts

All Freshly meals yield a single serving (about 13 ounces) and usually have 400 to 500 calories. Most items contain 30+ grams of protein. When it comes to the carb content of Freshly meals, you can find dishes that contain anywhere between 15 and 65 grams of net carbs.

For easier ordering, Freshly has designed labels that let you know whether the dish in question contains fewer than 35 grams of net carbs, fewer than 500 calories, and 30 or more grams of protein. Dairy-free, soy-free, vegetarian, and spicy dishes are clearly labeled as well.

Heating And Storage Tips

You can heat your Freshly meals in a microwave or an oven. If heating in a microwave, you just need to peel back the plastic film on the top of the container. Do not remove the film. Your meal should be covered while in the microwave. Then heat your meal for 3 minutes, let it sit for 2 more minutes, and it is ready to eat. You can also heat your Freshly meal on a microwave-safe plate, but be sure to cover it. The same rules apply – heat it for 3 minutes and let it sit for 2 minutes.

If you decide to use your oven, you should preheat it to 350° F, place your meal in an oven-safe dish, and cover it with tin foil. Heat the meal for 25 to 35 minutes and then remove the foil and let the meal rest for 3 to 5 minutes before you dig in.

Freshly does not use artificial preservatives to extend its meals’ shelf life. Therefore, you can keep the meals in your fridge for 3 to 5 days. For your convenience, all Freshly meals come with a “use by” date printed on the nutrition label. If you order more food than you can eat in 5 days, you can freeze the meals and preferably enjoy them within a month or two. You do not need to thaw the meals beforehand. Just heat them for a few extra minutes.

Freshly meals are mostly Paleo-inspired and contain no gluten or processed sugars. This makes them a good option for people on the Paleo or gluten-free diets, as well as diabetics. Being low in carbs and high in protein, they are a great choice for people who are trying to lose weight or just want to keep their bodies in good shape.


The prices of meals at Freshly are quite similar to what we are used to with this kind of service. The 4-meal weekly plan costs $12.50 per meal or $49.99 per week, the 6-meal plan is $9.99 per meal or $59.99 per week, the 9-meal plan is $9.99 per meal or $89.99 per week, and the 12-meal plan is $8.99 per meal or $107.99 per week.

As you can see, the more food you order, the more you save on each individual meal (up to $3.50 per meal), so if you like what Freshly offers, consider opting for a larger plan. You may be happy to hear that shipping is free with all plans, so you end up paying only for what you eat.

Freshly Meal Plans
Meal Programs
Meals per weekPrice per weekPrice per meal

Delivery Areas

Freshly delivers to all states within the continental US. However, it does not cover all areas within each state since its delivery partners cannot guarantee 48-hour delivery to all zip codes. We recommend using the zip code checker on the Freshly website to see if the service can deliver to you. You can expect your meals to be delivered via FedEx, OnTrac, Axlehire or Lasership, depending on your location.

Delivery freshly

The service delivers Sunday through Saturday and the delivery days available depend on the zip code. Your order can arrive anytime between 8 AM and 9 PM on the specified delivery day and you cannot choose the exact time slot that works for you. However, it is important to know that no signature is required and the meals are shipped in insulated boxes with ice packs that keep them cool throughout the 2-day transit, plus an extra 12 hours. Hence, you do not have to be at home to receive your delivery and there is no need to worry about the meals going bad before you get a chance to put them in a fridge.

Freshly Pros And Cons

To make sure Freshly meets all your standards and expectations, it is important to know its biggest advantages and disadvantages. With a short overview of its pros and cons, you can easily decide if Freshly is the right meal delivery service for you.

  • All-natural, high-quality ingredients
  • Over 2 dozen healthy meals on the weekly menu
  • Low in carbs, no processed sugars or gluten
  • Reasonable prices
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Flexible subscription
  • Great referral program


  • Few vegetarian options
  • Limited delivery area

Sample Dishes

Freshly provides its happy customers with finger-licking chef-prepared meals that can suit virtually any taste. With this meal delivery service, you can enjoy restaurant-grade dishes in the comfort of your own home without breaking the bank. Take a look at our curated selection of Freshly meals to get a glimpse of the delights that await you on its menu.

Bottom Line

The basic philosophy behind Freshly is that healthy means high in protein, low in simple carbs and sugars, and high in healthy fats. According to the help center, this means that there’s not much room for dishes based on other nutrition principles, such as vegetarian or vegan. However, the service is constantly working on adding more vegetarian dishes to its menu and there are at least a few delicious meals for veggie lovers at all times. The meals are always fresh and nutritious and ready in just a couple of minutes, which is as convenient as it gets. A team of pro chefs works hard on providing you with dozens of delicious lunch and dinner options every week. On top of that, shipping is always free, which significantly cuts down on the final price you pay for your meals. If you are looking for something affordable, convenient, healthy, and delicious, you should definitely consider giving Freshly a shot.

Freshly FAQ

Is Freshly worth it?

The prices of meals at Freshly are within the industry standard. In return for what you pay, you get excellent chef-crafted meals. Most of the ingredients are gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic. Overall, Freshly offers great value for your money.

Is Freshly healthy?

Freshly delivers healthy gourmet meals. Its ingredients, although not exclusively organic, are all natural and good for your health. The focus is on a high-protein diet, with meat as the main source of proteins, but there are also vegetarian meals.

Where is Freshly shipped from?

Freshly has multiple facilities across its distribution network. There are two main facilities from which the company ships its meals, one in Phoenix, Arizona, and the other in Savage, Maryland. Where your meals are sent from depends on your location.

How to cancel Freshly?

Log into your account, go to your Meal Planner, scroll down to Change Details, and click on Change under Subscription Settings. Click on the Cancel Subscription link at the bottom of the page and follow the prompts to finish the process. Read our guide on how to cancel Freshly for more details.

Can you freeze Freshly meals?

If you cannot eat your Freshly meals by their “use by” date, you can freeze them. The company recommends that you reheat your meals from frozen, without thawing. The food should be reheated to 165 degrees, the same as reheating from fresh.

Is Freshly organic?

Freshly uses organic ingredients whenever possible. However, not all of its ingredients are certified organic. The company guarantees that its ingredients are always free of additives, chemicals, artificial ingredients, and refined sugars.

What is Freshly?

Freshly is a weekly subscription meal service delivering fresh (not frozen) meals developed by its in-house team of chefs and nutritionists. Customers receive fully cooked meals that just need to be reheated, which usually takes only 3 minutes.

How does Freshly work?

First, subscribers choose how many meals they want to receive per week: 4, 6, 9, or 12. Freshly prepares your meals and sends them to your home address in a chilled box. It takes just 3 minutes to heat the meals in the microwave. Find out more here.

Where does Freshly deliver?

Freshly delivers to all states within the continental U.S. Some ZIP codes, however, cannot be reached within the company’s 48-hour delivery period. To check whether your area is covered, enter your email and ZIP on the Freshly homepage.

Where is Freshly located?

The company is based in New York.

How long do Freshly meals last?

Since the meals are prepared without artificial or chemical preservatives, they have a refrigerated shelf life of about 3-5 days. You can see the “use by” date for every meal on the back nutrition label. Meals can be frozen and eaten later.

How often does Freshly change its menu?

Freshly tries to launch a new meal every week and regularly rotates meals on the menu but keeps the highest rated options. Plus, the company uses customers’ meal ratings and comments to improve the recipes for its current meals.

How many servings are there in a Freshly meal?

Currently, Freshly offers only single-serving meals (for one person only). The company does not offer family-sized meals at the moment.

Which one is better – Freshly or Blue Apron?

Both offer food of the highest quality, but their business models differ. While Freshly delivers fully cooked meals that just need to be heated in the microwave, Blue Apron customers receive ingredients and recipes to prepare their homecooked meals.

Which one is better – Freshly or Hello Fresh?

Freshly is a meal delivery service that will send you fully cooked meals that you just need to heat in the microwave. Hello Fresh is a meal kit delivery service that provides pre-portioned ingredients and recipes for preparing homecooked meals.

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User Reviews (54)

Freshly is rated 3.5/5, based on 54 user reviews.

The Freshly reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the service reviewed here. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  1. | January 3, 2021

    I subscribed to Freshly probably a year ago. I cancelled after one delivery. The food arrived having all boxes tilted, thus instead of looking like your photos, the ingredients in each box was shoved in a single heap at one end of the box. Cooking did not help, and they were like eating one pile of the food mashed together… unattractive and virtually inedible.

  2. | May 9, 2020

    I ordered a few meals from freshly and they made both my boyfriend and I extremely sick. There way of ‘preserving’ without preservatives clearly is a lie. We brought the meals in and refrigerated them as soon as they were delivered. Stay away from this food. Additionally it was very poor quality. I tried the buffalo chicken and it tasted similar to churches buffalo chicken that I had as a child. Super processed tasting. 0/5 stars.

    • Jorie | May 9, 2020

      Meant to do 0/5 stars.

  3. | March 1, 2020

    Freshly is so much more affordable than any other meal delivery I’ve tried so far and the best thing is they offer free shipping. It really pays off to order all week’s worth of meals, like 9 or 12, depending on how often will you be able to eat at home but I use all of it anyway when I have someone over or pack a lunch for work.

  4. | February 20, 2020

    It says freshly offers a vegetarian based meal plan but I’m not thrilled with the offer. I basically picked it just for the fresh ingredients but there are way many options for meat eaters than for vegetarians.

  5. | February 9, 2020

    I went to the nutritionist because I had some issues with digestion and I was bloated all the time, and she recommended Freshly as my weekly one meal portion. I first taught that the portion is a bit small but then I’ve read that one portion contains more than 30g of protein, which is the basis for my diet, and after two to three days I really felt full but not like I’ve had too much to eat.

  6. | February 4, 2020

    Love that you get detailed instructions on how to handle the ingredients, I mean I would never assume that it is better to microwave it with the plastic on instead of off. Thank you for that.

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