Freshly is a healthy meal delivery service that has quickly found its way into the homes of hungry home diners across America. The New York-based company with production facilities in Arizona started out in 2015 with the goal of becoming one of the industry leaders. Its mission statement insists that all its meals are absolutely fresh, never frozen. In the relatively short time that it has been on the market, it has doubled the number of states it delivers to, improved the variety of its offer, and consequently gained an increased number of loyal customers. It is a company that just keeps on improving. Read this detailed Freshly review to learn more.

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How Freshly Works

Freshly is in the business of providing fresh and healthy breakfasts and gourmet entrees for fans of the high-protein diet. Every week, there are a couple of dozen of delicious dishes to choose from and even though they focus on meat as the source of proteins, there are always several vegetarian meals available too.

Ordering from Freshly is a piece of cake. All you have to do is choose how many meals you wish to receive weekly – 4, 6, 9 or 12 – and pick the dishes you like the most. Unlike many other meal deliveries that offer fixed meal plans, Freshly allows you to customize your menu, so you get to hand-pick the meals you wish to see on your table.

The menu changes weekly, so there are new breakfast, lunch or dinner options every time you stop by. With dozens of dishes available every week, you always get to try at least one or two new dishes and revisit something you already ordered and enjoyed. If you need some help picking the best dishes, you can check out which meals are marked as Top Rated and rely on the experience of other happy customers.

Even though it is not exclusively an organic meal delivery, its ingredients are all natural and essentially good for your health. All of its meals are gluten-free, contain no processed sugars, and have low carb content. With plenty of protein, its meals keep you feeling full for longer and help your body burn fat much quicker, so you feel light and energized throughout the day.

What Makes Freshly Different

Freshly is unique in its efforts to give proteins the glory they deserve. Its diet philosophy has its roots in the Paleo diet. It highlights the importance of proteins in regard to feeling energized and losing weight more easily. The service has done away with everything that makes a person sluggish or overweight. By that, we primarily mean carbs and processed sugars, which seem to be the cornerstone of the modern diet. More protein, combined with fewer carbs and sugar, means more energy, easier fat burning, and above all, a healthier body.

Freshly provides you with all the info you may need to know exactly what you are eating. Apart from selecting only the highest-quality natural ingredients, it also lets you know exactly what each meal contains. If you would like to know all the nutrition facts, you can check out the detailed info on the fat, cholesterol, sodium, fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamin content, as well as on the amount of carbs, proteins, and calories in every meal.

What really impressed us while we were researching for this Freshly review is how extremely eco-friendly the service is. Every part of the packaging it uses is recyclable or biodegradable, so you can keep your environmental footprint to a minimum. Even the meals it ships are eco-friendly, as each meal is perfectly portioned, so there is no food waste either.

If you like Freshly and wish to spread the joy, you can join the refer-a-friend program. With every successful referral, you get $40 and your friend can get 6 dinners for just $39 for two weeks. Keep in mind that you can only be rewarded for up to 10 successful referrals every month.

Freshly is incredibly flexible and allows you to skip a delivery, pause your subscription or cancel at any time, as long as you do it before the weekly deadline. Luckily, the service sends you weekly emails in order to remind you of the deadline, so you do not have to worry about missing it and receiving any unwanted deliveries.

Meals and Recipes

Freshly meal options
For Singles

As we have mentioned before in this Freshly review, this company offers delicious breakfasts and entrees that can serve both as lunch and dinner. In partnership with some of the best chefs in the country, it is constantly coming up with new recipes that satisfy its main criteria – healthy, tasty, fresh, and protein-packed.

Jamaican Style Jerk Chicken

While it does not offer specialized meal plans for different dietary needs and preferences, all of its meals are created in accordance with the requirements of several types of special diets. Its meals are mostly Paleo-inspired and contain no gluten or processed sugars, which makes them a good option for people on the Paleo or gluten-free diets, as well as diabetics. Being low in carbs and high in protein, they are a good choice for people who are trying to lose weight or just want to keep their bodies in good shape.

Peach Balsamic Pork Chop

Every week, there are around 25 entrees and half a dozen breakfasts on the menu. The breakfasts usually include some tasty and creative omelets and frittatas, as well as lighter options based on grains and fruit. As far as the entrees are concerned, they feature all sorts of meat, with a heavy accent on chicken and poultry in general, as well as shrimps and other delicious seafood. The perfectly cooked meat is complemented by various kinds of healthy and nutritious veggies, which makes for a well-balanced meal beaming with flavor.


The prices of meals at Freshly are quite similar to what we are used to with this kind of service. The 4-meal weekly plan costs $12.50 per meal or $49.99 per week, the 6-meal plan is $9.99 per meal or $59.99 per week, the 9-meal plan is $9.99 per meal or $89.99 per week, and the 12-meal plan is $8.99 per meal or $107.99 per week.

As you can see, the more food you order, the more you save on each individual meal (up to $3.50 per meal), so if you like what Freshly offers, consider opting for a larger plan. You may be happy to hear that shipping is free with all plans, so you end up paying only for what you eat.

Freshly Pricing

Delivery Areas

One of the major downsides of Freshly is that their shipping range is quite limited. At the moment, they only deliver to 27 states: California, Texas, Illinois, Washington, Georgia, Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, Oregon, Missouri, Utah, Oklahoma, Alabama, Indiana, Louisiana, Nevada, Arkansas, Kansas, South Carolina, New Mexico, Mississippi, Iowa, Idaho, Nebraska, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. However, it does not cover all areas even in the states mentioned above, so you better use the zip code checker to see if it can deliver to you. Nonetheless, considering it has managed to double the number of states it delivers to in such a short time, we have no doubt it will expand the list of delivery areas quite soon.

Freshly Delivery
  • All-natural, high-quality ingredients
  • Over 2 dozen healthy meals on the weekly menu
  • Low in carbs, no processed sugars or gluten
  • Reasonable prices
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Flexible subscription
  • Great referral program


  • Few vegetarian options
  • Delivers to only 27 states

Bottom Line

The basic philosophy behind Freshly is that healthy means high in protein, low in simple carbs and sugars, and high in healthy fats. According to the help center, this means that there’s not much room for dishes based on other nutrition principles, such as vegetarian or vegan. However, the service is constantly working on adding more vegetarian dishes to its menu and there are at least a few delicious meals for veggie lovers at all times. The meals are always fresh and nutritious and ready in just two minutes, which is as convenient as it gets. A team of pro chefs works hard on providing you with dozens of delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options every week. On top of that, shipping is always free, which significantly cuts down on the final price you pay for your meals. If you are looking for something affordable, convenient, healthy, and delicious, you should definitely consider giving Freshly a shot.

Freshly Rating

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of Freshly, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the company. Ratings may change as the service changes.

Meal Options
Nutritional Value
Portion Size
Final Rating9.8/10

User Reviews (32)

    Freshly user rating based on 32 user reviews.

    The reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the meal delivery companies. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  • Submitted By Travis Wright on 02/05/2018
    Awesome meals, my only complaint is that they focus on chicken, more beef and pork wouldn’t hurt.
  • Submitted By Glenn Holmes on 01/25/2018
    Don’t know if it’s because of the shipping costs, but the 4-meal plan is too expensive. I mean, 4 meals and 6 meals cost almost the same, it’s like they are trying to force me to order more. And yeah, the meals are really good, I’m just talking about the ridiculous pricing.
  • Submitted By Molly Bunyard on 01/19/2018
    Great choice of entrees but the breakfasts are kinda boring.
  • Submitted By Chelsea on 01/16/2018
    Just tried my first freshly meal today. It was amazing. I would definitely order spaghetti squash and meatballs again. They did mess up on my first order (sent carved turkey when I ordered chicken parm) but customer service was quick to comp my next order. So far so good!
  • Submitted By Cristopher Holand on 01/14/2018
    First order had a screwed up label, I never received. Customer Service suggested I contact FedEx. FedEx said they're waiting on Freshly to contact them with corrected shipping information (evidently the label on the package was missing or incomplete. Customer Service offered either to ship the next week's meal at the trial price or to cancel the subscription and get a refund. No option to expedite a replacement, no discount for the inconvenience was offered. Now I have to scramble to prepare meals for this week. I'm taking the cancellation and refund and my business elsewhere.
  • Submitted By Denise Gonzales on 12/20/2017
    If you name the company Freshly, at least make sure the food is fresh every time. Every once in a while, I get food that looks sad and nothing like the other meals I got from the same service. What’s up with that?
  • Submitted By Judith Murphy on 11/28/2017
    I only wish they let me decide how I want my steak to be cooked. I don’t like my meat rare and most of the time, it’s rare to medium. It may sound silly, but it’s important for great many people, they should really consider introducing this option.
  • Submitted By Jeff on 11/08/2017
    When they first started, food tasted fresh and was not heavy. Now, the protein portion is so drowned in sauce you cannot taste the meat. Every meal I’ve had in the past two orders - which was 6 meals each time- have given me major heartburn. Will never order again. The veggies, when you get them in the meal are the best part.
  • Submitted By V. Chin on 11/08/2017
    I have to say I love this food. My son is actually the one who started ordering it due to his work schedule. He had to move in with me so now we share the cost. I have Type 2 diabetes and whenever I eat a Freshly meal, my sugar is right on target. This was a nice surprise I wasn't expecting. My problem, like most diabetics, is my morning numbers. If I eat one of their meals for dinner, it definitely helps me get a perfect morning number Of course, this is with my evening walk and healthy snack if I need it. It is pricey and like others, I wish there was a bit more variety, but I think their menu is much better and varied than other services. More importantly, the food tastes fresh. It does have a short shelf life so order appropriately. I work and take care of my mother, but I still cook. The Freshly meals give me a great option for my family on those hectic days that I just don't have time to get in the kitchen. I'm definitely a fan and will continue to order.
  • Submitted By Oki on 09/04/2017
    Food was meh and their business model is a scam. You don't have time to try the food from your "intro" deal before you get charged full price for your second week. Food is salty only sort of fresh tasting. Better than a frozen TV dinner, but not worth the price. Packaging is environmentally unfriendly.
  • Submitted By Suzanne on 08/28/2017
    I'm really impressed with Freshly, and love the food. I use the service for convenience because I frequently work odd/long hours and it's really easy to eat the wrong things when you don't have something planned. I love the low carb/complex carb diet and there's enough fat in the food to keep you feeling full. I think the variety is great. My only slight critique is that the Saturday Delivery means I can really only eat a couple of days of fresh food without having to freeze the rest, because the expiration date is 3 days after I receive my meals for the week. Oh, also, I think they should offer a non-gluten free plan because most people have no real reason to eat gluten-free, and I would rather have whole wheat pasta than rice pasta. Overall I love Freshly and plan to continue for the foreseeable future.
  • Submitted By Ben Fleming on 08/17/2017
    Great food, great service, good price. The only downside is that there’s not too much variety but since they’re a new company, I hope that will come in the future.
  • Submitted By Patricia Brewer on 08/06/2017
    Nice food. I do wish they’d add more meals, though.
  • Submitted By Diana Ohlin on 07/26/2017
    Portions are great but check the sodium content. I didn't and found it to be exceptionally high which was not good for my health or as tasty as I would have liked.
  • Submitted By Nora O’Reilly on 07/19/2017
    Great choice of meals, the breakfasts are delish!
  • Submitted By Evelyn Collins, on 07/14/2017
    It’s very convenient and saves me from those late munchies. But they’ve changed my order a couple of times, I don’t like that at all. Since they’re a meal delivery, I guess that they’re obligated to have everything that’s on the menu. Or at least to inform us that they’re out of something!
  • Submitted By Tomas May on 06/25/2017
    Ordering from a meal delivery is convenient, that’s for sure. However, at the price they are charging, I expected better quality and more options.
  • Submitted By Peter Davidson on 05/22/2017
    If you’re anything like me – neither have the will nor time to cook – Freshly is a gift from the heavens above.
  • Submitted By Randy Walters on 05/15/2017
    The taste of the food is just weird…I don’t think it’s all that fresh, tbh.
  • Submitted By John Campbell on 04/15/2017
    I’m really satisfied with both food and service here. Their food backs up their name, it’s always fresh for real. I wish you boosted your vegetarian offer a bit, though.
  • Submitted By Miley Lucas on 03/28/2017
    Overall, the food and the service are good, but the number of meals to choose from is below average for this industry.
  • Submitted By Catherine Watts on 03/03/2017
    I just wish there were more items on the menu..
  • Submitted By Peter Bolton on 02/25/2017
    I live alone and don’t like cooking for myself, so obviously I had to come up with a way to avoid cooking on a daily basis. A friend recommended Freshly in January this year and I’ve been with the company since. The meals are just fantastic and there’s really nothing I don’t like.
  • Submitted By Samantha Fisher on 02/06/2017
    The portions are more than ok for the ladies. My mom’s now also a Freshly customer
  • Submitted By Layla Todd on 01/18/2017
    I’m a gym rat and always trying to find a way to make my meals both rich in protein and at least a bit tasty (which is a real struggle, trust me), so I was amazed when I discovered Freshly. Everything I need, fresh, healthy and ready to eat right away.
  • Submitted By Desiree Johnson on 01/10/2017
    Please add more meals to the menu!
  • Submitted By Mark Smilyanic on 01/05/2017
    It’s decent but nothing more, don’t expect restaurant-grade meals.
  • Submitted By Scott P. on 01/02/2017
    Ok prices, food not so much. Definitely expected more
  • Submitted By John Hale on 12/28/2016
    Almost everything I ordered has been delicious. There were a few meals that weren’t 100 percent to my taste, but that’s just something you have to be prepared with meal services.
  • Submitted By LauraIsAwesome on 12/10/2016
    Great food, excellent prices and it is real fresh! Plus, no waiting, a couple of minutes is all it takes. Now that’s something :D No complaints whatsoever!
  • Submitted By Paul Adams on 11/25/2016
    I like the food, but they could introduce more new meals, there isn’t much variety if you are a regular. Still, one of the most decent and affordable options.
  • Submitted By Andy Craig on 11/14/2016
    I;m happy with Freshly, even lost a few pounds
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