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UPDATED Jul. 2019
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If your dietary goals include eating only wholesome food, free from processed products, added sugars, preservatives, and additives that harm your health, The Good Kitchen is designed for you. This meal delivery service offers ready-made meals made of nothing but sustainably sourced, organic, and non-GMO ingredients. It allows you to order whatever you want, whenever you want, and enjoy delicious, professionally prepared food, along with the numerous benefits of eating clean. If you are curious about the full range of options this company offers, keep reading this The Good Kitchen review.

The Good Kitchen homepage

How The Good Kitchen Works

The Good Kitchen offers a variety of meal plans created with both adults and kids in mind. The main difference between the plans lies in the number of meals you receive per delivery. You can opt for a pre-designed plan or create a custom plan of your own.

The meals are 100% clean and contain only pastured, antibiotic-free meat, sustainably sourced seafood, and organic and non-GMO produce. They are prepared by chefs who love what they do and chilled or frozen fresh to lock in all the flavors and prevent the loss of any valuable nutrients. Once you receive them, you can keep them in your fridge or freezer and just heat them up whenever you are ready to enjoy them.

The Good Kitchen subscriptions are designed to suit your lifestyle and they can be modified at any time. You have the freedom to decide on the frequency of deliveries, pause or change your subscription whenever you want, and even opt for a one-time order.

The Good Kitchen work

What Makes The Good Kitchen Different

The Good Kitchen makes sure that every meal you receive is 100% good for you. Its goal is to allow you to enjoy healthy, delicious meals without having to slave over a hot stove. With The Good Kitchen, you are three minutes away from a great meal – just pop it into your microwave and by the time you set the table, the gorgeous dish of your choice is ready to eat. Along with a variety of dishes included in your plan, you can purchase some tasty add-ons, so you have something to snack on in between meals.

The Good Kitchen Different

The company’s menu is designed to be suitable for a variety of diets. It offers a lovely selection of keto-friendly and Paleo-friendly dishes and a large portion of its menu is in accordance with the rules of the Whole30 program. All meals on the menu are gluten-free, peanut-free, and soy-free. What is also great is that The Good Kitchen offers meals particularly designed for kids, so you no longer have to spend hours searching for something your children would enjoy.

If you know someone who could use some time away from the kitchen, The Good Kitchen gift card may be a perfect gift. You get to choose a custom value of the card and purchase as many gift cards as you want.

Meals And Recipes

The Good Kitchen meal options
For Families
For Kids
For Singles
Weight Loss

The Good Kitchen meal plans are divided into 2 categories: Adult Meals and Kids Meals. Each category includes 4 distinct plans.

The Good Kitchen meals

If you opt for Adult Meals, you can choose from The Convenience Plan with 10 meals per week, The Anti-Cook Plan with 14 meals a week, The All In Plan with 21 meals per week, and The Your Way Plan, which allows you to have between 5 and 35 meals delivered weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as a one-time order. Along with the meals, you can purchase add-ons, including snacks, meals for kids, oil and vinegar assortments, and other handy extras.

The Good Kitchen meal

With Kids Meals, you can opt for The Lil’ Sprout Plan with 7 kid-friendly meals per week, The Power Up Plan with 14 meals per week, The Big Boost Plan with 21 meals per week, and the Custom Plan with 7 to 35 meals delivered weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or only once. The add-ons available with Kids Meals include a lovely collection of lunch boxes to go with the healthy meals included in the plans.

With every plan, you get to choose the meals you want to receive, but you can also let The Good Kitchen choose for you. If you decide on Adult Meals, you can browse the company’s rich offer and opt for beef, chicken, pork or seafood meals. Normally, there are more than 20 items on the menu and you can order multiple portions of the same meal. Nearly all items are suitable for Paleo and Whole30 dieters and about half of the menu is keto-friendly.

The Good Kitchen also allows you to order meals in bulk. The Keep It Clean bulk boxes include 20 or 40 meals each and you can purchase more than one box at once and always have a bunch of your favorites in your freezer. However, it should be noted that the bulk ordering option is not available at all times.


In this section of our The Good Kitchen review, we will go over the prices of all of the company’s meal plans. Let us start with Adult Meals.

The Good Kitchen prices

The Convenience Plan (10 meals/week) costs $130 per week, The Anti-Cook Plan (14 meals/week) costs $182 per week, and The All In Plan (21 meals/week) costs $231 per week. The price of The Your Way custom plan starts at $70 for 5 meals per week.

Kids Meals are a bit more affordable. The Lil’ Sprout Plan (7 meals/week) costs $48.93, The Power Up Plan (14 meals/week) costs $97.86, and The Big Boost Plan (21 meal/week) costs $146.79 per week. The Custom Plan starts at $48.93 for 7 meals per week.

The Keep It Clean bulk boxes with 40 meals cost $425 per box while the Keep It Clean bulk boxes with 20 meals cost $215 per box.

Adult Meals
Number of mealsPricePrice per meal
5 - 9$70.00 - $168.87$14.00
10 - 14$130.00 - $182.00$13.00
15 - 30$164.85 - $329.70$11.00
Kids Meals
Number of mealsPricePrice per meal
7 - 35$48.93 - $244.65$6.99
Bulk Boxes
Number of mealsPricePrice per meal

Delivery Areas

The Good Kitchen meals are available throughout the US, including Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping is free on all orders. The meals are shipped via FedEx every Monday and should reach your home on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on your location. The company provides tracking information for all orders.

The Good Kitchen Pros And Cons

To make sure The Good Kitchen meets all your standards and expectations, it is important to know its biggest advantages and disadvantages. With a short overview of its pros and cons, you can easily decide if The Good Kitchen is the right meal delivery service for you.

  • Clean, organic, and non-GMO ingredients
  • A vast range of meal plans for kids and adults
  • Keto-friendly, Paleo, and Whole30-compliant meals
  • All items are free from gluten, soy, and peanuts
  • Great customization options
  • A nice selection of add-ons available
  • Free shipping
  • Available nationwide


  • Not the most affordable meal delivery service

Sample Dishes

With The Good Kitchen, you get delicious meals prepared by pro chefs at affordable prices. To find out what kinds of delights you will receive in your delivery, we have chosen a couple of sample dishes that accurately represents its offer and can help you decide if it is the right service for you.

Bottom Line

The Good Kitchen is perfect for people with busy lifestyles who want to eat well. Your subscription can be customized to completely suit your schedule, you always get to choose the meals you receive and the frequency of your deliveries, and there are all kinds of keto-friendly, gluten-free, Paleo, Whole30-compliant, and kid-friendly meals available. Shipping is free on all orders, so you only pay for the food you enjoy and you can save quite a lot of cash by ordering in bulk. The prices may be a bit higher than with some other meal delivery services, but this is to be expected, keeping in mind the quality of the ingredients and the maximized convenience you get to enjoy with The Good Kitchen.

* All the prices on this website are subject to change without notice. While we put a great deal of effort into making sure that all the prices are accurate, one or more products may have outdated prices. Please visit the specific product’s official website for exact prices.
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