Whether you love or loathe cooking, one thing is for sure – the hardest thing about it is coming up with what to cook for each day of the week. Many of us have tried making weekly menus but failed to stick to them with all the leftovers, night eating, and simply not really craving what you planned for that day. Still, even if you take the time to plan your meals, it takes a lot of time to discover new recipes that suit your taste and it always seems easier to cook the meals you are used to, which is a safe way to get stuck in a rut and eat the same dishes over and over again. Finally, if you are more creative than we are and always think of new recipes you would like to try out, it can prove hard to find the best, highest-quality ingredients that are the starting point of every great meal. This is where Sun Basket comes in.


Every week, Sun Basket comes up with new recipe ideas, finds the freshest seasonal ingredients, and delivers them right to your door. That way, they offer you the chance to eat and cook something new every week, without having to spend time browsing through recipes and grocery shopping. The cool thing about Sun Basket is that the recipes are easy to follow and the ingredients are pre-measured, which makes cooking a lot more fun and eliminates the unnecessary waste. Also, it kind of makes you feel like a superstar TV chef, with all the ingredients measured and laid out for you, so you can just put on a smile and get cooking.

How Sun Basket Works

The rules are simple. Every week, they offer 17 new recipes to choose from. You can pick and order two, three or four recipes along with the necessary ingredients for two or four people. Apart from the option to hand-pick the recipes from their weekly selection, you can also choose a meal plan that works best for you. You can decide whether you wish to receive your deliveries on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays between 8am and 9pm.

The recipes they offer are crafted by a top San Francisco chef and approved by their in-house nutritionist. Most of the meals take about 30 minutes to make, so you not only save time on grocery shopping and planning, but the time you spend cooking these delicious, healthy meals is no longer than the average sitcom. Along with the handy recipe cards, you also get online tutorials, which make the process even easier. The meals contain just the right amount of calories you need to maintain a healthy diet – 500-800 calories per serving. As far as the ingredients go, you can expect nothing but the best seasonal ingredients, meat and seafood our country has to offer.

If you like what they have on offer and wish to share it with your friends, you can refer them to Sun Basket or send them a gift. If you choose to refer a friend, they get three free meals and you get $25 once they join. If you want to send a gift, you can choose between 1, 2, or 4 weeks of Sun Basket meal delivery, accompanied by a personalized gift note which is emailed to your friends on the date you select, and your friends get to choose the recipes and delivery dates that work best for them.

If you wish to cancel or skip a delivery, you can do it at any time, just make sure to tell them in advance.


What Makes Sun Basket Different

The heart and soul of Sun Basket is their lovely chef, Justine Kelly. Apart from being the former head chef of James Beard’s award–winning restaurant The Slanted Door, Justine is also a mom who knows what kids need to eat and how to get them to love it. Her skills, imagination and love for food know no limits and if you read more about her and try out her recipes, we’re sure it will all rub off on you, too.

The company works hard on providing only the finest of seasonal ingredients. They cooperate with the best ranchers, fishermen and farm owners in the country, who know that providing food and treating our planet with respect and care is not an option, but a necessity.

What we found extremely useful while doing research for this Sun Basket review are the refrigeration tips they offer. Not only do the ingredients they deliver come in insulated boxes which keep the food fresh for 8 hours, but the people at Sun Basket have also taken the time to provide all the information you need to keep the food fresh until you decide to use it. For example, they advise you to put the meat and fish in the freezer if you do not plan to use them until much later in the week and check if there are some veggies or fruit in the bag, like tomatoes or avocados, which should be kept on the counter in order to allow for the ripening process to take place.

Their website also features an entire section on recycling, which shows how much they care about keeping our planet green and thriving. Everything they use in the process of packing the ingredients is fully recyclable and all you need to do is follow their instructions for choosing the right bin.

They also have a great blog with various tricks, tips and useful information on numerous food-related matters.

Meals and Recipes

Every week, you get to check out what Chef Justine has in store for you next. You can browse through all the recipes or just look at the categories that interest you most. Her ideas are always delicious and exciting, the photos are breathtaking and we are sure you will have a hard time picking just three out of all the amazing dishes Chef Justine has crafted just for you.

The meal plans Sun Basket offers are Classic and Family.

Classic plan

With the Classic plan, you can choose between 12 delicious and healthy recipes. The options available include Paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian and breakfast recipes. Sun Basket strives to accommodate all kinds of dietary needs and preferences, so you may also find soy-free, dairy-free and low-calorie meals on the menu. Each week, you can choose 3 recipes for 2 or 4 people.


Family plan

The Family plan features 5 recipes every week, with gluten-free and vegetarian options available. These recipes are created with a little help from the famous Chef Tyler Florence of the Food Network. The meals in this plan are particularly suitable for children and feature flavors most kids love. With every delivery, you get to choose 2 or 4 recipes for 4 people.


Finally, be sure to check out the recipe section. If everything listed in this Sun Basket review has not convinced to give them a shot, browsing through all that delicious goodness will surely make you want to try it all and it will keep you craving for more.


The cost of a meal (which includes a recipe and the ingredients) at Sun Basket is $11.49 per person when you opt for the Classic Menu. That means that three meals made using their recipes and ingredients will cost you $74.93 for two persons or $143.87 for four persons, including the delivery costs ($5.99). When you order for the first time, you will pay $68.94 for the two-person plan or $137.88 for the four-person plan, since the delivery is free for the first week of subscription. If you opt for the Family Menu, the price per person is $9.99. That is $79.92 for 2 meals and 159.84 for 4 meals for 4 people the first time you order. The price of all other orders will include the additional $5.99 for shipping. It is important to know that if you are not happy with the food you receive, you get a full refund.

Delivery Areas

The major downside to Sun Basket at the moment is that they ship to only 42 US states (you can check if their services are available in your state by visiting the help center on their website and looking at the map provided on the Where Does Sun Basket Ship page). The good news is that they are working on it and are constantly adding new states to their delivery map. If they do not deliver to your state and you are interested in their services, they encourage you to contact them via email, so they could work on making it happen.

We were also a bit disappointed to find out that they do not offer free shipping. Delivery costs are $5,99 for all orders, except for the first week.

  • New, amazing recipes every week
  • Nutritionist-approved
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Incredibly environmentally responsible
  • High flexibility


  • Deliver to only 42 US states
  • Shipping costs $5.99 for every order

Sample Dishes

Bottom Line

Sun Basket’s motto is “we’re not happy unless you’re happy“ and we feel like they truly mean it. The recipes they offer are amazing and easy to follow and the ingredients you receive are fresh, high-quality, organic whenever possible and sustainably sourced. We were honestly impressed by the variety of recipes and options they offer and we believe that Sun Basket really has something for everyone.

We also have to praise them for being one of the most environmentally responsible delivery services we have encountered so far.

Honestly, the only thing we did not really like is that they only deliver to 43 US states (but they are working on it) and that the shipping is not free, which ups the price of their deliveries. However, according to their math, with Sun Basket, you save $16.99 on grocery shopping per meal, not to mention all the time you save by ordering from them.

If what you need is more time, less hassle and always something new and healthy on the table, you should certainly give Sun Basket a shot.


User Reviews

  • Submitted By Mark Carter on 07/19/2017
    Maybe it’s my lack of skills, but my meals look nothing like the pictures. I expected it to be easier.
  • Submitted By Emma Lewis, on 06/29/2017

    Food is unbelievably good! I’ve ordered from meal deliveries before and it usually was a big disappointment. I’ve decided to try SB just because I was very busy last month and just couldn’t imagine myself eating pizza 20 days in a row. And then SB happened, amazing! Just please, please, please, let us take more than 3 recipes a week with Classic!

  • Submitted By Benjamin Brown, on 06/02/2017

    It’s so easy to make meal plans with Sun Basket. Their food really is organic and I love having nutritional info before me when I’m choosing my meals for the week. I just had a minor problem with the delivery, it was late a couple of times.

  • Submitted By George Jackson on 05/24/2017

    Great food and great service. I really enjoy making dinners following your recipes, it’s so easy and always beyond delicious.

  • Submitted By Natalie Dhal on 04/21/2017

    Amazing food, my family loves it! I’d just like some more options on the family menu, since my kids aren’t really thrilled with fancy dinners.

  • Submitted By Bridget Davidson on 01/05/2017

    Sun Basket is a revelation for me! I love cooking, but grocery shopping is my archenemy! So, SB is a win-win option for me. I get a chance to enjoy cooking without going through the agony of shopping for groceries.

  • Submitted By Amy R. on 02/23/2016
    When they say fresh, they really mean fresh, didn’t know that veggies could be so green 😀 didn’t really look as gorgeous as the dishes in the pics, but sure was tasty! will be ordering again for sure
  • Submitted By Josh Adams on 02/15/2016
    Best spaghetti with shrimp ever, learned you can roast grapes 😀 All in all, great food, but please, stop charging for the shipping! 6 bucks I could spend on something better, like a greasy burger 😛

  • Submitted By Jeffrey Williams on 10/08/2016
    I have been ordering from Sun Basket for quite some time and Chef Justine never seizes to amaze me. Plus, the ingredients are far better than anything I have ever bought on my own.


  • Submitted By Mary Mitchell on 09/12/2016
    The recipes are great, the food is great, but I really wish the prices were a bit lower. Still, ingredients as good as these are hard to come by and I love that you pre-measure everything, really speeds up the process.


  • Submitted By Anna Wilde on 08/22/2016
    Finally, healthy food my kids love! Thank you, Chef Justine! Sun Basket is the best!


  • Submitted By Sarah Phillips on 08/02/2016
    We order from Sun Basket every two or three weeks. The recipes are easy to follow, the ingredients are always super fresh and the great thing is – nothing goes to waste!


  • Submitted By Joana Bailey on 07/03/2016
    Sun Basket is a dream come true for working moms. My kids are eating healthy and I spend more time with them since I can skip grocery shopping.


  • Submitted By Kevin Johnson on 06/11/2016
    I’m not much of a cook, but with SB recipes I manage to amaze my gf every time. I’d like it was a bit cheaper, but at least I don’t have to go to a restaurant to eat properly.

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