Plated is a meal delivery service geared toward supplying you with fresh ingredients, which you can then use to prepare delicious meals. Their subscription plans are very customizable and affordable, so they will surely fit your schedule and price range. Our Plated review will explore their offer in great detail in order to provide you with all the information you need to decide if this meal delivery service is just right for you and your loved ones.


How Plated works

Instead of shopping for groceries yourself or searching for new recipes, Plated saves you all that hassle by sending you the ingredients straight to your door. The ingredients are portioned to be just the right amount, so all you need to do is follow the recipe and you’ll be a pro chef in no time.

One of the first things we noticed about Plated is that they offer a live chat with their friendly customer support team. Should you have questions or concerns at any point, their staff will be available for you and ready to help. Unfortunately, the live chat is not available round the clock. They do, however, offer free phone and email support too.

Besides the standard subscription you pay for yourself, you can also give someone a gift card which they can redeem on Plated’s website.

plated how it works

What Makes Plated Different?

Plated generally offers more flexibility than most meal delivery services. With Plated, you can choose whether you want 2, 3 or 4 servings, 2, 3 or 4 times a week, with 20 dinner recipes and 2 dessert options each week – each week they offer a different seasonal menu! The best part is that you can cook just two nights and even skip weeks if you want to.

In addition, Plated only sends meat raised without any antibiotics or added hormones, so you can be sure that the taste will be completely natural. Their produce is exceptionally fresh and they also use organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Plated uses fish from sustainable fisheries, which they are partnered with, and special artisan ingredients you won’t find in stores. The result is a huge difference in both quality and taste, which you will notice instantly.

Plated Review

Meals and Recipes

Like we already said in this Plated review, they offer 20 new recipes each week, plus 2 desserts, carefully designed by professional chefs to fit any level of cooking skill.

The concept is that Plated delivers ingredients for specific meals to your door and you’re the chef who prepares them. The ingredients are pre-portioned, which means you’ll get just the right amount for any given meal. You can choose two, three or four servings, depending on who you plan to be cooking/dining with. These will all be carefully packed in insulated boxes and delivered to your doorstep between 8 AM and 8 PM.

Seared Stake

Even if you’re not home when your box arrives, this shouldn’t be a problem as no signature is required and the boxes are insulated, so they can usually keep your food fresh at least until midnight of the same day.

The recipes are designed so that there is a new seasonal menu every week, with eleven original recipes designed by professional chefs. Don’t worry about not having enough experience in the kitchen – these recipes will suit any cooking level, with various lengths of preparation that usually take less than an hour. Concerned about the ingredients? You don’t need to worry about that either. All the meats and seafood are responsibly sourced and the seasonal ingredients come from local farms. On top of that, these menus are made to suit omnivores, vegetarians, seafood, and dessert lovers alike.


As mentioned at the beginning of this Plated review, Plated offers you incredible flexibility, both when it comes to choosing recipes and customizing your subscription plan. The recipes can be selected in any combination with no limitations.  As for the subscription, you are free to skip weeks and cancel anytime you like, which is an option not many meal delivery services offer.


Plated’s pricing plans are what truly sets them apart from their competition. First of all, you can choose between 2, 3 or 4 servings per dinner – each is good for a single portion for adults or 1-2 children. After that, you can choose how many dinners per week you’d like to cook.

If you choose to cook for 2 people, you pay $11.95 per serving. With the 3-serving and 4-serving options, you get your meals at the price of $9.95 per serving. The service offers an excellent 50% discount on your first order. Shipping is free on all weekly orders over $60.

Delivery Areas

plated delivery area

As much as we were satisfied with everything else, we were a bit disappointed with Plated’s delivery coverage. They only deliver to 95% of the US. In addition, they currently aren’t shipping to the non-continental states, such as Hawaii and Alaska, as well as a few cities in Texas, including San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Laredo, and Midland.

If you’re not sure whether Plated delivers to your area, you can simply enter your zip code during signup to get confirmation. This way, you don’t have to worry about subscribing and then finding out you’re not in the delivery range.

  • You can skip weeks or cancel anytime.
  • Plated uses only high-quality ingredients.
  • Carefully crafted artisan spices which can’t be found in stores.
  • The meals are good for any cooking skill level.
  • Plated offers very affordable plans.


  • Their delivery range doesn’t cover all of the US – only 95%.
  • There aren’t as many dessert options as we expected.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Plated has many neat options which most of their competitors do not. One of the biggest advantages is the price – they actually don’t charge much more than the regular cost you would pay for those ingredients at a store. On top of that, their dinner plans are highly flexible. Not only can you chose between 2, 3 or 4 servings, you can also skip weeks and cancel at any point if you wish. The menus seem incredibly versatile, with something to suit everyone’s taste, plus the quality of the ingredients is top-notch. If you’re looking to cook easy recipes several times a week at a favorable price, Plated is the meal service for you.

Plated Rating

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of Plated, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the company. Ratings may change as the service changes.

Meal Options
Nutritional Value
Portion Size
Final Rating9.6/10

User Reviews (30)

    Plated user rating based on 30 user reviews.

    The reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the meal delivery companies. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  • Submitted By Diane B on 02/28/2018
    My experience with Plated has been top notch so far. I've made three meals, and I found that the ingredients and the recipes are excellent. I've been really impressed with the produce, it's al been so fresh, and the herbs are just beautiful. I read a review that complained about the work involved to put together a meal, but hey, it's not Meals On Wheels! If that's what you're looking for then you're better off ordering take out. It's true that there is some preparation required to make a meal; the vegetables need to be rinsed and chopped, and you have to combine some ingredients before cooking them, but what you don't have to do is shop for the ingredients wherein you purchase more than you're going to use because that's how they're sold, and end up cluttering up your refrigerator with the leftover bok choy or whatever a week or so before you throw it out. (At least that's what I do). With this, the food arrives in just the quantities you need, which incidentally saves the steps of measuring and wrapping and storing the stuff you don't use. Not to mention not having to wash and put away measuring cups and spoons. I really love this service and the results have been delicious. And it's made cooking a whole lot more fun for me!
  • Submitted By H. Lackey on 02/25/2018
    I decided to try the promotional first week free. I scheduled a Saturday delivery. No box ever arrived. When I called Plated, they said that they had no record of the shipment from their delivery company and offered no explanation. I am extremely unimpressed.
  • Submitted By Anastasia Fitz on 02/24/2018
    Very complicated receipes and quality of ingridients are not great. I asked to cancel and they still send me another box.. Customer service is not flexible to take care of you more just brush you off.. Hello Fresh is way better experience and easier dishes.
  • Submitted By Scott Retting on 02/03/2018
    Is it just me or are the portions getting smaller? We always had leftovers when cooking with plated and now it’s barely enough for the two of us.
  • Submitted By Janice Garrett on 01/30/2018
    I can see that old customers are outraged for some reason, but I really like Plated. Maybe it was better before, but I don’t see how.
  • Submitted By Renee on 01/28/2018
    Quality of meals has really gone down in the last several months. We've been with plated for a majority of the last 2 years, but no more. Chicken breasts now come as chicken steaks (breasts - sliced), so what used to be 2 whole chicken breasts are now 2 random sized slices of chicken breast. They doubled their money on the meat alone. I'd been wondering what was going on lately and hubby caught the TV commercial that Albertsons had acquired Plated. Such a shame. Try another service. Plated has now gone waayyyy down in quality and affordability. The best thing they have going is choice - but with poor produce and meat, there's no point wasting your money.
  • Submitted By Tammy Holt on 01/24/2018
    So upset to see the quality of the food go down after bought By another company. We always looked forward to the steak, but tonight we got a Ranch Steak....thinner cut and more grizzle, not as tastely. I think I saw where you can NOW pay more for upgrade beef. Probably going to cancel and try another....I am sure they don't care now the big corporation owns them now.
  • Submitted By James Owens on 12/20/2017
    Everything is perfect, but please, please add more desserts!
  • Submitted By Michelle Martin on 12/17/2017
    Awesome recipes, really good for beginners, I only wish they would start offering single-serving kits, sometimes I’m just not in the mood for leftovers.
  • Submitted By JMJJJM on 09/11/2017
    Plated, like other meal kit plans, require you to provide a credit card number before you can look at the meal plans. I never chose or authorized meals to be sent to me & when I received the email stating I was receiving meals, I called customer service & they told me I received emails confirming my order & the meals that were chosen by me. No time did I receive an email from them until the one that stated I was receiving the meals & there was no way I could cancel or get a refund! I'm getting meals I don't even like & being charged for it! Stay away from these meal kit plans if they require credit card information before you even begin!
  • Submitted By Brian Riddle on 08/30/2017
    I love the app, the variety of recipes, and the ingredients. In the last box, however, we had ingredients missing in three of our six meals.
  • Submitted By Jennifer Mayer on 08/28/2017
    I absolutely love Plated! The instructions are clear, the recipes interesting, and the food is delicious.
  • Submitted By Jessica Stanton on 08/24/2017
    I've tried so many new ingredients through plated and I often think to myself OMG, I would've never known how amazing this was.
  • Submitted By Nancy Clements on 08/22/2017
    Smooth delivery and I don't even have to be there when they arrive. The chicken breast for our Tarragon Chicken was way too small though and not enough for my husband.
  • Submitted By Mychelle Tyson on 08/19/2017
    I've been a member for 5 weeks now and everything is fresh and delicious. However, it seems that Memorial Day came as a surprise to Plated as my box which should have arrived on Monday came this Thursday!
  • Submitted By Donna Beach on 08/11/2017
    Good food, lousy customer service.
  • Submitted By Kit H on 08/10/2017
    Disappointing.  Tried it twice.  First week, "fresh" pasta received moldy.  Also moldy tomatoes, missing burrata cheese, and wilted basil.  Second week, wilted spinach, spoiled bean sprouts, and chicken is slimy with a funky smell.  Selection and pricing are good, but the point is to get "high-quality foods" delivered.  Will not be getting Plated again.
  • Submitted By Ashley Madden on 08/08/2017
    The prices are high compared to other subscriptions we had over the years but the food is excellent. We had a problem with bad chicken once and they refunded the entire meal.
  • Submitted By Kevin Buyers on 08/03/2017
    I would like to see more recipes included. I found it really difficult to make my menu, and it's even more taxing if you limit your diet.
  • Submitted By Sasha Joyce on 07/18/2017
    The ingredients are perfect but the recipes not so much.
  • Submitted By Angela Downs on 07/14/2017
    I've been using their service religiously for the better part of the year and literally have nothing bad to say about the company. Excellent recipes, good variety, and delicious food.
  • Submitted By Aubrey Boon on 06/29/2017
    Plated pops out every single time I open Chrome, I just spend so much time on their website that it appears before Facebook. I love their food and I’m so happy that they have some seafood every week, I simply love fish!
  • Submitted By Eric Buckner on 05/22/2017
    My first burger came without beef and the customer service was like we're sorry to hear that, have a nice day.
  • Submitted By Jessica Perk on 03/27/2017
    Quite good, my family really enjoys the meals. They even say I’ve finally learned how to cook. I just wish you put more vegetarian meals on the menu.
  • Submitted By David Pole on 01/14/2017
    I’m a complete cooking newbie, but I somehow manage to make eatable meals whenever I order from Plated. Everything’s good, no food goes to waste and it’s always tasty. I only wish they had more desserts on the menu.
  • Submitted By Mark Lane on 10/01/2016
    You can definitely taste the quality of the ingredients! I have to say with Plated I was able to cook the most delicious dinners for myself and my family.
  • Submitted By Suzanne Young on 09/13/2016
    I’m thrilled with the quality of the ingredients and the recipes are great, but I guess I expected a bigger selection to chose from. There’s no fixed menu, instead there are new recipes each week, which I’m not really used to.
  • Submitted By Grace Hagey on 08/20/2016
    As a wife, mom and someone who really enjoys cooking, I have only praises for Plated. Firstly, I get all the ingredients right on my doorstep for a very affordable price. There are new recipes to try each week which I find fun, and so far they’ve all been delicious. I’m really glad I signed up.
  • Submitted By Olivia Oh on 08/20/2016
    Surprisingly innovative recipes, albeit very easy to prepare. My husband is not much of a cook but with detailed and easy-to-follow recipe cards from Plated he too can feel like a proper chef!
  • Submitted By Mitch and Joanna on 08/17/2016
    Excellent, hands down the best meal kit delivery in the biz!
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