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Plated Review

UPDATED Feb. 2024

Plated is a meal kit delivery service that offers very flexible subscription plans, as well as high-quality foods. Each week, it comes up with a new seasonal menu, including 20 new recipes and 2 desserts, easily meeting the needs of its customers. Read our thorough analysis of the Plated meal kit service and dozens of user-written Plated reviews.

plated Shuts Down Its Subscription Service

Plated Shuts Down Its Subscription Service After 7 Years

November 18, 2019

The year of 2019 was hard on Plated meal kit service. It lost its long-time CEO, it was forced to lay off many of its employees, and it certainly seemed like it was going through some difficult times. Finally, in November 2019, it closed down its subscription service with no plans of re-launching it in the future. Get more details in our full report.

Plated Plans

Plated Cost (Is Plated Worth It)

July 29, 2019

Most people would be more than happy to have an opportunity to get fresh, healthy, delicious food delivered to their doorstep every single day. The only question is – can we afford this luxury? With meal delivery services, virtually anyone can eat restaurant-grade food in the comfort of their home. Read this mini-review of Plated’s prices to decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Plated Meal Kits Will Be Sold In Hundreds Of Stores Nationwide

Plated Meal Kits To Be Sold In Hundreds Of US Stores

April 11, 2018

Months after it acquired Plated meal kit service, Albertsons has announced its first plans related to Plated kits. In order to allow home cooks to cook with Plated whenever they want, the grocery chain has decided to make the kits available in stores across the country. For more details about the upcoming launch and future plans, read this quick report.

Plated Meal 2

What Makes Plated Recipes Different From The Rest

June 22, 2016

If you have ever seen Plated’s menu, you know that its recipes are a dream come true for real foodies and passionate cooks. They are healthy, tasty, and created by experienced chefs who love what they do. If you want to up your cooking game and find some exciting new dishes that are easy to make, read on and discover all about Plated recipes.

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