Our Research

In our research, we are guided by one simple rule. We want to get all the information we would need as a consumer in order to make an informed decision. This means that we dig deep into every corner of every service’s website, read every line of the refund policy, spend hours talking to customer support, and read every user review we can find. We do everything an average consumer does not have the time or desire to do in order to unearth information that is as important as it is hard to obtain.

While we enjoy sampling meals we may buy from services we feature on our website, we know that an order or two are not representative of the general quality of a service. That is why we attribute the greatest value to customer feedback and base our assessments on the commonalities we identify in the user reviews we collect while weeding out the unreliable opinions that are not in line with the objective state of affairs.

In order to keep our content relevant and helpful, we are always collecting new information on the services we feature. We constantly monitor customer feedback and alter our content in accordance with our findings. If we see that the number of complaints about a particular service is increasing, we will investigate the matter and change the service’s review and rating accordingly. If a service improves its offer, this improvement with be reflected both it our review of the service and our scoring. This is what makes our reviews and ratings both reliable and fair.

Thorough and continuous research of virtually all meal delivery companies on the market facilitates our work on the second-level analysis that is a major part of our work. We are talking about service comparison, which is an invaluable decision-making tool. In other words, the goal of our research is two-fold. We do not only want to know how good a service is but we want to know how good it is compared to its competitors. That way, we allow our readers to base their decisions on a wider scope of information that exceeds the boundaries of a single service.

Likewise, our research scope is not limited by the basic requirements of our work. We are always on the lookout for relevant news that may be of interest to our readers. If a meal delivery service is organizing a fun event, that fact is not crucial to our assessment of the service, but we want to let you know about it in case you may want to join.

Put simply, our research encompasses all attainable information related to meal delivery services that may be of use to a potential customer, sifted through a fine sieve, and delivered in the form of double-checked, verifiable facts of objective value.

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