Types of meal delivery services

Here at Top10MealDeliveryServices.com, we go beyond quick solutions for weeknight dinners. We cover the entire spectrum of food and drink delivery services on the market. That means that we can help you find a convenient and affordable home delivery solution for whatever you are craving. Choose the desired service type below and explore over a hundred popular delivery services, tried and reviewed by our expert team.

What type of service are you looking for?


Meal kit services let you cook gorgeous meals in no time, without worrying about grocery shopping or meal planning. With pre-measured ingredients and quick and creative recipes delivered to your doorstep, getting a home-cooked delight on the table is easier than ever.

We are here to introduce you to meal kit deliveries that can help you not only save time but also save cash, improve your diet, and cook healthy, nutritious meals that are a perfect match for your needs and preferences.


If cooking does not fit into your schedule but you still want to enjoy good food when you get home after a busy day, we have the answer to your desires. Prepared meal deliveries are here to excite your palate, nourish your body, and make healthy eating a breeze.

Our selection of prepared meal deliveries includes services for every taste and budget. From low-calorie and low-carb to vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and family-friendly, these companies offer scrumptious meals that suit all dietary requirements and beat takeout by a mile.


You no longer have to go to a juice bar to get your daily dose of tasty nutrients. We have found a whole range of delivery services that bring colorful smoothies and juices straight to your kitchen.

Focusing on organic and natural ingredients and combining them in the most imaginative and delicious ways, these companies can keep you happy, healthy, and energized all week long.


Whether you dread trips to the store or cannot seem to find what you need at your local shop, grocery delivery services can make your life easier. For your convenience, we have picked out companies that offer the highest quality goods at highly competitive prices.

Their offers are varied, their products are fresh and natural, and ordering is simple, so you can get everything you need to stock up your fridge and pantry in a matter of clicks.


Maintaining a structured, balanced diet normally requires a lot of work. However, with the right meal delivery service, getting a perfect meal plan for your needs is a simple as browse, order, and unbox.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, enhance your workout results or just eat well, you can find just what you need in our vast database. We bring you affordable delivery services with pre-made and customizable meal plans that allow you to easily adjust your diet to your lifestyle and wellness goals.


Fine wines and craft beers from around the world are now just a click away. With our selection of the most popular wine and beer clubs in America, you can get regular deliveries of your favorite drinks at surprisingly low prices.

To make sure your expectations are met, we have handpicked the clubs that offer the highest quality, the largest variety, and the greatest flexibility, so you can get whatever you wish, whenever you need it, with zero compromises.


In our Specialty section, you can find delivery services that specialize in everything from healthy snacks packed with energy to delicious soups that warm your heart. Plenty of hard-to-find artisanal goods and healthy eating solutions are waiting for you in these lovely online shops.

We have made sure that the companies featured offer good products at good prices and satisfy the vastest range of preferences. Enjoy browsing and discover new, exciting ways to jazz up your menu.


Getting the freshest fish and shellfish is now possible even if you live far away from the shore. We have found more than a few excellent seafood delivery services whose offers include the entire seafood alphabet, from Alaskan cod to Zabaleta anchovies.

Live, fresh, frozen or cooked, your favorite seafood can reach your doorstep in just 24 hours. Whether you prefer luxurious products or merely want to enrich your diet with omega 3s without overstepping your budget, we can help you find just the kind of delivery service you are looking for.


It is time to forget about stale store-bought meat of suspicious origin and start enjoying only the finest cuts straight from the ranch. Our Meat Delivery section allows you to discover the most trusted sourced of organic, natural, and grass-fed meat in all of America.

Keeping in mind the diverse preferences of discerning carnivores, we have selected the companies that offer all meat types and cuts you can or cannot name. To help you make your choice more easily, we have rated the featured meat deliveries by meat quality, variety, sourcing practices, flexibility, and price.

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