BistroMD is a meal delivery company that has been around since 2005. Operating from Naples, Florida, their mission is to help people lose weight by home-delivering carefully planned, healthy, and delicious chef-prepared meals. BistroMD creates the diet plans but allows you to choose your weekly dishes. They also provide you with all the support you need for your weight loss efforts.


BistroMD rejects the notion that weight loss food has to be bland and boring. They are passionate about creating healthy and delicious meal delivery plans that are perfectly suited for weight loss. We can safely say that Bistro MD is weight loss without the sacrifice.

How BistroMD Works

Bistro MD’s weight loss program comes in four steps. It starts by offering you one of many diet plans tailored to satisfy even the stringiest dietary restrictions. Next up, you order your personal program either online or by calling their hotline. After that, you customize your order by using your account on the myBistroMD platform. When everything is set, you receive your order and start enjoying your weight loss.

Although they are delivered frozen, the meals are of the highest quality. You just need to quickly heat it up and you end up eating the meal that is fresh like it just came from a restaurant. Their team ensures us that the quality of each entree is up to their personal standards and that they never would never serve food they wouldn’t feed their families. In this BistroMD review, you’ll probably figure out why.

MyBistroMD is a customization tool that brings you extensive freedom and interaction with the team that prepares your meals. Once you place an order, their registered dietitians create a custom diet program made especially for you. By accessing your myBistroMD platform, you can view the menu in advance. There you can customize each individual meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, you can log back anytime and make changes.

If you’re having doubts and want a quick talk with BistrMD nutritionists or wellness consultants, they offer a live chat on their website.


What Makes BistroMD Different

We can start this part of our BistroMD review by saying that what truly sets apart this meal delivery service is the scientific method they ground their programs on.

Unlike many diets and gimmicks that offer you unbelievable results in spectacularly short time frames, BistroMD takes a path paved by science and research. Their founding weight loss specialist, Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., has more than 20 years of expertise in her medical field. With a team of registered dietitians, she works to ensure that the nutritional requirements for a healthy weight loss program are met in every weekly menu – and in each and every meal.

The other thing that sets BistroMD apart from other meal delivery services is the different approach they take when designing menus for men and women. Multiple options for both genders gives you enough opportunity to satisfy all the requirements of your weight loss program.

BistroMD’s nutritional plan for a healthy weight loss is based on a daily calorie intake of 1,100 to 1,400 calories. Cooked and prepared by professional chefs, the meals are balanced and nutritious and consist of a daily caloric intake of lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.

Meals and Recipes

BistroMD’s recipes that define their diet plans are created with the sole intention of promoting weight loss. All dishes are equally healthy and there are no occasional guilty pleasures. If you choose the most comprehensive program, with three meals per day, all you have to do to lose weight is to actually eat everything. On a side note, some working out couldn’t hurt either, but BistroMD takes full care of the planning, cooking, and delivery.

This doesn’t mean that there’s one that works for everyone. In addition to the full customization of your menu, you can also choose more specific plans. There are gluten-free, diabetic, menopause, and silver (low-sodium and heart healthy) plans, both for men and women. With the gluten-free plan, you will get meals that are absolutely free of gluten. The diabetic plan is designed for people who have diabetes while the menopause one helps women go through menopause more easily. It provides them with a pleasant experience with ingredients and recipes designed to relieve symptoms.


All the recipes are absolutely delicious. Contrary to what you would expect in a regular weight loss plan, you can experience amazing recipes such as turkey breasts with cranberry chutney and stuffing, grilled salmon with lemon dijon dressing, four cheese ravioli, peanut butter crepes with strawberry compote, and even stuffed french toast. If they make losing weight sound like going to a restaurant every night, don’t worry, it actually works!



The number of meals you decide to go with on a daily and weekly basis will greatly influence the price. You can choose up to three meals a day for 5 or 7 days each week. So, for example, two meals per day for 5 days a week (lunches and dinners) start from 119.95$ (roughly 12$ per meal). However, it would be a total of 179.95$ for the full 7-day program with 20 meals (7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 6 dinners).

Going for the full program reduces the individual cost to about 9$ per meal. You can hardly get a better offer anywhere, right? And a current promotion on their website offers 25% off, including free shipping, for the first order. So, step right up and finally enjoy your weight loss diet program.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your plan is automatically prolonged for another week if you don’t cancel it on time. The issue lays in the fact that you may not be able to actually taste the first order before the deadline to cancel. So, if you’re not careful, you are immediately obliged to do two weeks. This might actually prove to be an even bigger issue since they require you to cancel your orders via email or by a phone call.


Delivery Areas

Unlike many other meal delivery services, BistroMD delivers to the entire mainland United States and Hawaii and Alaska. All deliveries are done via FedEx.

As we already mentioned in this BistroMD review, the deliveries are weekly and all the entrees are brought to you in frozen form, which you keep refrigerated until you want to serve them.

  • Scientific approach to designing program
  • Balanced nutrition makes weight loss healthy
  • Meals prepared by professional chefs
  • Abundance of customization options


  • All meals are delivered frozen
  • Automatically charged for the second week
  • The quality varies from meal to meal

Sample Dishes

Bottom Line

Hundreds of successful weight loss stories don’t lie. BistroMD offers a wide range of weight loss programs designed by a team of dietitians and nutritionists, with a board-certified weight management physician at the helm. With delivery in all states, BistroMD meals can be on your doorstep in the next seven days. All you need to do is choose a program that best fits your weight loss goals and dietary requirements.

Bistro MD Rating

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of Bistro MD, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the company. Ratings may change as the service changes.

Meal Options
Nutritional Value
Portion Size
Final Rating 9.7/10

User Reviews (32)

    Bistro MD user rating based on 32 user reviews.

    The reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the meal delivery companies. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  • Submitted By Dana Stokes on 12/19/2017
    If I had to describe Bistro MD meals in one word, the word I’d use would be bland. Sure, it’s supposed to be healthy, low-sodium and what not, but no one is going to die if you use enough salt to make the meals taste good.
  • Submitted By Doug Pagan on 12/19/2017
    Really convenient, quite affordable and also quite tasty, but sometimes the meals are watery because of the freezing, not exactly perfect.
  • Submitted By Joe Phillips on 12/14/2017
    The only problem with Home Bistro is that you have to wait so long for the meals to arrive. How in the world am I supposed to know what I’m going to be craving next week? They should really do something about it.
  • Submitted By Kevin Clifford on 12/07/2017
    Frozen meals should never cost more than 10 bucks, no matter how good they are.
  • Submitted By Nancy Sims on 09/30/2017
    Honestly I was surprised when bistromd meals actually tasted good. Didn't expect flavors from a weight loss diet plan.
  • Submitted By Donna Snyder on 08/28/2017
    When I tried to cancel they accelerated my delivery and told me ii had to pay for another week.
  • Submitted By Jason Weaver on 08/24/2017
    I found mold in my box.
  • Submitted By Any Duncan on 08/22/2017
    I don't have time to shop for groceries or cook, so bistromd is a true lifesaver. The meals are pretty good and easy to serve. The only hiccup I've encountered so far was with my order tracking.
  • Submitted By Margareth Fox on 08/19/2017
    Kind of expensive but very efficient way of putting quality food on the table every day without too much hassle in the kitchen.
  • Submitted By Linda Ray on 08/11/2017
    I look at it as if I hired a nutritionist and a doctor to cobble up a nice meal plan for me with perfect balance of calories and nutrients.
  • Submitted By Joshua Peters on 08/08/2017
    A step up from the frozen isle but still disappointing and I'm not losing weight.
  • Submitted By Amanda Carr on 08/03/2017
    The meals are very yummy and my husband and I will definitely continue ordering from Bistromd. The portions work like magic, we're not hungry but we're losing weight.
  • Submitted By Shirley Mccoy on 08/01/2017
    I have mixed impressions with the meals. Some of them are great and some barely edible.
  • Submitted By Scott Burton on 07/30/2017
    You can't go wrong with lasagna and chicken meatballs, they're delicious. I didn't enjoy the pancakes though
  • Submitted By Christine Fuller on 07/22/2017
    Ok meals but I figured out that you have to heat some of them longer than recommended or you end up with pieces of frozen food in your mouth.
  • Submitted By Alicia Steward on 07/21/2017
    I started running every morning and I’m sticking to the plan. Already lost 5 lb in just a month and I feel sooo much better!
  • Submitted By Jerry Welch on 07/18/2017
    Delivery was always on time except once, but there was a huge storm out so I don't count that.
  • Submitted By Marie Silva on 07/14/2017
    Some of the chicken dishes were really disappointing when defrosted and pretty much all the breakfasts I ordered weren't that good also.
  • Submitted By Scarlett Armstrong on 07/06/2017
    Once I’ve attempted to skip a week and it didn’t work, but let’s hope that it was an honest mistake. Otherwise, the food is good and I really lost about 10 pounds so far.
  • Submitted By Billy Hopkins on 07/01/2017
    No problems with customer service here. All my phone calls and emails were answered and my problems were solved. Kudos to the support guys.
  • Submitted By Lori Hanson on 06/22/2017
    The outside packaging was solid and the food was still frozen after 5 days of travel but some of the meals had opened during transport and I definitely wasn't too thrilled about that.
  • Submitted By Diana Parks on 06/21/2017
    Great dishes, but today I found a piece of plastic in my food, which is unacceptable.
  • Submitted By Logan Benson on 06/10/2017
    The dishes are pretty great but there were a few duds here and there with a couple of them not even worth a second bite. I just removed them from my weekly plan and never have to see them again, easy-peasy.
  • Submitted By Gina Powell on 04/26/2017
    Perfect for my special regime. And I don’t even have to cook or struggle with chefs at restaurants that tend to pouch and deep fry every single piece of meat.
  • Submitted By Nancy Keller on 02/25/2017
    My favorite thing about Bistromd is that the food isn’t frozen. You can say whatever you want, but once frozen it’s never really fresh again.
  • Submitted By B J on 02/16/2017
    First off let me start off by saying how I got violently sick from the Salmon meal they sent me.  Also, I found random plastic pieces in additional meals that was not part of the film cover.  I call up to inquire about the $20 shipping charge that was not stated to me in my first receipt (after getting the sign-up discount) or anywhere on their website except buried in the FAQ section.  Shame on you BISTRO MD.  Very misleading.  Horrible customer service.  The lady was extremely rude and hung up the phone on me!  With this poor quality product, and customer service you will fail as a business.  Get your act together!
  • Submitted By Neil Madison on 02/10/2016
    Had very high expectations and I was very excited about the whole program, but as soon as it arrived I started feeling sorry. Salmon tasted like a tuna from a can, weird powdered smoothie?! was downright awful, green beans (big fan of green beans) were undercooked in every meal, etc. Can’t even think of all the examples why food was horribly below any standards. I would have given 1 star, but cancellation of my next order was so smooth and simple that I need to give them the credit at least for that.
  • Submitted By Richard L. on 15/09/2016
    I wanted a healthy meal plan for my weight loss and they delivered it all. Tasty meals, awesome snacks, excellent prices. What more can you ask for?
  • Submitted By Patty Mays on 09/09/2016
    I was just planning to lose 5 pounds and get into a dress I bought, but man, this was so awesome that I continued ordering it just so I can enjoy the tasty meals and enjoy all the free time I would otherwise spend cooking. BistroMD is awesome!
  • Submitted By Luke R. on 11/08/2016
    I’m no food expert, but I know what I saw on their website. If you look at the photos they are displaying and compare them to what you receive in your shipments, there’s no way those two are the same. The food is actually tasty, but it was the visual appeal that brought me on the bandwagon. A lot of mixed feelings, a lot of failed expectations.
  • Submitted By Linda George on 21/07/2016
    I’m a big fan of freshly prepared food and I can’t spend enough time telling people why it’s important to eat fresh. When I chose BistroMD I didn’t have enough time to cook because of some bonus work, and ordering frozen food in advance seemed like a bearable idea. Nothing compares to fresh food. Although they have been super nice and helpful in designing my meal plan, and although the meals actually were satisfying and tasty, I can’t help think about how good this meal delivery would be if they introduced fresh meals in their business model. Food for thought?
  • Submitted By Marty Rogers on 03/07/2016
    I’ve tried them all. Well, to be honest, not all. But I had to have tried at least 15 different meal delivery programs. I don’t want to waste time counting every positive aspect of BistroMD, so I’ll just give them 5 stars and stress the fact that they are the 16th meal delivery program I’ve used. And I don’t plan on switching any time soon.
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Rating : 9.7/10
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