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June 22, 2016

Takeout may help you satisfy the hunger, but a hearty, home-cooked meal beaming with flavor is something to live for. The only catch is – it usually takes a lot of time and nowadays, having time for yourself has become the greatest luxury of all. Still, we may have discovered the solution to this problem and it can be summed up in two words: Plated recipes. If you think we are exaggerating, wait until you discover the wealth of options and ideas that are waiting for you in the Plated cookbook.

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Healthy & Delicious

A perfect meal is the one that is good for you, brings pleasure to your taste buds and combines familiar ingredients into something new and absolutely thrilling. Plated chefs know that very well, which is why all Plated recipes call for only the healthiest ingredients that contain everything your body needs, combined into heavenly tasting masterpieces. There may be ingredients you don’t like, but everything can taste amazing if it’s cooked just right, as you may discover once you try Plated recipes. Don’t avoid all those greens you’ve shunned so far – you’d be amazed by how good they can taste when paired with your favorites, especially if they are as fresh and fine as the ones in Plated’s offer.

From Morning Till Night

Dinner recipes aren’t that hard to come by, but what about breakfast ideas, amazing, innovative appetizers, the precious sides that round up the meal? Not that easy to find, right? Well, now you can find them all in one place – among Plated recipes. You can find great ideas for every meal of the day, with wonderful side dish and appetizer ideas for both vegetarians and meat lovers. What is really amazing is the fact that all of these meals are really easy to make and the time you spend cooking them is no longer than an average sitcom.

Sweet Tooth

Unlike many other renowned meal deliveries, Plated does not only offer you savory dish ideas but also brings you some sweet delights that are sure to satisfy your cravings. Rich, light, decadent, creamy, chocolate, caramel or fruit, intricate or simple, you can find them all in the Plated cookbook. From now on, you can always get just what you need when you find yourself craving something sweet and sensationally satisfying.

Cocktail Party

Plated Meal 2When it comes to spirits, there is nothing more fun and exciting than a good cocktail.

If you are searching for professional recipes for all-time favorites like Manhattan, Margarita, Martini and Mai Tai or wish to explore the colorful world of cocktails, stop by Plated’s Cocktail Hour section.

It may soon become your favorite place for finding all kinds of amazing recipes for delicious, flamboyant drinks.

Pro Tips

Even if you are a really good cook and know tons of tricks for how to make the meal taste just right, it is always great when you get a chance to learn something new. Plated chefs have dedicated their life to food, have a bunch of awesome tips to share and love giving advice to all Plated fans. Be sure to check out the Tips & Tricks section and learn how to perfectly cook every meal you can find among Plated recipes.

Something Old, Something New

The Plated recipe archive is filled with tons of gorgeous Plated recipes that have appeared on their menu over the years. Enjoy browsing, revisit some old favorites or try something fresh out of Plated kitchen. Every couple of days, a new recipe is added, accompanied by a lovely little story about everything that makes the dish so wonderful. Looking for a perfect recipe that highlights all the wonderful flavors of the season? Peek into the Plated kitchen and get inspired! If you are having some difficulty finding the freshest, organic ingredients, you can always order them from Plated and get some super secret artisan spices you cannot find in stores. Cooking has just become a lot more fun!

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