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UPDATED Feb. 2019

Home Chef is a meal kit delivery service that supplies you with only the freshest, highest quality ingredients. What sets it apart is the amazing variety of recipes you can choose from. To discover how the service works, what kind of recipes it offers, how much it costs, and whether it is right for you, read our detailed Home Chef review.

Home Chef Introduces Its Meal Makeover Competition

Home Chef Introduces Its Meal Makeover Competition

September 20, 2018

Home Chef has come up with a great way to help its patrons spruce up their kitchens. Until mid-November, all Home Chef customers can take part in Meal Makeover sweepstakes and potentially win some pretty awesome cooking-related prizes. Learn the rules of the game and find out what you can get as a winner in this quick-to-read report.

Home Chef Offering Flexible Servings

Home Chef Now Offering Flexible Servings

May 19, 2018

Home Chef meal kit delivery service has just become more flexible than ever. With the company’s newly introduced feature called Flexible Servings, you can add more servings of a particular meal to your order, so you can get more of the food you love for yourself or your family and friends. Read on to get extra details about this useful new feature.

Home Chef Now Offering More Than 60 Recipes

Home Chef Now Offering More Than 60 Recipes Per Month

April 2, 2018

Home Chef knows that variety matters. It also knows that the best recipes are the ones that are both quick and easy. That is why it now offers as many as 64 recipes per month. The freshest additions to the menu belong to a new, aptly named line of meal kits called Quick ‘N’ Easy Meals. Learn more about these beginner-friendly kits in our quick report.

Home Chef Opens A New Facility

Home Chef Opens A New Facility To Meet Rapidly Growing Demand

March 6, 2018

Home Chef is taking the meal kit market by the storm. Its customer base is growing fast and it is now the largest privately held US meal kit service. To ensure that there are enough kits to satisfy its hungry patrons, Home Chef has decided to open a new, modern facility in the Chicago area. Read all about its new fulfillment center in this report.

Takeout Kit And Home Chef Available At Walmart

Takeout Kit And Home Chef Meal Kits Now Available At Walmart

December 20, 2017

After Amazon launched its own meal kits this summer, Walmart realized that it is time to make a move in a similar direction. It has now officially started offering Takeout Kit and Home Chef meal kits via its website. So far, this seems to be great news for customers who want to buy kits with no strings attached. Learn more in this informative post.

Home Chef Launches 5 Minute Lunches

Home Chef Launches 5-Minute Lunches

October 30, 2017

The Home Chef team is always full of great ideas, possibly the greatest of which is the 5-minute lunch concept that was introduced this October. Now, you can make a tasty, healthy lunch on the go, in 5 minutes or less, by just mixing the ingredients you get in your Home Chef box. If this sounds interesting, you can find out more in this quick post.

Home Chef Delivery meals

Home Chef Delivery

December 20, 2016

Featuring superb packaging insulation, a low shipping fee, meticulous food grouping, and general ordering flexibility, Home Chef is a delivery service worthy of the name. Check out our post dedicated solely to the shipping aspect of the service and learn exactly what to expect if you decide to give Home Chef meal delivery a try.

Home Chef Suppliers

Home Chef Suppliers

November 22, 2016

Home Chef takes pride in bringing you only the freshest sustainably sourced ingredients. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about the origin of the delicious butter that makes your creamy Home Chef pasta even creamier or wonder where the company finds all those fragrant spices, you can find plenty of information about Home Chef suppliers right here.

Home Chef Recipes

Home Chef Recipes

November 20, 2016

Cooking is much more fun when the recipe instructions are clear and detailed and the ingredients are fresh, pre-portioned, and delivered straight to your doorstep. In this post, we will explore the famous Home Chef kitchen, tell you all you need to know about Home Chef recipes, and explain why they are among the best we have tried out in a while.

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