PETA Ranks Best And Worst Meal Delivery Services

October 31, 2017

PETA has decided to make it easier for vegans across America to make the best meal delivery choices by ranking meal delivery companies currently on the market based on their vegan-friendliness. The 2 main criteria were the availability of vegan meals and the ease of use for customers on a plant-based diet. The companies got scores ranging from A, which means they aced it, to F, which means they failed to provide any kind of vegan-friendly meals. Let us see how some of the most popular meal delivery services fared, starting from the ones that received the highest scores.

PETA Ranks Best And Worst Meal Delivery Services

A Is For All-Vegan Menus

The companies that PETA considered to be the best were the ones that exclusively offer vegan dishes on their menus. Here are some of them.

Veestro is one of the companies that scored an A and it is no wonder since all of its delicious entrées are certified vegan. Plus, it is also a PETA Business Friend.

Purple Carrot also got an A because it only offers vegan meals and also because it has a specialized vegan plan for athletes.

22 Days Nutrition received the highest score not because Beyoncé is behind it, but because it allows you to enjoy completely organic and vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free meals cooked by professionals who perfectly understand the vegan diet.

The Vegan Garden is a meal delivery service that particularly caters to vegans, just as its name suggests. Its vegan menu and excellent meal plans like the Two Week Slim Down package secured it a place at the top of the list.

Vegin’ Out got the best grade because its meals are vegan and cruelty-free and it also offers amazing vegan cookies and soups.

B Is For Better Than Most

This category includes meal delivery services that are not exclusively vegan but have plenty of vegan dishes on their menus and make it easy for their customers to identify and order plant-based delights. The companies that got a B rating include such popular services like Chef’d, Healthy Chef Creations, Home Bistro, Fresh n’ Lean, Green Chef, and Munchery.

C Is For Could Be Better

peta ranks

These are the companies that do offer vegan meals, but only a few of them. Therefore, these services are making an effort to include plant-based dishes on their menus but should work a bit harder on expanding the range of their vegan options. Only a few companies got a C rating, including Marley Spoon.

D Is For Definitely Needs Improvement

Here we have services that feature vegan items on their menus from time to time, but they cannot exactly be characterized as vegan-friendly. These include HelloFresh, Home Chef, and Terra’s Kitchen.

F Is For Failure

This category includes companies that offer few to no vegan meals. Among them are Blue Apron, Dinnerly, Plated, and Peach Dish.

Sun Basket‘s grade is deferred until it introduces the vegan meal plan it has been working on.

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