Purple Carrot is one of the few exclusively vegan meal kit delivery services. Its mission is to help vegans who want to eat healthy and varied food but do not always have the time to shop for ingredients or plan every meal. They bring you fresh ingredients and creative recipes every week, so you can enjoy the variety and flavor of all the wonderful seasonal treats nature has to offer. Read this Purple Carrot review to find out more.me improvement.

Purple Carrot Homepage

How Purple Carrot Works

Even if you have never ordered from this kind of meal delivery service before, you should have no problem figuring out how things work at Purple Carrot. They have explained the whole process in great detail and there are even photos showing what you can expect from the box that is delivered to your doorstep.

Purple Carrot does not offer ready-made meals, but instead brings flavorful, fresh, pre-measured ingredients to your door, along with amazing recipes with precise instructions on how to cook the meals. The recipes are surprisingly easy to follow and no dish takes more than 40 minutes to make.

When it comes to meal plans, Purple Carrot offers two basic plans – a 1-2-person plan or a 3-4-person plan. The 1-2-person plan includes three meals per week for two people (or one person with yummy leftovers) and the 3-4-person plan covers two meals for three or four people per week.

Every week, menus for both of their standard plans feature exactly as many meals as you can order – 3 and 2, respectively. This may sound disappointing, but there is no need to worry. All the recipes they create are incredibly innovative and delicious and simply perfect for those on a vegan diet or anyone who wants to eat healthily. If you happen to dislike the dishes on the current menu, you can always skip a week of deliveries. The menu is definitely quite varied – it’s heavily based on seasonal foods and the meals are repeated only every once in a while.

Since you do not choose the meals, you do not even have to log into your account in order to make sure if the recipes and ingredients will reach your home the following week. If you have subscribed to their services, the packages are sent out automatically – unless you choose to skip an order.

Recently, Purple Carrot has introduced another plan, TB12 Performance Meals, created in association with Tom Brady and TB12. This meal plan is specifically designed for people with an active lifestyle, as well as professional athletes. Read more about it in the following sections of this Purple Carrot review.

Purple Carrot TB Meal

What Makes Purple Carrot Different

The very fact that it exclusively offers plant-based, 100% vegan meals makes Purple Carrot different from the rest of the lot. This kind of meal delivery services is rarely found on the market and comes as a wonderful surprise to all the hungry and busy vegans nationwide.

This company is also incredibly eco-friendly. Apart from using sustainably sourced ingredients that are produced by working with nature, they also ship just the right amount of ingredients in order to reduce food waste. On top of that, their sustainable packaging has recently got even better. Now, it features InfinityCore thermal liners that are made from recycled water bottles and keep your food fresh for up to 72 hours. Apart from being made of 85% recycled plastic, they are also extremely easy to dispose of – just take them out of the box, tear them down, and throw them into your recycle bin. You can check out the Recycling Info section of the Purple Carrot website for more useful advice on package recycling.

We also like how this company offers you the possibility to purchase a gift for someone you care about. You can send them Purple Carrot meals for one or two people or Purple Carrot meals for 3 or 4 people and choose between 4 options: 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or 3 months of Purple Carrot deliveries.

Tom Brady performance meal

Their refer-a-friend program is a great way to save money on your orders. Whenever you refer someone, both you and your friend get $25 off your next orders. You basically get one meal for two people for free, plus a couple of extra bucks.

As we have mentioned previously in this Purple Carrot review, they now offer a 100% vegan, high-protein, gluten-free plan for athletes and people who are active in the gym or anywhere else. These meals are based on the diet of Tom Brady, the famous quarterback, and include meals that Brady and his family enjoy, as well as meals inspired by TB12 nutritional guidelines that shaped Tom’s diet. However, due to the limited quantities of these exclusive performance meals, it is wise to check availability as soon as possible.

Meals and Recipes

Recipes created by Purple Carrot are 100% vegan, but that does not mean that anyone else cannot enjoy them if they want to eat healthily and try out a plant-based diet. According to sources like Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, if you go vegan, you do not only reduce your carbon footprint, but you also have 55% less chance of suffering from high blood pressure. If you go vegan, you can also reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease by 32%. That is what Purple Carrot brings you, without all the hassle of finding the best ingredients and searching for recipes.
Purple Carrot 3-4 Person Meal

Unfortunately, due to the fact that their facilities regularly process wheat, gluten, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, and other nuts, Purple Carrot cannot accommodate special dietary needs. However, you can contact them in order to get advice from their recipe team on which ingredients you can use in order to substitute the ones you want to avoid.

It often happens that companies that offer ingredients and recipes do not exactly supply you with all the ingredients necessary to cook the meals. Luckily, this is not the case with Purple Carrot. They only expect you to have vegetable oil, olive oil, salt, and pepper in your pantry and their job is to provide everything else.


Pricing is very simple with Purple Carrot. The 1-2-person plan always costs $68.00 and the 3-4-person plan is $74.00 per week. That means that one serving with the 1-2-person plan costs $11.33 while one serving with the 3-4-person plan is more affordable and costs $9.25. The great news is that there are no additional costs and fees, as shipping and handling are included in the price of the meals.

The new TB12 plan is somewhat pricier. It includes 3 meals per week, 2 servings per meal and costs $78 per weekly delivery. That means that one serving of TB12 performance meals costs $13. Once again, there are no hidden fees, everything is included in the price.

Purple Carrot Plans

Delivery Areas

Until recently, Purple Carrot meals were only available in a limited number of areas. Now, the company has expanded its delivery area coverage and ships all across the contiguous US. Unfortunately, shipments to Hawaii and Alaska are still unavailable. As far as the shipping and handling costs are concerned, they are included in the price of the meals, so there are no additional costs to worry about.

  • Fresh, high-quality ingredients
  • 100% plant-based meals
  • Meals ready in less than 40 minutes
  • Perfect for vegans
  • Special plan for active lifestyle
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ships nationwide


  • No customization options
  • Special dietary needs not covered
  • Does not ship nationwide

Sample Dishes

Bottom Line

Purple Carrot is the kind of meal delivery service vegans have been waiting for. All the meals on their menus are completely vegan and incredibly healthy. The ingredients are super fresh, the recipes are creative and tasty and take no more than 40 minutes to make. They are also incredibly transparent when it comes to the prices, as all the costs are included in the price of meals, there are no hidden fees. The only problems are that there are no customization options, they cannot accommodate special dietary needs, and they do not deliver nationwide. However, we still believe that the majority of vegans would be highly satisfied with their service. They are definitely worth checking out.

Purple Carrot Rating

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Final Rating 8.4/10

User Reviews (12)

    Purple Carrot user rating based on 12 user reviews.

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  • Submitted By Sara Downey on 02/01/2018
    We have been so impressed with Purple Carrot! I like to cook and we were actually quite skeptical about these meal prep plans., thinking that they would contain dumbed-down recipes. But these meals are restaurant-quality with easy to follow directions, and I have found the ingredients to be high quality. Portions are not skimpy - we often find that we have enough for an extra serving (leftovers!). Best of all, they are super-tasty and give us the opportunity to experience flavor combinations that we’ve never considered before. Way to go, Purple Carrot!
  • Submitted By Todd on 01/26/2018
    Same complaints as everyone else (see Yelp reviews as well). Missing ingredients, wilted produce, delayed delivery, poor customer service, canceling doesn’t stick until you’ve done it twice, swapping ingredients before shipping and sending a separate e-mail with how to incorporate in instructions. If I were Tom Brady, I’d distance myself from this train wreck. For what you pay, it should be much, much better.
  • Submitted By Wendy Jermyn on 01/23/2018
    I really enjoyed the vegan meal option(I have a son who is vegan). The flavors are great and prep was pretty straightforward BUT the biggest issue has been missing ingredients, and I am not talking about something I might have on hand. This has happened at least in 4 different boxes!
  • Submitted By Hayden Bean 01/08/2018
    I have tried to order purple carrot for the past two months. On the first occasion it was due to arrive Christmas week but was canceled without any explation. I reordered for this week, was confirmed by customer service that it was arriving on friday and yet never arrived. No email, no telephone number to call. Nothing. Its possibly one of the worst customer service experience i have had with any delivery company. I give up.
  • Submitted By KatyFarnham on 11/20/2017
    I thought that Purple Carrot was fun and tasty way to make dinner with my daughter. But when we had our second recipe that wasn't a hit, I decided it was too expensive for what we were getting. I tried to cancel my subscription and the process was very tricky. I couldn't tell if my cancellation was complete so I emailed the company to make sure it was cancelled. Imagine my surprise when another $80 box was delivered. So I tried to cancel again and the same thing happened. The customer service rep emailed me saying that I was supposed to send a reply email, to an email link they sent me, to finalize the cancellation. Because I did not see their email, they felt entitled to continue sending me boxes and billing me. Then the customer rep sent me an email apologizing for the confusion and assuring me that my subscription was now cancelled. Guess what- another $80 box is on it's way. This is INSANE! Do not get caught up in this robbery scheme.
  • Submitted By Carly Watkins on 10/24/2017
    1.0 star rating 10/24/2017 I recommend that you stay far, far away from Purple Carrot! I signed up for a subscription thinking that I would be able to learn new, delicious recipes. I was wrong. The food was mediocre. I make much better plant-based meals on my own. The food wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good. That's not why I'm writing this review, though. On September 16th I attempted to cancel my Purple Carrot subscription by emailing the company. I believe I may have called as well. Additionally, I logged onto the website and skipped all future orders. I have not received any boxes since my attempt to cancel, so I believed that my account had been successfully cancelled. On October 23rd, I received an email from Purple Carrot titled "Have fun cooking Purple Carrot this Week." I contacted Purple Carrot immediately to inform them that I cancelled my account several weeks ago and to ask that they not ship the order. I left a voicemail and emailed the company. I received an email today stating that I received an email after my request to cancel and that I needed to click a link in the email to complete the cancellation. I was also informed that my box has already been shipped, so I will not be refunded. While I understand that I must have missed the email with the link I needed to click to finalize my cancellation, I find the practice of not reaching out to me until it is too late for me to stop the shipment a nefarious practice. I went about 6 weeks without receiving a box, so I understandably believed that I successfully cancelled my subscription! So, I cancelled this (mediocre) food service a month and a half ago and did not hear from them again until yesterday. By the time they emailed me, it was too late for me to cancel the service (AGAIN) so I will be charged for a service I attempted to cancel over a month ago. On top of that, the recipes are not very good.
  • Submitted By rich collins on 10/09/2017
    Started out terrific - meals were complex, delicious and very, very unique - wonderfully blended flavors and quality ingredients and recipes. But nearly every week there was either a damaged or missing ingredient, shipping options amount to ice packs separated from produce by a thin cardboard insert. Produce often arrives damaged. They will provide credit for a few dollars if you complain, but for $70 a week - no one should have to complain. As time went on, quality of meals decreased to more pasta and rice and less fresh veggies and produce, more stuff in cans. Quality deteriorated greatly. The first couple months this was hands down the tastiest (yet perhaps most expensive) of all the plans I tried - healthies too. Shame, I hope they get their act together, I was a strong supporter.
  • Submitted By Lincoln Tovey on 07/09/2017
    Healthy, organic, delicious. That’s all I have to say about Purple Carrot
  • Submitted By Ned Boyle on 05/05/2017
    It seemed good, but then I realized you can’t get gluten-free meals here. My wife says her dinner was ok, but not more than that
  • Submitted By Patrick Ricks on 02/23/2017
    The recipes are easy, the ingredients are good, but the lack of choice is really disappointing. Not sure I’ll be ordering again
  • Submitted By Archie on 12/28/2016
    Great vegan meals, could be cheaper though
  • Submitted By Martha Peterson on 11/05/2016
    I love the meals, wish there were more options
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