The idea for HelloFresh started growing when two friends came to the conclusion that more and more people have less and less time to prepare and enjoy quality food. Getting fresh, handpicked ingredients has turned into too much of a luxury for a growing number of people in urban communities. Fueled by their love of food, they developed a business concept that allows their customers the opportunity to enjoy the kind of cooking they’re missing out on because of their commitments.

HelloFresh homepage

Their aim is to provide you with the opportunity to enjoy wholesome home-cooked meals with no planning, no shopping, and no hassle. You will get everything required for weeknight meals delivered free of charge to your door and all the ingredients are carefully planned and locally sourced.

After reading a couple recipes on their blog and after watching a couple of their YouTube videos, we decided to order and see what HelloFresh is all about. And we hope that after reading this HelloFresh review, you’ll decide to give them a chance.

How HelloFresh Works?

Put simply, the entire process can be summed up in a couple of basic steps. First off, you choose from a menu filled with tasty recipes created by their culinary team. Then, they do all the time-consuming hard work – planning, selection, shopping, pre-production, and measurement. When the HelloFresh box arrives on your doorstep, all you have to do is follow the quick-and-easy recipes to prepare amazing home-cooked meals. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Ordering is also perfectly easy. You can pick one of the 3 basic meal plans – Classic, Vegetarian or Family, choose how many dishes per week you’d like to prepare, and which day you want your food delivered. It is as simple as that. Also, you can purchase one of the packages and print a PDF gift card for your family and friends.

Furthermore, reading the HelloFresh blog can give you a great insight into many interesting topics like cooking instructions, an overview of the essential kitchen tools and the tools they use, interesting recipes and personal stories, and much more.

What Makes HelloFresh Different?

The difference is in the approach itself. This HelloFresh review should explain why this is not just another meal delivery service. Instead of sending you finished meals, you get fresh ingredients and easy to follow recipes for any day of the week. HelloFresh almost does it all, but you are left to perform the finishing touch and turn carefully selected, fresh, healthy ingredients into a culinary masterpiece.

As stated by none other than Jamie Oliver, HelloFresh is more than a business. It is a growing community of people who enjoy preparing tasty meals from scratch, using only the freshest and healthiest of ingredients. Jamie is known for taking part in socially responsible projects in the past and he fought many battles to encourage people to take their food into their own hands. This awesome concept allows you to do exactly that – get to know the ingredients and turn them into tasty meals following simple and creative recipes.

HelloFresh also cares about the environment. The fact that all recipes and ingredient quantities are carefully measured allows for very little to almost zero waste on your part of the supply chain.

Meals and Recipes

As previously mentioned in our HelloFresh review, this meal delivery service offers you 3 basic meal plans – Classic, Vegetarian, and Family. They all have options for 2 or 4 people, but while the Vegetarian and Family plans come with set recipes, the Classic plan gives you the freedom to chose your favorites. Also, you can choose up to 5 meals a week with the Classic plan while the Vegetarian and Family plans come with up to 3 meals. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the plans.

Classic plan

The Classic plan has the largest variety of recipes with a handpicked selection of meat, fish, produce, and grains. Along with interesting twists on traditional favorites, you will often see unique recipes that will boost your cooking skills sky high.


Vegetarian Plan

The Vegetarian plan offers you an abundance of seasonal produce, healthy grains, and vegetarian-friendly proteins. Although aimed at the pickiest of vegetarians, we’re certain that a lot of meat-loving food enthusiasts will fall for this awesome selection of tasty recipes.


The Family plan

The Family plan is for those who need to think about the sensitive tummies of children growing up. When thinking about the whole squad, a lot of attention is put into preserving the flavor and nutrition even though you’re holding back on the spices. One of the coolest ways to get your entire family in the kitchen to prepare a meal together.


Also, each week, you’ll get the option to receive a recipe created by top celebrity chef and food campaigner Jamie Oliver.

You can get a glimpse of the recipes and techniques needed to prepare these meals if you visit the “Our Recipes” section of the HelloFresh website. You can view the menus from past and previous weeks, up and coming ones, and Jamie’s recommendations, as well as a growing archive of fun and tasty recipes for every day.


HelloFresh charges per meal per person. The prices range from 9.99$ per meal, which serves 2 adults 5 times a week with the Classic plan, 9.99$ per meal for 2 people (3 meals) with the Vegetarian plan, and as low as 8.74$ per meal for 2 adults and 2 children 3 times a week with the Family plan.

Gift cards can be bought for the Classic and Vegetarian plans. Individual gift cards bring you a total of 3 meals for 2 people and can be bought for 79$ and 69$, respectively.

There is also a 15$ discount if you subscribe to the HelloFresh newsletter before ordering.

It’s good to keep in mind that increasing the number of meals per week and choosing double portions (for 4 adults) significantly lowers the price that you pay for individual meals. So, bulk purchasing pays off.


Delivery Areas

HelloFresh delivers its boxes to your doorstep throughout the mainland United States. Hawaii and Alaska are still not covered, but they are working on it as we speak.

Deliveries are FREE OF CHARGE wherever you order your food from. Food is delivered in insulated boxes and packed to keep your ingredients fresh as long as possible, so you can be sure that a weekly delivery will stay fresh for at least 7 days.

  • Fresh and tasty food on your doorstep
  • Creative and easy-to-follow recipes
  • Healthy alternative to takeaway food


  • Still more expensive than alternatives
  • Only dinner recipes offered, no breakfast or lunch

Sample Dishes

Bottom Line

If you’re into fresh, local produce from the farmers’ market, but you don’t have time to do all that shopping, you’re in for a treat. HelloFresh delivers hand-picked ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes that turn them into delicious, tasty, and healthy meals. Want to cook but can’t spare the time to go shopping for ingredients? Then HelloFresh is the perfect choice for you.

Although this HelloFresh review was fairly positive in almost all categories, we have to stress the fact that some people might find the exact quantities of delivered ingredients a bit on the low side. We all have different standards when it comes to portion sizes, but at the end of the day, they do deliver what they promise and it’s very hard to stay hungry with any of their plans.


User Reviews

  • Submitted By Jeremy Winchell on 07/19/2017
    If it was just a bit cheaper, we’d order all the time. The kids really love the meals and it’s super convenient.
  • Submitted By Annette Fox, on 07/12/2017

    The food is good, but I’d like to have some more options. Sometimes I just don’t like any of the 6 given meals.

  • Submitted By Melanie Ford on 05/22/2017

    It’s tasty, it’s good for my kids and it’s affordable. I don’t need more than that.

  • Submitted By Zack Torres, on 02/21/2017

    Recipes are so creative and easy to follow! I enjoy my stay in nights now, since the food I prepare following Hello Fresh recipes are so good. Although they really are a bit pricey, I really enjoy the whole cooking healthy meals thing.

  • Submitted By Mike Jones on 09/25/2016
    I had a great issue with portion sizes. I mean, I’m all for portion control and everything, but this is just too small for grown men. Ordering a portion for 4 people seemed barely enough for 3. Other than that, ingredients were fresh and recipes are simple. Definitely need to work on those portions more.


  • Submitted By Dana Gordon on 09/05/2016
    HelloFresh is an absolute game changer in the world where you barely even have time to cook, let alone go shopping for fresh ingredients a couple of times per week. Fresh produce, very tasty meat selection, easy to understand recipes. It’s all there. I’m definitely hooked!


  • Submitted By Chloe Miller on 08/17/2016
    After carefully preparing a meal plan for my two kids in the past 18 months, I thought I’ve depleted all the options. I enjoy variety and I think I’m creative, but recipes and meals started repeating themselves and became boring after a while. Then I thought of ordering HelloFresh. Not only did I get all they promised, it also opened a new way of thinking about fresh ingredients and portion control. Can’t wait for the next delivery!


  • Submitted By Dave Anderson on 07/22/2016
    I’m not saying I’m a great chef or anything, but I kind of know my way around the kitchen. Even though they claim that recipes are easy to follow and understand, I’m often left puzzled by lack of detail in some stages. Maybe someone also has the same issue? Apart from that, everything still comes out tasty and great. Still not as perfect as they claim.


  • Submitted By Paul Stewart on 07/02/2016
    This is an absolute revolution when it comes to vegetarian meal deliveries. I know all about Jamie’s Food Revolution, and it definitely had me going for HelloFresh when he came on board. Exceptionally fresh ingredients, easy recipes with great explanations, a blog with loads of ideas, HelloFresh is a game changer in every way.


  • Submitted By Megan Stephens on 04/27/2016
    Name doesn’t lie, they really are fresh! But I’d really like to choose my meal sometimes. I’m vegetarian and I can’t complain about food, it’s really good, but I’d like to choose the dishes by myself from time to time.

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HelloFresh Review
Updated : 08.16.2017.
Rating : 9.2/10