The Vegan Garden is a meal delivery service based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They deliver vegan and vegetarian meals, yummy smoothies, and other plant-based treats right to your doorstep. The company is family-owned and inspired by international, gourmet, and cruelty-free cuisine with nothing but the finest plant-based ingredients. Read this objective Vegan Garden review and find out more about the company’s offer.

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How The Vegan Garden Works

Ordering from The Vegan Garden is as simple as it gets. You only need to decide what you want, how many meals you want, and how often you wish to receive the deliveries. You can order your meals on a one-time basis or you can subscribe for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly shipments.

When it comes to the meal options, you are truly spoilt for choice. This company offers a range of meals, packages, and plans you can hardly find elsewhere. First of all, you can order a la carte. That means that you can choose from dozens of breakfasts, entrees, desserts, juices, and gluten-free meals and decide how many items and how many servings you wish to order. You can also check out their current specials and choose from nearly 20 of their most popular packages.

The Vegan Garden how works

You can order meal packages that include dinners, gluten-free meals, cookies, cleanses, weight-loss packages, and other packs that can help you stay healthy and energized. Once you opt for a package, you can choose how many you wish to have delivered. You can also order individual or larger packs of their smoothies, cleanses and teas. Finally, you can opt for one of their 7 meal plans and get up to 4 meals a day for up to 7 days a week.

The Vegan Garden meal plans come with two-month contracts. That means that by opting for one of the plans, you automatically order two months’ worth of food, delivered to you in several packages, on a regular basis. Therefore, we advise you to sample their meals from the a la carte menu before opting for a meal plan in order to make sure you really like what they are offering. That way, you can avoid penalties that come with canceling your subscription before the subscription period is over.

What Makes The Vegan Garden Different

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose The Vegan Garden over other vegan meal delivery services. Here are only several qualities that make them different and often superior in comparison to most similar companies on the market.

First of all, their meals are vegan, professionally prepared, and made from sustainably-sourced, high-quality ingredients. Their meals are also designed both for vegans and people who want to eat a healthy diet, lose weight or avoid gluten. Therefore, they do not only cater to vegans, like many other meal delivery services of this kind, but also offer specialized meals that perfectly suit the needs of customers with different preferences.

The Vegan Garden Different

Second, they give you plenty of room for customization. You are not stuck with only a couple of meal plans that you have to stick to, but you can hand-pick the meals you wish to have delivered. You can choose the quantity and the number of servings, creating a completely custom menu of your own.

Third, you have dozens upon dozens of meals at your disposal. The variety of meals in their offer is truly impressive and you can hardly find a vegan meal delivery service that offers so many meals, meal packages, and meal plans. With such variety, it is highly unlikely that you can get tired of their delicious meals.

Finally, you do not only get to receive dinners and lunches, which is often the case with meal delivery services. You can receive dishes suitable for every meal of the day, plus additional treats including cookies, juices, and teas. That way, you do not need to go grocery shopping at all, as you can get everything you eat and drink throughout the day straight from The Vegan Garden.

Meals And Recipes

As we have mentioned before in this The Vegan Garden review, this company lets you order meals for every part of the day and every day of the week. You can order them individually, in packages or within a meal plan of your choice. Apart from meals, you can order smoothies, cleanses, and teas, including the ultimate 21-day juice fast that is designed to reboot your organism, wash away all the toxins, and help you lose weight and feel lighter and healthier than ever.

The Vegan Garden Meals

When it comes to their plans, they offer as many as 7 of them, including It’s Okay to be Different Plan, 7 Day Platinum Weight Loss Plan, Taste Great Lose Weight Plan, 5 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan, U Pick ‘Em Plan, Don’t Sweat it Plan, and Oldie But Goodie Plan. As you can see, all plans are named in a way that lets you know what the plan provides straight away, so you can easily pick the right one for you.

The U Pick ‘Em Plan allows you to choose any 28 dishes you like from the menu. The Don’t Sweat It Plan gets you 21 meals selected by the Vegan Garden. The Oldie But Goodie Plan gets you covered for 5 days and includes 3 meals per day. The Taste Great Lose Weight Plan is designed to help you lose weight and includes a total of 28 diet meals. The It’s Okay To Be Different Plan is the same thing as the U Pick ‘Em Plan, except that it ships every Monday instead of once a month. The 5 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan brings you 15 perfectly balanced meals a week, 3 meals per day for 5 days, and helps you easily shed those extra pounds. An even more advanced version of the vegan weight-loss plan, the 7 Day Platinum Weight Loss brings you 3 meals a day for all 7 days of the week, so you have all of your meals covered and you can lose weight worry-free.

We have to stress that although The Vegan Garden offers special gluten-free meals, they cannot give you a 100% guarantee that the meals do not contain even the smallest trace of gluten, as their facilities also process gluten products. They clean their utensils regularly and make sure no undesired gluten ends up in your meals, but if you have an extremely severe gluten allergy, we are afraid that it is better to avoid their meals.


Let us take a look at the prices of plans. The U Pick ‘Em Plan is $199 per month. The Don’t Sweat It Plan costs $499 per month, the same as the Oldie But Goodie Plan, and the Taste Great Lose Weight Plan is $520 per month. The It’s Okay To Be Different Plan is $543 per month. The 5 Day weight loss meal plan is $450.00 while the 7 Day Platinum Weight loss plan is $580.00. All meal plans come with a 2-month contract. If you choose to cancel your subscription earlier, you will be required to pay the half of the remaining sum.

The Vegan Garden Pricing

The prices of meal packages normally range from $80 to $295. The prices of smoothies, cleanses, and teas range from $6.95 for individual packages to $549.00 for larger packages that can last you up to 21 days. A la carte items may cost from $2.25 up to $549.00, depending on the number of servings and the number of meals included in the order. However, it is a good idea to check regularly, since they often offer discounts that may be greater than 50%.

Delivery Areas

The Vegan Garden delivers anywhere in the continental United States. Unfortunately, they do not deliver to Alaska and Hawaii, probably due to high shipping costs. Namely, the shipping costs per package may be as high as $65. However, they only charge $19.00 per package in California and $29.00 per package in the rest of the country and make up for the difference themselves. With larger packages and plans, you also get free shipping, which makes their meals even more affordable.

  • Incredible range of vegan dishes
  • Plenty of customization options
  • Special weight-loss plans and packages
  • Gluten-free meals
  • Deliciously healthy smoothies, cleanses, and teas
  • 7 different meal plans
  • Free shipping on larger orders


  • Does not ship to Hawaii and Alaska
  • Not 100% organic

Sample Dishes

Bottom Line

We believe that there is not much left to say about The Vegan Garden, except to state once again that this is by far one of the best vegan meal delivery services we have had the pleasure to review. The variety of items on their menu is incredible, the customization options are unparalleled, and they offer as many as 7 different meal plans for different needs and preferences. They can help you stay healthy, lose weight, and provide you with all the meals and drinks you need throughout the day. On top of that, if you opt for larger deliveries, you even get free shipping. We can honestly say that we could not be more satisfied with the offer of this amazing company.

The Vegan Garden Rating

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of The Vegan Garden, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the company. Ratings may change as the service changes.

Meal Options
Nutritional Value
Portion Size
Final Rating 7.7/10

User Reviews (4)

    The Vegan Garden user rating based on 4 user reviews.

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  • Submitted By Mark R. on 12/21/2016
    The best vegan delivery ever! Most honest recommendations!
  • Submitted By Ann Simms on 11/10/2016
    Just finished the 21-day juice fast and can’t believe how good I feel! So happy I tried it!
  • Submitted By Josh Bridges on 09/03/2016
    Hands down, the best vegan meals I’ve ever had delivered. Be sure to try the cookies, they’re awesome :)
  • Submitted By Susan Rhodes 4 on 08/09/2016
    Wasn’t delighted by all the meals I’ve received, but most of them were really delicious.

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The Vegan Garden Review
Updated : 02.14.2018.
Rating : 7.7/10
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