Metabolic Meals is a Missouri-based meal delivery service that promises to take the stress out of weight loss and maintenance. It offers a rich menu of chef-prepared meals that are made of the cleanest, freshest ingredients and designed to help you shed pounds gradually while boosting your health at the same time. Discover the full range of options this service offers in the following sections of this Metabolic Meals review.

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How Metabolic Meals Works

Metabolic Meals is a subscription-based service. In order to receive the meals, you need to choose one of its 3 pre-made plans designed for individuals and families. The plans are flexible, allowing you to choose how many meals you want to receive per week and decide whether you want to pick your meals yourself or let the chefs do the choosing for you.

Regardless of which plan you opt for, you can order breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, as well as healthy treats and snacks that can help curb your cravings between meals without impeding your progress toward your goal weight. The meals come in two portion sizes, including the Fit portion, designed for accelerated weight loss and weight maintenance, and the Performance portion, designed to maximize the results of your workout.

By opting for one of Metabolic Meals’ subscriptions, you do not get locked into a contract. You can easily skip a delivery, put your plan on hold, switch between plans or cancel your subscription altogether.

What Makes Metabolic Meals Different

There are several unique qualities that make Metabolic Meals a smart choice. First of all, the company uses nothing but natural, organically grown ingredients and antibiotic-free, grass-fed proteins. Its meals never contain artificial colors and flavors and they are free from refined sugars, wheat, soy, and gluten.

All meals are designed in cooperation with nutritionists and freshly made by professional chefs. They are allergy-friendly and you get to customize your selection of dishes so they do not include ingredients you do not like or need to avoid. You get a lot of freedom in designing your own menu, from choosing the quantity and selection of the meals to deciding on the portion size that suits your needs and appetite.

Metabolic Meals Different

Apart from offering meal plans for individuals and families, Metabolic Meals offers corporate meal plans that allow employers to boost employee satisfaction and productivity through healthy eating.

If you want to treat someone to a couple of fresh, delicious, healthy meals, you can opt for a Metabolic Meals gift card. You can choose between e-cards and physical gift cards and choose any value greater than $49.

Meals And Recipes

Metabolic Meals meal options
For Families
For Singles
Weight Loss

The company’s rotating menu includes more than 150 entrees, plus dozens of breakfasts and healthy treats. Every week, you can choose from 30 new entrees suitable for both lunch and dinner. The meals range from simple dishes like turkey tacos to fancy grilled grass-fed bison burgers with caramelized onions and pecan broccoli. Unfortunately, there are very few veggie dishes and the menu is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Metabolic Meals meals

We have already mentioned that all the meals are free from gluten, soy, and wheat. Other ingredients that you can avoid include tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, pork, beef, chicken, and turkey.

If you opt for the Fit portions, you get to enjoy delicious meals that amount to just 1,200-1,400 calories per day. With the Performance portions, all meals of the day amount to 1,800-2,100 calories, which is still a low enough calorie count to allow you to steadily lose weight and get perfectly fit with regular exercise. As far as the meal plans are concerned, you can opt for the My Choice, Chef’s Choice of Family Plan.

My Choice allows you to decide whether you want to enjoy 1 or 2 ready-made meals on weekdays, when you are busy, or get up to 21 meals per week and have all of you meals of the week covered. With this plan, you can choose the meals on your own.

The Chef’s Choice plan brings you 2 or 3 meals for 3, 5 or 7 days per week and the chef pick the meals for you. As its name suggests, the Family Plan is designed for families and allows you to get up to 28 meals of your own choice per week.

Metabolic Meals meals and recipes


As we mentioned in the previous section of this Metabolic Meals review, you can choose between 3 meal plans: My Choice, Chef’s Choice, and Family Plan. With the My Choice plan and the Family Plan, the prices start at around $10 per serving. With the Chef’s Choice plan, the prices start at around $25 per day.

The price you pay per serving primarily depends on the meal type and portion size, but strangely enough, it depends on your location as well. Lunches and dinners usually cost around $12 if you opt for the smaller, Fit portion and around $17 if you opt for the larger, Performance portion. Breakfasts are somewhat more affordable and usually cost around $10 with the Fit portion and around $14 with the Performance portion. The prices of snacks and treats vary, but you can usually get 7 days’ worth of snacks for about $43.

Shipping is free if you order 15 meals or more. Otherwise, you pay a $19.95 fee per shipment.

Metabolic Meals price

Delivery Areas

Metabolic Meals ships throughout the contiguous US. Its meals are available in Hawaii as well, although with extra shipping costs. Unfortunately, the company does not ship to Alaska at the moment.

All orders are shipped via FedEx and no signature is required. You get to choose the delivery day that works best for you. The meals normally arrive within 3 to 5 business days after the order is placed.

  • Clean, organic, top-quality ingredients
  • Individual, family, and corporate plans
  • More than 150 entrees on the rotating menu
  • Order breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and treats
  • All meals free from gluten, soy, and wheat
  • Plenty of customization options
  • Flexible subscription


  • Lacks vegetarian and vegan options
  • Not too affordable
  • Shipping is free only on orders of 15+ meals

Bottom Line

Metabolic Meals offers top-quality meals that are sure to help you lose weight if you avoid loading up on carbs and munching on something that is bad for you outside your meal plan. You get to tailor your plan to your personal needs and chuck out everything that you do not want to see on your plate. However, while we find the company’s selection of meals to be impressive, we are a bit underwhelmed by the lack of veggie options and the somewhat steep prices. Other than that, we have no doubt that Metabolic Meals can be a perfect companion on your way toward optimal weight and health.

Metabolic Meals Rating

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of Metabolic Meals, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the company. Ratings may change as the service changes.

Meal Options
Nutritional Value
Portion Size
Final Rating7.9/10

User Reviews (17)

    Metabolic Meals user rating based on 17 user reviews.

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  • Submitted By Maria M on 04/07/2018
    I give My Metabolic Meals an A+++. I am very fussy about my food so I needed a meal delivery service that provided outstanding food with REAL ingredients. I used to think that the only way I could get top quality meals was if I made them myself, but with my work schedule it became too demanding to cook every day. Then I found My Metabolic Meals and they saved the day. The menu choices are mouthwatering and easy to select, the deliveries are always on time, and my food is ready in minutes – and delicious! And an added bonus is I am managing my weight with satisfying meals! Thank you for making my life easier. Maria from Tucson, Arizona
  • Submitted By Rick Casta on 03/22/2018
    My experience in the past few months has been great. Meals are really good, lots of options. Package always arrive cold and intact, and on time. Highly recommend!
  • Submitted By Jeannette Johnsen on 03/15/2018
    I have only been aquatinted with Metabolic Meals for a week and my world is HAPPY, HAPPY! I am a Senior Citizen, living alone, but am active and do Ballroom and Tango dancing. I have been hunting for meals that are not only good but good for you. As all of us that live alone know, it is difficult to prepare good nutritious meal for one person. I have tried several prepared, home delivery companies with varied results. Metabolic Meals gets 5 stars and 2 thumbs up. The packaging separates the meat product from the vegetables and that allows the vegetables to stay fresh and crispy... The Mahi cake was as good as I have ever eaten at a restaurant. With the meat being divided I have added some spices to the beef meals to suit my individual taste. The Savory Breakfast Casserole lends itself to a bit of salsa, but my all-time favorite (at least this week) is the Dill and Cheddar Scrambler. Knowing that scrambled eggs can be a bit on the dry side, I did add a few drops of milk and a tiny bit of butter. But the ability to customize these meals and still stay within the nutritional boundaries is what make the meals so great. I must caution anyone that uses the meals to not over micro-wave. This is also depending on your individual microwave, but I only microwave for 2 minutes. Some of the other prepared meals I heated for 4-5 minutes but the proper packing and organic ingredients doesn’t need to be over cooked. With the meals changing every week, the variety, hooray. I look forward to tasting the new items.. A real gastronomic adventure.
  • Submitted By C Campbell on 03/12/2018
    I received Metabolic Meals several years ago... primarily to lose some extra weight. Not only did I lose the weight... but I felt more healthy and in as great of a physical condition as I can remember since I was a kid!. The meals were great and the service was outstanding. Throughout that period, I had only one problem (a meal was missed in one delivery). When I called, I got INSTANT SERVICE... and substitue meals (they gave me extra!) were delievered quickly.. It was as if they took this small mistake personally.... and wanted to correct it immediately! In today's world, that kind of service is impressive. Money, however, became an issue for me at the time ... so I stopped the plan (although, looking back, when I deduct "normal grocery store purchases".... it makes pricing more reasonable). It took awhile, but, eventually, I "slipped back into my old ways" and regained some of the weight. Maybe more importantly, however, even before I'd put on some extra weight... I began to just feel a lot less healthy overall. Fast forward: I restarted several weeks ago... and... I can honestly say.... as good as the meals were the first time... they are EVEN BETTER today! Whether you're wanting to save time, lose weight... or just to feel plain ol healthy.... I highly recommend Metabolic Meals!
  • Submitted By Sherri Faust on 03/08/2018
    I live that the meals are healthy and pre-prepared for me! I work some very long hours, so if it were not for Metabolic Meals, I would probably be eating fast food all the time. My health and waistline thanks this company! I’ve tried some other meal services and they never delivered the way Metabolic Meals does. Awesome customer service as well just in case you need any kind of help. It’s a little pricey, but well worth it in the long run.
  • Submitted By Marc Levin on 03/08/2018
    Very helpful staff. Good meals. Very useful when traveling. I have lost weight and can track my macros easily with MM. Very happy with the service and meals.
  • Submitted By Scott M on 03/08/2018
    We have tried numerous mail order meal options (blue apron, my fit foods, snap kitchen, etc) and My Metabolic Meals is clearly the best! All the meals are delicious, clean, and a great balance of macronutrients. They're easy to prepare and usually take a couple minutes in the microwave to be ready to eat. I'm feeling healthier, and losing some weight while enjoying great food. Meat quality is first class. Try the bison. All of our experiences with customer service have been courteous, friendly and helpful. I am a completely satisfied customer! My only recommendation is I would like to see more eco-friendly packaging, but it's mostly recyclable.
  • Submitted By Blake Pearsall on 03/08/2018
    With a son who has celiac disease and a dairy allergy Metabolic Meals helps him keep to his diet while eating great tasting food at college. The breakfast's he like the best since they are great tasting, lots of protein and an easy meal to heat up in the morning. The dinner choices also have lots of taste even with the diet restrictions. It's a great way to get what he needs to eat with minimal effort. Thank you Metabolic Meals.
  • Submitted By Timothy Caso on 03/07/2018
    I travel every week for work. Metabolic meals gets my food everywhere I go on time. They go out of there way to make sure everything is on point
  • Submitted By Andrew T on 03/07/2018
    I have been using Metabolic Meals on and off for a few months now and absolutely love it. This is my 4th meal delivery company I have tried and by far my favorite. The food is delicious and incredibly convenient since it is already cooked. Definitely worth a try!
  • Submitted By Maranatha on 03/07/2018
    Terrific tasting, high-quality ingredients. Worry-free - arrives on time and packed well with ice packs. If there are ever special requests or changes, their personalized service sets them apart! Very pleased and have recommended to many others!
  • Submitted By Carmen Carmen on 03/05/2018
    I am loving my meals! They taste great and help me with portion control. I have been losing weight with a lot less time. Both times I have had question the customer service I have received has been outstanding!
  • Submitted By W. P. on 03/02/2018
    I spend over 230 nights a year in hotels, all over the country. Metabolic Meals is my favorite service to use on the road because their customer service and shipping method allows me to give them an address as late as the FRI prior to MON shipments and I can have them delivered WED or THU, my choice as well.
  • Submitted By Joshua Bennet on 02/09/2018
    I've been a regular customer of several Meal Kit and Prepared Meal Companies. Metabolic Meals really stands out to me. I can customize for my needs by picking portions and filtering out ingredients I don't want. For my goals, I was looking for 500 calorie meals that were lower in carbohydrates and gluten/dairy free. This has been very easy to accomplish with Metabolic Meals and their food is OUTSTANDING. If you've had a hard time finding a company that- A: Can accommodate specific dietary needs B: Variety(MM has a brand new menu every week) C: Great ingredient quality and flavors I'm not sure who can compete with Metabolic Meals!
  • Submitted By Nancy on 02/02/2018
    Metabolic Meals has been a tremendous solution for me based on my food intolerances and strict dietary restrictions. The food is very tasty and even though I’m quite picky, I’m always able to find enough delicious selections for the week. My only complaint is the pricing, which I feel is a little high. However, within the pricing, you have to take into consideration the cost to package with all recyclable and biodegradable materials, the cost to ship to 48 contiguous states AND the expense of clean, high quality ingredients. So, when you look at the big picture, the pricing makes sense. It can be a tough pill to swallow but the benefits certainly outweigh the negatives for me!
  • Submitted By Stephen Miller on 12/21/2017
    Way too pricy and even the larger portions are too small for me. I want to lose weight, not starve. On the plus side, the meals actually taste good, which was not the case with other weight loss meal deliveries I ordered from before.
  • Submitted By Rosemarie Young on 10/14/2017
    Excellent gluten-free meals and there are a lot of them on the menu, so it’s not hard to find something you want to try. The portions are small, but I guess that’s why I lost 4 pounds in just two weeks, which is quite an achievement for me. My only complaint is about the prices. I know that organic food costs a lot, but I still think that it could be a bit cheaper.
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