Keep Up With The Most Exciting Novelties In The Meal Delivery Market

Zaycon Fresh closed services

Zaycon Fresh Vanishes From The Market Overnight

October 16, 2019

For nearly a decade, Zaycon Fresh was one of our favorite meat and seafood delivery services and thousands of Americans shared that sentiment. In June 2018, the service suddenly went out of business, which left a lot of customers both shocked and frustrated. In this report, we go over the key details about the company’s abrupt closure.

17 Day Diet Delivery closed services

17 Day Diet Delivery Stops Its Meal Delivery Program

October 16, 2019

You may have noticed that the ordering form has vanished from the official website of 17 Day Diet Delivery. We have decided to do our research and find out what is going on and why the service is unavailable. Read our report to learn if 17 Day Diet Delivery can still help you lose weight or it is time to move on to another diet meal delivery program.

Gourmet Station closed services

Gourmet Station Fails To Survive In The Tough Market

October 16, 2019

If you are one of the many Gourmet Station patrons who are wondering what happened to this excellent meal delivery service, we are here to answer your questions. Keep reading to learn more about the company’s current status and discover other meal delivery services that can serve as great alternatives to Gourmet Station.

Noble Brewer Beer Club Closed

Noble Brewer Beer Club Closed Down Permanently

October 16, 2019

We are always sad to see a good service go out of business. When it comes to Noble Brewer, we honestly loved everything about it and just like its numerous members, we hoped that it would keep delivering awesome craft beer for years to come. Unfortunately, we are forced to say goodbye to Noble Brewer in this report about its unexpected shutdown.

Munchery closed services

Munchery Meal Delivery Goes Bankrupt

October 15, 2019

There is no doubt that Munchery was one of the best healthy eating solutions on the meal delivery market. Whether you wanted to enjoy delicious chef-prepared dishes or easily make your meals yourself, Munchery had you covered. Sadly, the service had been facing financial difficulties that eventually led to its shutdown. Keep reading for more details.

Wild Zora Acquires Paleo Meals To Go

Wild Zora Acquires Paleo Meals To Go

October 15, 2019

Paleo Meals To Go no longer operates independently, but that does not mean that its camping-friendly Paleo meals and snacks are off the market. The company’s products have only been relocated and they are now sold at the Wild Zora online store. Get more useful information about the status of Paleo Meals To Go in our report.

Dcuisine homepage closed

Dcuisine Closes Its Doors

October 15, 2019

Dcuisine was a prepared meal delivery service that proved that frozen meals can be both healthy and delicious. It kept its numerous patrons happy and satisfied for nearly half a decade, which is why the news of its shutdown came as quite a surprise. Find out whether the decision to close down is final and learn more relevant facts in our report.

Dinner Meal Kits

Chef’d Meal Kit Service Goes Out Of Business

October 14, 2019

For 3 years, Chef’d had been a meal kit delivery that home cooks across the nation loved and relied on for its easy and delicious home cooking solutions. Unfortunately, the popular service was forced to suddenly close down due to unforeseen financial difficulties. For more relevant information, read our full report.

Blue Apron and Christian Petroni in the kitchen

Chef Christian Petroni’s Recipes Coming To The Blue Apron Menu

October 14, 2019

Celebrity chef Christian Petroni is known for his distinctive cooking style shaped by his Italian-American heritage. This fall, he is sharing his reimagined versions of all-time comfort food classics with all Blue Apron patrons. Find out more about Blue Apron’s partnership with Chef Petroni in our quick-to-read report.

Vegan chickpeas burgers on white background

Beyond Meat Vegan Burger Is Hitting The HelloFresh US Menu

August 22, 2019

HelloFresh has just announced a tasty addition to its US menu that is sure to appeal to burger lovers who are trying to eat a bit less meat. The company has teamed up with Beyond Meat to offer burger kits that contain absolutely no meat but pack a whole lot of flavor. Learn more about this interesting innovation in our brief report.

Snap Kitchen chicken piccata

Snap Kitchen Expands To Reach 80 Million Hungry Home Diners

August 7, 2019

Snap Kitchen is working hard on making real food available to every hungry American who has no time to cook. At first, it only catered to health-conscious home diners in Texas and Pennsylvania, but now its delivery map includes 15 states nationwide. Read our report to find out more about Snap Kitchen’s major expansion and its plans for the future.

Blue Apron burger on table

Blue Apron Announces Partnership With Beyond Meat

July 17, 2019

Blue Apron is always keeping up with new trends and now it has come up with a perfect treat for home cooks who are trying to eat less meat. In partnership with Beyond Meat, a highly popular producer of plant-based meat substitutes, it has created burger recipes that contain no meat but pack lots of flavors. Get more details in our report.

sun basket Breakfast fish cakes with fried eggs and tomato

Sunbasket Now Offering Options For Breakfast, Lunch & Beyond

July 17, 2019

If you have already seen Sunbasket’s new line of add-ons, you know that the service is serious about outdoing the competition in every possible way. In case you have not yet browsed the company’s freshly introduced extras, we are here to tell you all about them. Read our report to discover the full range of tasty add-ons Sunbasket has on offer.

Blue Apron Summer Cookout on plate

Blue Apron’s New Summer Cookout Boxes Hit The Shelves

May 20, 2019

Sunny days are simply perfect for a cookout and Blue Apron’s Summer Cookout kits are here to make sure your BBQ party goes without a glitch. In this quick-to-read report, we explore the 3 special grilling kits Blue Apron has prepared for this summer and let you know how much they cost and how you can get your hands on them.

Woman and recycling organic kitchen waste

Study Shows Blue Apron Is More Eco-Friendly Than Grocery Shopping

May 15, 2019

It has long been assumed that meal kits are worse for the environment than traditional grocery shopping. Researchers at the University of Michigan’s School for Environment and Sustainability have set out to discover whether this assumption is truly valid. Read our full report to learn all about the rather surprising results of their study.

new brand cheese boxes from Blue Apron

Introducing Blue Apron’s Exclusive Cheese & Charcuterie Kits

May 7, 2019

Choosing the right cheeses and charcuterie to serve at your next party can take a while and require multiple trips to your local shops. If this sounds like too much work, you can always stop by the Blue Apron website and have everything you need for a perfect spread delivered to your home in a click. Keep reading to discover more tasty details.

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