Sunbasket Now Offering Options For Breakfast, Lunch & Beyond

July 17, 2019

At the beginning of 2019, Sunbasket introduced a great innovation – add-ons in the form of organic 5-minute salads, veggie snacks, and dips. Its customers obviously loved the idea since the service decided to kick off Q3 of 2019 with a major expansion in the add-on department. Your Sunbasket orders can now include breakfast and lunch items, as well as healthy snacks, soups, and a whole lot more.

sun basket Breakfast fish cakes with fried eggs and tomato

A Complete Solution For Healthy Eating

Sunbasket has partnered with Talluto’s, Hodo, Nona Lim, Hu Chocolate, and a number of other trusted brands to bring its patrons a huge assortment of tasty extras to enjoy throughout the day. From your morning coffee to your guilt-free evening snack, Sunbasket is here to provide all you need to stay satisfied and energized.

The company’s fresh add-ons are divided into 5 categories: Lunch, Breakfast, Snacks, Pantry, and Proteins. Let us take a quick tour.

In the Lunch category, you can find something old and something new, including:

  • Sunbasket’s organic 5-minute salads;
  • Organicgirl’s organic greens for salads of your own making;
  • Soups & broths by Nona Lim;
  • Noodle bowls by Nona Lim;
  • Flatbreads & tortillas by California Lavash and Mi Rancho.

For breakfast, you can enjoy:

  • Organic and Paleo-friendly cereals & granolas by Kween, Nana Joes, and Living Intentions;
  • Organic, non-GMO, and vegan oatmeals by Maker Oats and Mylk Labs;
  • Organic yogurt by Coyo and Maple Hill;
  • Organic coffee & tea by Equal Exchange and The Republic Of Tea;
  • Refreshing juices by Happy Moose Juice.

From the Snacks section you can grab:

  • Sunbasket’s signature dips;
  • Organic veggie snacks like baby rainbow carrots and celery;
  • Nuts & seeds by Nana Joes, Old Dog Ranch, Crunchsters, Living Intentions, and Matiz España;
  • Crackers & crisps by Whisps, RW Garcia, AvoLov, Doctor In The Kitchen, and Jilz Gluten Free;
  • Sweet, mostly chocolaty treats by Don Bugito, Field Day, Sweetdragon Baking Company, and Hu Chocolate;
  • Jerky & meat snacks by Country Archer, La Quercia, and Vermont Smoke And Cure;
  • Fruity, buttery, and chocolaty bars & bites by Bright Foods, That’s It, and Perfect Bar.

To stock up your pantry, you can get:

  • Pastas & sauces by Talluto’s;
  • Oils & ghee by Fourth And Heart, La Tourangelle, and Nutiva;
  • Sunbasket’s signature sauces.

Finally, in the Proteins section, there is an abundance of healthy and tasty choices like:

  • Prepared meat & fish in the form of bacon-wrapped filet mignon, crab cakes, salmon filets, burger patties, and more;
  • Fresh seafood such as scallops, shrimps, and salmon, sole, and halibut filets;
  • Poultry, including chicken and turkey (organic and responsibly raised);
  • Beef & lamb (organic and responsibly raised);
  • Pork & sausage (organic and responsibly raised);
  • Organic tofu and meat alternatives.

With dozens of extras on offer, you are sure to find at least a few items you already love or cannot wait to try out. All the products are already available for purchase, so they can be in your kitchen as soon as next week.

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