Gourmet Station Fails To Survive In The Tough Market

October 16, 2019

Gourmet Station opened its doors way back in 2000, when it was one of the rare meal delivery services that specialized in giftable gourmet meals. It brought fine dining to homes nationwide and thousands of people instantly fell in love with the concept. Over the years, its customer base grew to include more than 100,000 satisfied patrons who loved it for its impressive menu and the amazing taste of its meals.

Keeping in mind its considerable popularity, we were surprised to find out that Gourmet Station ceased its operations quite abruptly after more than a decade in the business. However, experience has shown that popularity does not always equal profitability. Many similar services have recently gone out of business due to the fierce competition and inability to obtain sufficient funding.

Gourmet Station closed services

Without citing specific reasons for its shutdown, Gourmet Station simply allowed all of its customers to get in touch with its staff and redeem already purchased gift certificates before it closed down for good.

We are sad to say that the service has no plans of returning to the market. If you are looking for tasty giftable meals for all occasions, you can check out Send A Meal, a service quite similar to Gourmet Station. For more good alternatives, be sure to view our list of the best prepared meal delivery services.

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