Blue Apron Announces Partnership With Beyond Meat

July 17, 2019

It is no secret that Blue Apron has not been doing well financially since its initial public offering. However, its latest plans for menu expansion are already helping its stock rise significantly, so there still may be hope for the famous meal kit company.

The menu expansion in question involves the use of Beyond Meat’s plant-based proteins in Blue Apron’s meal kits. According to the company’s representatives, Blue Apron x Beyond Meat recipes should hit the menu in August 2019.

Blue Apron burger on table

A Delicious End Of The Summer For Flexitarians

Starting from the week of August 19, Blue Apron will be delivering meal kits featuring some of the most popular plant-based proteins on the market. Flexitarians seem to be in love with Beyond Meat’s vegan meat substitutes and Blue Apron hopes that some of that popularity will rub off on it as well.

After taking a look at the first Beyond Meat x Blue Apron recipes to appear on the company’s menu, we have to say that we have a good feeling about this partnership. Blue Apron patrons who have opted for the 2-Serving Signature plan can look forward to trying out:

  • Caramelized onion and cheddar Beyond Burgers with garlic green beans during the week of August 19;
  • Jalapeño and goat cheese Beyond Burgers with corn on the cob during the week of August 26.

According to Blue Apron, patrons can look forward to more healthy and tasty recipes featuring Beyond Meat products in the future.

With more and more eco-conscious and health-conscious Americans trying to reduce their meat intake, we believe these new offerings may help Blue Apron stay relevant and afloat.

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