Wild Zora Acquires Paleo Meals To Go

October 15, 2019

In Q1 2018, Paleo Meals To Go was acquired by Wild Zora Foods, a company specializing in healthy, gluten-free snacks perfect for the Paleolithic diet. Immediately after the acquisition, the official Paleo Meals To Go website was shut down for good.

Wild Zora Acquires Paleo Meals To Go

Now, all of your favorite Paleo Meals To Go products are available for purchase at the Wild Zora online store. They make up a significant part of Wild Zora’s rich product assortment and they are still sold at more than reasonable prices.

If you are looking for more companies like Paleo Meals To Go, you can find a number of excellent alternatives on our list of the best Paleo meal delivery services.

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