Mom’s Meals is a meal delivery company that stands out compared to others in the sense that it’s focused primarily on people who are either unable to make meals for themselves while remaining independent (seniors, persons recovering from an illness or those suffering from a chronic one) or need a little bit of help and support in that department. The company started some 15 years ago in Iowa and today delivers all over America. Read our honest Mom’s Meals review to determine if this company is the right fit for you or your loved one. 

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Interface And Presentation

Don’t expect anything too fancy from the Mom’s Meals website. It’s a very simple affair, with a design that is almost a bit dated but with a service like this, the design of the website is the last thing the company should care about. It’s the quality and efficiency of their service that matter, not fancy graphics and cool font. Still, the website is far from ugly and it’s definitely very clear and intuitive, which is very important considering that for many people who represent their target market, clarity and simplicity are essential.

What’s also very important is that the website provides extremely clear information on how to order meals. That info is divided into different sections for individuals and caregivers, agencies, community services working with government-funded meal programs, and healthcare providers.

There is also a blog with posts about healthy eating and healthy living, a FAQ section, a little bit of company history, and the order form.

Meal Options And Variety

Mom’s Meals ship meals to customers once or twice a week. You can have all your days covered or choose just a few of them per week. There’s also the “auto-ship” option so you don’t have to order meals each week.

Before you place an order, you are asked to provide some information about your health status and dietary requirements. Based on that, you will be offered a choice of meals that is quite impressive both in terms of recipes and in terms of variety. Of course, the options are not unlimited and there has to be some repetition, but there are definitely enough meal options to keep things interesting.

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Recipes And Programs

Since Mom’s Meals caters to people who usually have special dietary needs and require a certain type of diet to aid their recovery, it’s no surprise the company offers several different, carefully planned meal programs. There is the General Wellness menu with over 60 different meals, the Heart Friendly menu with low-sodium and low-fat recipes, the Diabetic-Friendly menu with no sugar and reduced carbs, the Renal-Friendly menu for people on dialysis, the Cancer Support menu, and the Pureed menu for people who have difficulty chewing and/or swallowing, as well as the Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and Low Sodium menus. The programs are carefully designed with the help of experienced dietitians and the meals are prepared in USDA-inspected facilities.

The recipes are very imaginative too. There isn’t a lot of experimenting since nutrition is the number one goal here and it certainly comes before extraordinary culinary feats, but the customers say they are delicious, filling, and flavorful.

Some of the recipes provided by Mom’s Meals include Cheese Lasagna with Marinara, Coconut Curry Veggies with Brown Rice, Chili-Rubbed Beef Steak with Spanish Style Rice, Lemon Herb White Chicken with Wild Rice and Veggies, Pork Loin with Marsala, Fruit Breakfast Pizza, and many others.

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The prices vary depending on the number of meals you order per week, as well as on the kind of program you choose. Still, most meals cost $6.49 each, which comes to $19.47 per day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meals from the Pureed menu are somewhat more expensive and come up to $7.49 each. As for shipping and handling costs, the flat rate is $14.95 for orders of 7, 10, 14, and 21 meals. The more meals you order, the cheaper it gets, obviously, and considering that Mom’s Meals dishes stay fresh in the fridge for up to 14 days thanks to special European technology, the best value is to place the 21 meals per shipment order.

Delivery Areas

Mom’s Meals delivers to all of the continental United States. Like many other meal delivery services, it does not  deliver to Alaska and Hawaii yet.

While we are still very satisfied with Mom’s Meals we reviewed here, there are many better options that you can find on our Top 10 Meal Delivery Services list.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Lucas Monroe, on 07/08/2017

    Mom’s Meals are the best thing that happened to the modern world. Meals are healthy and tasty, and they save so much time and effort. I’m working for an advertising agency and I’m swamp with work all the time. My father leaves in the suburbs and I can’t manage to go over every day to bring him food, and resists to hire any kind of help. But thanks to Mom’s Meals I know he’s never hungry.

  • Submitted By Amanda Neal on 04/04/2017

    My mom’s a diabetic and I work a lot so can’t go over to her place every day prepare special food for her. I was struggling to take good care of her and of my children at home at the same time and when you add work to all of that it can be pretty exhausting and difficult to manage. And then I’ve discovered Mom’s Meals. Now mom and I choose meals together and later on she receives them at her doorstep. She says she really likes the food although she prefers when I cook. 🙂

  • Submitted By carol ulmer on 02/09/2017
    I helped my neighbor order her meals. She absolutely loved them. Unfortunately she had to move to long term care.
Mom's Meals Review
Updated : 08.16.2017.
Rating : 6.6/10