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UPDATED July 15. 2024.
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Gobble is an innovative meal delivery service based in Palo Alto, California. This premium company can become your new sous chef if you are passionate about cooking but hate shopping for groceries and preparing the ingredients. Gobble chefs offer to do all of that for you, develop a simple recipe for a delicious meal, and let you take all the credit for making a mouth-watering dinner.

If you are curious to learn more about this excellent meal delivery service, join us as we explore its colorful menu in this detailed Gobble review.

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What Is Gobble

Gobble is a meal kit service that offers home delivery of lunch and dinner kits that require no prep work. With this service, you just pick the recipes you like, skip straight to cooking, and get a tasty meal on the table in no more than 15 minutes.

What makes Gobble particularly attractive to busy home cooks is that it lets you avoid all the boring parts of cooking and enjoy all the perks that come with making sumptuous dinners. Professional chefs pick and measure the ingredients before chopping, slicing, par-cooking, and packing them for Gobble’s customers. That means that the food that arrives at your home is ready to go into the pot or pan, which minimizes the time you need to spend in the kitchen.

Essentially, Gobble takes care of everything from meal planning and grocery shopping to ingredient prep. Dinner recipes are designed to allow you to cook your meals in 10-15 minutes while lunch boxes let you prepare 6 lunches at once. Cleanup is a breeze since you do not have to slice and chop and most recipes call for a single pot.

It is further important to note that you have full control over what goes into your deliveries. You can pick the dinner recipes you want to cook, choose the number of dinner kits you want to get and the number of people you want to cook for, and decide on every element of your lunches. Plus, you can skip a week or cancel your subscription whenever you want. You just need to keep in mind that if you do not want to receive the following delivery, you need to skip or cancel before the weekly cut-off, which is on Wednesday at 11:59 PM PST.

As you can see, Gobble food delivery allows you to cook your meals more easily and quickly than ever and enjoy a fully personalized ordering and dining experience. Thus, it comes as no wonder that it is on our list of the best meal kit delivery services in America.

How Does Gobble Work

Gobble offers weekly dinner kit subscriptions that include 3 meal kits for 2 or 4 people. Every week, you can choose from 2 dozen recipes on the menu. The service also provides a weekly meal prep lunch subscription that is optional and billed monthly.

With dinner kit subscriptions, the whole process is perfectly simple. Once a week, on a day you choose, Gobble delivers a box packed with pre-prepped ingredients and excellent recipes for 3 dinners. You can decide whether you want to cook for 2 or 4 people, that is, whether you want to get 6 or 12 individual meals in total. After your first delivery, you can lower the number of meals to 4 or increase it to any number you want, there are no limits.

With the monthly meal prep lunch subscription, you get a lunch box with 3 customized kits every week during the month. The kits allow you to batch cook 6 individual lunches over the weekend and enjoy them throughout the following week. You get to choose the veggies, proteins, and starches that go into your lunches. The lunch subscription is separate from the dinner subscription, so you can get both lunches and dinners or opt for one of the two.

Gobble does its best to provide only sustainable, fresh meat, shellfish, and produce for you. It cooperates with trusted local purveyors and farmers and sends freshly hand-picked ingredients to your home.

Moreover, with Gobble food delivery, you do not have to plan cooking in advance since you need only about 10-15 minutes to prepare a delicious dinner. All ingredients are prepped, so all you need to do is follow its simple 3-step recipe and serve an exquisite dinner in the blink of an eye.

Gobble Review How It Works

What Makes Gobble Different

As suggested previously in this Gobble review, this meal kit service brings an innovative way of healthy eating to your home. It enables you to eat a well-balanced diet without spending time on grocery shopping and preparing ingredients. With its par-cooked ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, you can become a first-class chef yourself. There’s absolutely nothing you can do wrong since all the ingredients are prepared and all the recipes are as straightforward as it gets.Different Gobble

Moreover, you can use your recipes an infinite number of times. Even if you lose or misplace your recipe cards, you can easily download any recipe you want from Gobble’s website.

Another great advantage of Gobble is that it uses nothing but food of the highest quality. Although you are dining at home, you always get extraordinary food that can be found in first-class restaurants. Every ingredient you get comes from the same producers that provide food for local Michelin-starred restaurants.

If you like Gobble food delivery and would like to share it with your friends and family, you can send them a Gobble gift. Gobble gives you an opportunity to send your loved ones a gift card worth $75, $100, $150, $250, $350 or any amount of your choice, which can be spent on orders from Gobble.

Gobble does its best to provide only sustainable, fresh meat, shellfish, and produce for you. It cooperates with trusted local purveyors and farmers and sends freshly hand-picked ingredients to your home.

Gobble Meals And Recipes

Gobble meal options
For Families
meals on white plate

When you opt for a dinner kit subscription, you can select the sorts of meat you prefer or you can opt for exclusively vegetarian meals. If you eat meat, you can choose poultry, lamb, pork, beef, fish or shellfish. You can also select all types of meat or make a combination of your favorites. Gobble gives you the freedom to tailor your orders however you want, so you can change your preferences anytime.

As we previously stated in this Gobble review, you can choose between dinners for 2 or 4 people. In both cases, you receive 3 dinner kits. After your first order, you can change the number of meals you want to receive. Gobble’s rich weekly menu offers 24 delicious meals you can choose from. The meals are divided into 4 categories, based on the origin of the proteins they feature. The categories include From The Range (poultry), From The Ranch (beef, pork, and lamb), From The Sea (fish and seafood), and From The Earth (vegetarian), each featuring 6 items. The menu always features several kid-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-carb dishes.

Unfortunately, people with special dietary needs do not have so many choices as omnivores since Gobble does not offer exclusively dairy-free, gluten-free or nut-free menus. There are options for people with special dietary needs on the weekly menu, just not as many as some other meal delivery services offer. There are two basic plans: Classic and Lean & Clean.

As far as lunch boxes go, you can usually choose from 3 meat and seafood proteins, 3 veggie bases, and 3 optional starches that you want to combine into a healthy lunch. The boxes allow you to batch cook 6 single-serving lunches in 90 minutes. You can do your cooking on Saturday or Sunday and have your lunches for the week ready to grab and eat.

Meals and Recipes Gobble

With Gobble, you do not have to plan cooking in advance since you need only about 10-15 minutes to prepare a delicious dinner. All ingredients are prepped, so all you need to do is follow its simple 3-step recipe and serve an exquisite dinner in the blink of an eye.

How Much Does Gobble Cost

The standard price of Gobble dinner kits is $11.99 per serving. The price increases to $13.99 if you order just 2 kits for 2 people, which is the minimum order. Lunch kits cost $7.98 to $11.47 per serving, depending on the meal components you choose.

Namely, the veggie bases for your lunches always cost $5.99 per portion. However, the prices of proteins vary from $1.99 (standard) to $3.99 (premium proteins). Standard starches cost $0.99 per serving while premium starches cost $1.49 per serving. Keep in mind that the starches are optional, so you can exclude them if you want to lower the price of your meals.

Shipping always costs $6.99 per delivery. In case something is wrong with your shipment or you are not satisfied with it, you can contact Gobble within 7 days and get a replacement or a credit in the amount of the money you have spent.

Two People Plan (2 servings)
Meals per weekMeal kit pricePrice per serving
Four People Plan (4 servings)
Meals per weekMeal kit pricePrice per serving

Where Does Gobble Deliver

Until recently, Gobble’s delivery area included only California, Nevada, Washington, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, and Arizona. Now, the service proudly delivers its meal kits throughout the contiguous US. Alaska and Hawaii are still outside its delivery map.

Deliveries are made between 8 AM and 8 PM on the scheduled delivery day. Your personal delivery day depends on your location, but you can usually choose between Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Gobble Pros And Cons

To make sure Gobble meets all your standards and expectations, it is important to know its biggest advantages and disadvantages. With a short overview of its pros and cons, you can easily decide if Gobble is the right meal kit service for you.

  • High-quality ingredients
  • Chef-crafted, easy-to-follow recipes
  • Freshly cooked meals in 10-15 minutes
  • Flexible dinner plans
  • Monthly meal prep lunch subscription
  • 7-day refund policy


  • Few options for special dietary needs
  • Shipping is not free

Sample Dishes

If you subscribe to Gobble, you can easily prepare culinary masterpieces using only the ingredients and recipes found in your meal kit box. You may not be a pro chef just yet, but with Gobble, you can easily make restaurant-grade meals. You don’t have to take our word for it – check out the images below to get a better idea of the types of dishes you can enjoy with Gobble.

Bottom Line

Finishing off this review of Gobble, we can simply reiterate that this service helps you cook premium lunches and dinners without the hassle of grocery shopping or preparing ingredients for cooking. With Gobble, you get to pick excellent chef-created recipes and prepare exquisite meals in a matter of minutes. You can get 3 or more dinners per week at an affordable price and eat food of the highest quality. Plus, the meal prep lunch subscription allows you to prep 6 lunches in just an hour and a half and enjoy ready-to-eat homecooked meals throughout the week. The company is constantly expanding its menu and we hope that soon enough it will introduce more options for home cooks with special dietary requirements.

Gobble FAQ

How to cancel Gobble?

Log into your Gobble account and choose the option to deactivate your subscription. You will receive an email confirmation when your account is successfully deactivated. Cancel before Wednesday at 11:59PM PST to avoid charges for the following week.

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User Reviews (42)

Gobble is rated 3/5, based on 42 user reviews.

The Gobble reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the service reviewed here. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  1. | September 21, 2021

    This was a very meaningful post, so informative and encouraging information, Thank you for this post.
    recipe meal kit app development

  2. | August 25, 2021

    The box the meals came in was a mess and what we tried was awful.

  3. | March 10, 2020

    The people from gobble are great! I’ve missed the deadline for canceling my order, my boss informed me I had to go on a trip, so I wrote to gobble, explained everything and they agreed to send me my order as soon as I return. Thank you again, you’re the best!

  4. | January 4, 2020

    I started looking forward to every Monday I receive delivery from Gobble. My husband and I really enjoy preparing the food for dinner and having all that extra time we would spend chasing around buying groceries and thinking about what to cook for dinner.

  5. | December 7, 2019

    It’s great that you can make your order depending on how many people you are cooking for and don’t have to get like a fixed portion. One thing about that though, I had guests over and ordered ingredients for 6 people and I barely had enough. Luckily, they’ve filled up on orders and didn’t have too much room for the rest. Gobble should really reconsider the size of the portion per person.

  6. | September 14, 2019

    The portions are small and not enough for two fully grown adults!

  7. | August 30, 2019

    It’s like someone somewhere read my mind and created Gobble. The thing I hated the most about cooking is food prep. I don’t have the time and I’m lazy to be honest and I have always thought about how wonderful it would be if someone prepared everything in advance and let me just do the cooking. Gobble is my dream come true!

  8. | May 17, 2019

    I counted up my orders and I have ordered from Gobble 27 times in the past year. The good news is that the food is great and the prep is lower than other mealkit providers. The bad news is that they use Ontrac Delivery and Ontrac is a HORRIBLE delivery service. I am only able to eat my Gobble mealkits about 50% of the tim. A third of the time the mealkits arrive on time and in good shape. A third of the time they arrive a day late, sometimes you can eat them and other times you can’t because they were ruined due to melted ice and high temperature. Then, a third of the time Ontrac doesn’t even deliver them at all. For the ones that don’t show, Ontrac says they got delayed and had to throw the box away. I left Gobble a few months back because of this and this week I decided to give them a try one more time. And the result is an F-. My order was supposed to arrive on Wednesday. I looked on the Ontrac website and it was on the truck for delivery on Wednesday. Unfortunately, it didn’t arrive on Wednesday. I called Ontrac on Thursday and they said they had no idea why it wasn’t delivered on Wednesday but it was back on the truck on Thursday for delivery. It did finally arrive on Thursday night. When I went outside to bring the box in I could smell the food. I opened the box and it smelled horrible. Both ice bags were completely melted and actually hot. All the food was ruined, so in the trash it went. I have contacted customer service countless times and the only thing they ever do is give me a credit towards a future order that will arrive late or never at all and it all starts over again. A true episode of Groundhog Day only it results in not having food to make for my family about half the time I order.

  9. | April 13, 2019

    Hi have tried two other meal delivery kits over about 15 months before Gobble, and this is my favorite. Their options are great (good variety of international flavors as well as ‘american’ fare), a lot of the sauces and veggies such as mirapoix are pre made/chopped to reduce prep time, and their packaging seems to be better and less waste.
    The meal choices are fantastic as mentioned, and they also offer many breakfast choices as well as lunch, soups and cookies. The time savings are enormous since you are getting some really great flavorful sauces, bases, and other chopped ingredients that would take a while to make from scratch. Lastly the packaging seems to have less than the others I’ve tried (one had insulation that was made of a fiber that was a cottony material!) They double bag anything that can potentially leak but I reuse the bags since they are always still clean, nothing has leaked yet!
    I highly recommend Gobble if you are looking for a way to provide your family with quick, great tasting, well balanced meals.
    There was one issue where instead of receiving tortellini I got veggies that looked like tortellini, and they credited my account the cost of the meals, so they seem to have good customer service.

  10. | March 31, 2019

    DO NOT give this company your credit card information! I naively went through the steps that Gobble has potential customers take, and I put my credit card information in before I was able to see the menu. After seeing the menu, I realized that the meals were preselected for me and not kid friendly. I tried to change the items I wanted, and then decided that the meals did not seem suitable for my family, so I didn’t want to continue with Gobble. I THOUGHT that I hadn’t finalized my order, and I logged off. This was on a Tuesday. Today, Sunday, I got an email stating that my delivery would be arriving on Wednesday and that if I wanted to make any changes, I would need to do so before Friday. Ummm, it’s Sunday. I called customer service to explain that I never finalized anything and did’t want the delivery. The representative just kept repeated her script, saying that once I put in my credit card information that I had agreed to the terms. She also said that Friday was the last day I could make changes or cancel the order. I told her that I had just received the confirmation email today. She said that there was nothing she could do, and of course there was no supervisor I could speak to. This company is NOT trustworthy and they make it very difficult to cancel their service. I will never, ever recommend Gobble to anyone.

  11. | March 20, 2019

    Please do not try this food service they are awful, army came soft bleeding into the box and we threw it all away. My wife explained it to them because they said they would stand by their stuff 100%. but of course we never heard another word from them so that just shows you what kind of place you’re dealing with

  12. | February 20, 2019

    Tried this for the first time last week. I will start by saying the food was good and relatively short prep times. However, box arrived with torn package of raw chicken. Therefore I had raw chicken juice ALL over the rest of the stuff in my box (disgusting). Additionally, small bottle of sauce open and spilled all over the inside of a bagged set of meal ingredients, and no fennel for the chicken dish. They advertise great customer service and easy access to them for questions and advice. I have made 3 phone calls and sent 2 emails over a 4 day period. The only response I got was a “canned” email that didn’t even address my issues. I cancelled my subscription – not easy to find this option on the website. I’ve never received any return phone call or other email or form of communication to address these issues. If someone had gotten back to me and at least apologized and offered to make this right, I likely would not have canceled my subscription. However, the poor customer service is enough of a reason to cancel despite the food being good.

  13. | February 19, 2019

    I would give 0 if that was an option.
    Aside from the fact that the quality of the food is terrible, we tried to cancel our order and get a refund of our money. They canceled our order but would not refund our money since we should have canceled by last Friday, when we received the food on Thursday. ONE NIGHT is not enough time to try a company out. Unacceptable.
    In addition, we were sent two of the same recipe cards instead of the third card needed and one of our meals was missing an ingredient. Hello Fresh is a MUCH BETTER company, in every aspect. Quality of food, reliability and customer service.

  14. | October 17, 2018

    I signed up for Gobble because “Gobble’s chefs do all the prep work, like peeling, chopping & marinating…. We’ll do the prep work for you. Our team of chefs do all the tedious prep work for you–no more chopping, measuring, or sink full of dishes.” I received my box of ingredients and NOTHING was prepped. Full head of lettuce, whole shallot, whole tomatoes, whole cucumbers, and more. If I had time to do the prep, I certainly wouldn’t be paying $90 a week for 3 days of meals. Gobble is engaging in false advertising, and I don’t appreciate being misled. (The food does look delicious, and I’m hoping I have time to actually prep it all before it goes bad so I can try it.)

  15. | August 15, 2018

    I signed up to give it a try here is a link for a free box if you want to try also. https://www.gobble.com/invites/G0BvGrkPp

  16. | July 24, 2018

    There should be 0 stars. Food is good — too bad they are a dishonest company. They advertised 50% off my order if I “came back’ as member. Be careful, when you come back, they don’t give you 50% off your order…of if they do, it’s 50% off of your side dishes, not the expensive entrees.


  17. | June 26, 2018

    I hate cooking but I live alone and can’t even look at frozen dinners anymore. Gobble is the closest thing to a pre-made meal that tastes like real, homecooked food.

  18. | June 23, 2018

    Literally the only meal kit service that actually saves you time on cooking. Plenty of choice, ok prices, I’ve been ordering for months and they haven’t disappointed me yet!

  19. | June 21, 2018

    Would give 0 stars. Here is why:
    I purchased a phone and service plan for my wife from Virgin Mobile as a Christmas present. Virgin put her in their “Inner Circle” which was supposed to carry extra benefits. One of these was a week of free prepare at home meals offered by Gobble. When I signed up for the free meal offer, Gobble told me it wasn’t available to me and refused to fulfill the order. They haven’t indicated when, if ever, I can expect fulfillment. They claim they don’t ship to my area. I’ve asked why they continue to partner with Virgin on the Virgin web site as a benefit. Haven’t received an answer that is satisfactory. I’ve asked the same question of Virgin and haven’t gotten a satisfactory answer. This has been going on since Dec 2017 and Virgin as well as Gobble refuse to fulfill the offer as listed on Virgin website. As far as I’m concerned, this looks like false and misleading advertising. As of last month there isn’t any disclaimer on the Virgin site about this offer. When I recently checked with Gobble the representative there said they service my state (MO) but not my city (Kansas City). So why do they and Virgin continue to advertise the offer without any kind of disclaimer?
    I have now canceled my wife’s Virgin account.
    Gobble has refused to respond to a recent compliant I filed with the Better Business Bureau and the California Attorney General. However I still expect Gobble to honor their commitment as advertised on the Virgin Mobile web site when I entered into the agreement in good faith.

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