HelloFresh Menu

August 27, 2017

HelloFresh is not just a meal kit service. It is a family of dedicated individuals with a passion for food; a team of true culinary experts who know what makes a good meal and do everything in their power to make cooking surprisingly easy and much more fun than usual.

If you are interested in cooking with HelloFresh and want to know exactly what kind of recipes this service offers, join us in this in-depth exploration of the HelloFresh menu.

HelloFresh Menu

HelloFresh Menu Variety

The HelloFresh menu is constantly enriched with innovative meal ideas that allow you to enjoy healthy home-cooked meals even if you have no more than 20 minutes to spend in the kitchen. There are 17 creative recipes on the menu every week and they are divided into 3 separate menus.

The service offers specialized menus for vegetarians, families, and home cooks who love everything from beef to crustaceans and want to have an incredible variety of recipes to choose from every week. All menus change weekly and include several allergen-free items. Here are some useful facts about each of the 3 HelloFresh menus.

Classic Menu

The Classic menu is the richest of all the HelloFresh menus. It includes 9 new recipes every week and allows you to easily cook delicious meals for 2 or 4 people. The recipes on this menu are created with all the most common allergies in mind, with several gluten-free, egg-free, nut-free, and dairy-free items in the offer. We recommend the Classic menu to home cooks who like both traditional and creative recipes and want to enjoy a perfectly varied diet. From gorgeous steaks and juicy chicken to delicious shrimps, creamy pasta, and hearty stews, you can find it all on the Classic menu. The meals take between 20 and 40 minutes to make and they are all optimally balanced and infinitely satisfying.

Another great advantage of the Classic menu is that it features Dinner 2 Lunch recipes. These 2-in-1 recipes allow you to cook once and eat twice – that is, cook a great dinner in the evening and use the leftovers and additional ingredients available in the form of an add-on to prepare a lovely lunch for the next day.

Veggie Menu

The Veggie menu is designed with vegetarians in mind. Every week, it features 3 colorful recipes that can satisfy the appetites of 2 or 4 veggie lovers. Thanks to the premium quality of the ingredients and the amazing creativity and skillfulness of HelloFresh chefs, all the items on this menu are flavorful, mouthwatering delights that make perfect use of all the beautiful produce of the season. The meals are not only vegetarian, they are often gluten-free, nut-free, and egg-free as well. They rarely take more than 30 minutes to make and they are as healthy as they are tasty.

Family Menu

HelloFresh Family Menu

The Family menu features 5 scrumptious items per week, all of which suit the needs and desires of both adults and children. As the little ones are usually hard to please, HelloFresh chefs invest extra effort into designing a menu that can make even the pickiest of eaters happy. This family-friendly menu focuses on all of the kid favorites, including spaghetti, quesadillas, and lovely chicken, as well as a bunch of delicious dishes rich in nutrient-packed veggies, carefully crafted to appeal to the youngest members of the family. The meals are often free from dairy, gluten, nuts, and eggs. They take around 30 minutes to make and require the use of 2 pots at most, so busy parents can finally relax and spend less time on cooking and more time with the little ones.

Nutritional Value & Portion Size

HelloFresh menu items are optimally nutritionally balanced. Furthermore, due to the high-quality of the company’s all-natural ingredients, all meals are rich in micro- and macro-nutrients. However, the exact nutritional information differs from recipe to recipe and may vary depending on the supplier. HelloFresh works with a number of suppliers and the nutritional information provided on the website may slightly differ from the information on the box, so if you are trying to limit your daily intake of a particular substance (e.g. sodium or sugar), be sure to check the box before cooking.

The average calorie count for HelloFresh meals is between 500 and 800 calories. If you are counting your calories or simply prefer low-calorie meals, you can check the Fit option when choosing your preferences upon signup. By choosing the Fit option, you are asking HelloFresh to send you recipes with no more than 600 calories per serving. HelloFresh meals come in rather large portions. However, you should not count on leftovers, unless you choose a Dinner 2 Lunch recipe.


Instead of just claiming to offer meals for all tastes and needs, HelloFresh actually works hard on creating menus that can satisfy the desires of the widest range of customers. Whether you are short on time, allergic to something, a vegetarian or a parent who wants to cook nothing but the best for the little ones, HelloFresh menus feature delicious meals designed just for you. All HelloFresh menu items are nutrient-rich, nutritionally balanced, and perfectly satisfying. Plus, they are wonderfully quick and easy to make, so anyone can cook a gorgeous meal with HelloFresh.

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