Rarely do we stumble upon a meal delivery service that really has it all. Maybe it is because we look too hard to find the flaws or maybe it is because we are a tough crowd to please. But when we do, we speak from our hearts and incredibly thorough research. What follows is exactly how we felt while doing this Pete’s Paleo review.

The great people at Pete’s Paleo are an inspired, hard-working crew with over 40 years of combined experience (sous chef level and higher). Their menus are not written in advance. What they do is take the best seasonal ingredients the farmers and ranchers have to offer at the given moment, their creative juices get flowing, and the final result is a colorful variety of Paleo dishes that are beaming with flavor.


True, there is not an endless range of seasonal ingredients, but that does not mean that everything has to be prepared the same way every time until it gets boring. At Pete’s Paleo, the ingredients are always cooked in different ways, with different spices, using different methods and this innovative approach is what makes every dish prepared in their kitchen exciting, unique, and downright delicious.

How Pete’s Paleo Works

The process that takes place from the time you order your food until it reaches your home or office is made up of five steps.

First, you place your order by Monday night. You can choose one of the Paleo meal delivery plans that include the dishes from their weekly menu or order the meals designed for those who wish to follow the 21-Day Sugar Detox program or Wahls Paleo Protocol. If you are interested in doing some cooking on your own, you can order their out-of-this-world bacon and bone broth. While you are there, you can take a look at the Paleo recipes on their blog. When choosing a meal plan, you will get the chance to choose whether you wish to have duck or pork (or both) in your meals or upgrade your plan with twice as much protein for every meal or one extra side dish per meal. All that is left for you to do is proceed to checkout, provide them with necessary information, and look forward to your order.

The next step is completed by the kind ranchers and farmers who supply Pete’s Paleo with all their top-quality ingredients. Chef Pete and his crew maintain friendly, personal relationships with their suppliers (who come from over a dozen of the best local farms and ranches) and make sure that the food that reaches your home is made of ingredients that originate from animals and plants that received proper, constant care and were never treated with any artificial or harmful substances. The produce they use is organic, locally grown, and harvested the same day, rarely the day before the meals are prepared. The meat comes from grass-fed, pastured animals. Once all of the suppliers provide Pete’s Paleo team with their freshest products, it is time for step three.


The third step takes place in the Pete’s Paleo kitchen. This is where the magic happens. Chef Pete and his equally amazingly talented and experienced team work on turning the best seasonal ingredients available into meals that are truly fit for a Paleolithic king.

Now, step four. Once the meals are ready, they are conveniently packaged and shipped fresh, so you could enjoy them at their best.

Finally, step five is where you receive your food. They offer nationwide shipping via UPS (takes 1-2 days to reach you), but if you live in San Diego or somewhere nearby, you can pick up the meals on your own every Thursday, just choose the location that works best for you and check the time the food is available there. You can see the list of locations and pickup times on the Pickup Locations page of the Pete’s Paleo website.

They also offer you the possibility to send $25-$300 gift cards to the people you love, just keep in mind that the cards are only valid for one time orders, so if you want to use them for subscription purchases, they kindly ask you to contact them first. The gift cards come with no additional processing fees.

If you have some questions, you can contact them via live chat and quickly get all the answers you needed.

What Makes Pete’s Paleo Different

Pete’s Paleo is more than a meal delivery service. They do not only offer amazing Paleo dishes but also deeply care about where the ingredients they use come from and how the animals and plants are treated in the growing process. Their meals are the result of a lot of care, love, and dedication you can taste in every bite. It is a meal delivery service with a soul.

What also makes them special is that they have their own products. They offer the bacon and bone broth that are exclusively prepared for their customers and made from only the highest-quality ingredients, without any unnecessary and unhealthy substances. They also offer Chef Pete’s book on Paleo cooking and e-books with recipes for people who love bacon or a good, healthy breakfast. On top of that, they offer meals that are designed to help you follow specialized Paleo programs.

Meals and Recipes

Pete’s Paleo offers five meal plans. With the five-meal plan, you get five meals a day for one person for five days. The ten-meal plan offers two meals a day for one person or a meal a day for two people for five days.

The fourteen-meal plan is designed to last you seven days and it is good for two meals a day for one person or one per day for two people. The family plan is designed to provide a family of four with one meal a day for five days.

Finally, the vegetarian plan includes 30 individual side dishes, so one person can eat six of them each day for five days or share the deliciousness with someone so both could have three dishes a day for five days.


Pete’s Paleo also offers ready-to-eat meals for 21-Day Sugar Detox and Wahls Paleo Protocol. For both programs, they offer the possibility to order 7, 14 or 21 meals.

Pete’s Paleo takes special pride in their products and one of them is their signature bacon. Once you have tried Pete’s Paleo bacon, you will never settle for anything less. It contains no sugar, nitrates or nitrites, just excellent meat from pastured pigs seasoned with salt, great spices, and a lot of love. Most of the bacon you can find in stores is brined, which is why it shrinks beyond recognition when you fry it. Pete’s Paleo bacon is cured, so all that happens to it while frying is that it turns golden brown and even more mouthwatering. It is meaty and supple and essentially good for you. When you purchase Pete’s Paleo bacon, you get it in a slab that can be sliced and diced any way you wish.


Another product in their offer is bone broth that is AIP friendly and contains none of the flavorings and colorings, no MSG, salt or preservatives. It is exclusively made using bones from responsibly and humanely raised animals, as well as organic vegetables and herbs. Check out their story about the broth and find some of their advice on how to enjoy it.

Finally, apart from food, they also offer reading material for anyone interested in the Paleo diet. Chef Pete has written an excellent book on Paleo cooking entitled Paleo by Season, which details the preferred techniques, offers more than 100 recipes, and tells you where to find the best ingredients in the country. You can also order 7 Days of Breakfast, an e-book with recipes for breakfasts throughout the week, and you will get another e-book for free – A Day of Bacon: 4 Simple Recipes for Each Meal of the Day (including dessert).


This is the part we are less enthusiastic about, but still, after doing extensive research for this Pete’s Paleo review, we are absolutely sure that the quality you get is well worth the price. Let us lay out the prices of their products for you, so you could judge for yourself. The meal plans range from $101 (5 meals) to $287 (family plan) for one time purchases and $94.94 to $269.78 for subscriptions, respectively.

The prices of meals for 21-Day Sugar Detox start at $163.50 ($147.15 for subscriptions) for 7 dinners while the prices for Wahls Paleo Protocol meals start at $205.88 ($195.59 for subscriptions), with the possibility of saving some money by ordering more meals. It is important to know that unlike the meals on their weekly menu, these meals are shipped frozen.

The prices of Pete’s Paleo bacon start at $47.56 for 4 lbs. and you can order up to 10 lbs. The prices of bone broth start at $68 for 96 oz, which is enough for 12 servings. The prices differ depending on whether chicken, beef or both chicken and beef bones were used while preparing the broth.

7 Days of Breakfast e-book costs $2.99 and you get A Day of Bacon: 4 Simple Recipes for Each Meal of the Day e-book free of charge. Paleo by Season is available on Amazon, starting at $9.99 for the Kindle version.

Delivery Areas

As we have already mentioned in this Pete’s Paleo review, there are two ways to get your hands on their meals. They can be shipped to your home or office and they ship nationwide, so wherever you are within the US, the food will reach you in one or two days. The other way is to pick up the food yourself on one of the six locations in San Diego every Thursday. Just make sure you check the time when the food is available. There is also the possibility to pick up the food on Friday during business hours if you could not make it on Thursday, but we encourage you to avoid such delays, as there are no guarantees that the food will remain fresh if it stays at the pickup location for another day.

  • Exciting variety
  • Organic, seasonal ingredients
  • Experienced chefs
  • Excellent products of their own
  • Deliver nationwide


  • A bit pricey

Bottom Line

There is not much left to say about Pete’s Paleo, except that it is one of the best meal delivery services we have tried so far. The food is rich, flavorful, nutritious, and healthy and the ingredients are organic and could not be fresher.

We love that they do not only want to sell their meals but also offer other products and information that help you make great dishes all by yourself. They deliver nationwide and the pickup option is a great chance for people from San Diego to avoid paying the shipping costs.

Finally, the only downside to Pete’s Paleo is that the prices are a bit high, but it is certainly worth it.

This is definitely a great meal delivery sevice. However, it is not the best on the market. You can find the reviews of these superb delivery services on our Top 10 Meal Delivery Services list.

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Meal Options
Nutritional Value
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Final Rating9.3/10

User Reviews (8)

    Pete's Paleo user rating based on 8 user reviews.

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  • Submitted By Sevy Gambs on 01/01/2018
    I ordered my first shipment and did not realize the meals would be delivered not froze. One meal was partially frozen. I threw all meals away and asked my account be cancelled. I did not ask fr a refunds, as I threw the meals in the trash without fist calling and speaking with someone. I accept full responsibility for that mistake. However, I sent a total of 8 emails and three instant messages requesting cancellation of my account over a 3 day period without a response. I received an email letting me know my new order is being processed and my account has been charged. As a consumer Pete's Paleo website make it impossible to cancel ones account or stop shipment of an order without having to take additional time to submit an email or call. I can't speak to the quality of the meals, but do not recommend engaging their service unless you have time to dispute charges and take time out of your busy day to continuously follow-up with requests.
  • Willl on 02/25/2018
    Lol yeah I got food and threw it away.
  • Submitted By Aiden West on 07/05/2017
    21-day sugar detox changed my life! I’ve lost 15 pounds on the first run and I’m preparing for another round! And after the first week I stopped having those monstrous pizza and candy cravings!
  • Submitted By Daisy Blackwater on 05/05/2017
    It would’ve been a great, permanent solution for my keto diet if it wasn’t that expensive. Especially for one person, like you’re basically telling you should suffer if you’re eating alone.
  • Submitted By Paul Somerset on 10/16/2016
    I have been ordering from Pete’s Paleo for three weeks straight now and I can’t remember the last time I felt this healthy and energized. I love the variety and how you manage to make everything taste amazing.
  • Submitted By Jane Reynolds on 09/13/2016
    Been using Freshology for more than 3 years and during that time I’ve been a very satisfied customers. They work very hard on creating their awesome menus and plans and during these years they have even improved. Excellent menus, fresh delivered tasty meals, awesome customer service. Everything you need in a great meal delivery service.
  • Submitted By Patricia Morgan on 08/07/2016
    I have been a loyal customer from the very start and I just needed to say that Pete’s Paleo is the best meal delivery service in San Diego and beyond! Keep it up!
  • Submitted By Molly Slade on 10/22/2016
    The best bacon I’ve ever tasted! I loved the broccoli idea in your video, so I tried making it myself, it was absolutely divine. Chef Pete, you rock!

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