Best Meal Delivery Services For Weight Loss

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When it comes to weight loss, people usually go for quick solutions, magic pills and shakes that are supposed to make you slim overnight. It’s understandable that we all want instant results with little to no effort, but everyone who has ever tried any of those “solutions” knows that, alas, they just don’t work. You may lose some weight, sure, but it will bounce right back in no time. Every dietitian and nutritionist will tell you that sensible, health-oriented dietary changes, combined with exercise, are the only sure way for definite weight loss. It takes some time and it takes a little bit of patience and dedication, but it’s the only way. However, people are generally reluctant to change their eating habits, especially if they were not so healthy to begin with.

Eating healthy and losing weight takes a lot – you have to think about your meals very carefully, plan them out, shop for groceries more often than usual, maybe even spend more money than normally, and, of course, you have to cook a lot. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. Meal delivery services, whose number keeps growing year after year, have realized that people who want to lose weight make up a considerable portion of their target market, and, thankfully for everyone involved, they decided to cash in on that. is an independent professional comparison site supported by referral fees from the sites which are ranked on the site. The Meal Delivery Services sites and Special Offers that we present are from companies from which receives compensation. This compensation impacts the ranking of the sites. Other factors, including our own opinions, your location and likelihood of signing up for the site, may also impact how the ranking of the sites appears to a particular user. cannot and does not present information about every Meal Delivery Service provider or Meal Delivery Service offer available. Close


Now, some of these companies do a better job than the others and some have specific diet loss and healthy eating plans that allow you to relax, enjoy your food, save time and money and actually reach some pretty impressive results. After researching the market, we found that these companies qualify as the best meal delivery services for weight loss at this moment.

There are several things that make a good meal delivery service and attention to food quality, nutritional value and impact on your health are some of the most important, especially if you are interested in losing some weight. Of course, in order to really be one of the best, a company needs to excel in other departments too, from delivery and presentation to prices, flexibility and convenience. Actual recipes and menu variety are incredibly important and we really do feel that these meal delivery services do well (some even do great) in that department too. So read on if you are interested in signing up for a meal delivery service and losing some weight.

Editors Choice
Meal plans for healthy weight loss

BistroMD Review


People behind this awesome meal delivery service seem to have one single aim. When you think of healthy weight loss, they want you to think of BistroMD. Thought-out and started by a board-certified medical expert with 20 years of experience in her field, BistroMD brings you the highest quality meals as a support for your weight loss journey.

We all know how tense and unnerving any weight loss program might make you feel. That’s why a well researched and skillfully prepared diet plan by BistroMD will help you by taking care of your every dietary need during the full course of your program. By creating your individual meal plan and customizing your entrees out of a wide selection provided on the website, you are one step closer to starting a tastiest weight loss plan you’ve ever tried.

Delivered to you weekly and frozen to preserve the optimal nutritional value, BistroMD meals can be delivered to you in any part of the country, including Hawaii and Alaska. Operating in these two states makes this meal delivery service one of very few that cover the entirety of United States, which makes you able to start your weight loss program almost anywhere.

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Easy choice for a weight loss plan

Medifast Review


Medifast is a meal delivery service that is widely recognized as a one-stop-shop for people who want to lose weight and start eating healthier. They specialize in weight loss programs and they formulate all their meals to consist low-fat proteins and fiber and fortify them with nutrients and vitamins. As a matter of fact, an average Medifast weight loss meal is packed with more than 20 vitamins and minerals.

So, if you’re planning on organizing your weight loss program and looking out for a meal plan that would be a perfect fit, Medifast has a wide range of solutions for you. You can start by choosing one of already existing full programs that go for two weeks or 30 days, or very easily create your own by following very simple guidelines.

You also have an option of getting a personal opinion from one of their doctors who can help you address all your specific dietary needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re perfectly healthy or not. By choosing products that go well with a wide range of medical or nutritional needs, you can feel safe that you’ve found a good partner for your new or ongoing weight loss adventure.

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Highly effective weight loss approach

HMR Programs Review


HMR service provides one of the best quality weight loss programs out there. This is because both their in-clinic and at home plans are research-based, and you will constantly be under the supervision and guidance of highly trained professionals. The research goes back 30 years and has been conducted according to scientific standards, to make sure results can be considered valid.

You’ll start seeing the results right away, which is great for motivation and makes it less likely that you’ll go off the diet. Keep in mind that it’s not enough to lose that weight, you need to keep it off too. During the process you will also be taught useful lifestyle skills and habits to ensure that you won’t gain all that excess weight back once you’ve completed the program. The best part is that you’ll never go hungry.

You are encouraged to eat as much as you like, as all of HMR’s foods are very low on calories. There’s even such a great variety of foods you can chose from, you’re sure to find many that suit your taste. All the ingredients are high quality and will be delivered straight to your doorstep. What more is there to wish for when it comes to a diet program?

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Healthy and tasty vegan meals

Veestro Review


If you’re looking for a great-tasting but healthy weight loss program, you should take a look at what Veestro has to offer. They offer a vide variety of weight loss diet plans designed specifically for vegetarians and green lovers. All in all, you can say that Veestro brings the healthy food prepared for vegetarians, by vegetarians.

The people behind this meal delivery service are putting a lot of effort into stressing the importance of healthy nutrition. They push hard to help you eat healthy and maintain a balanced diet throughout your weight loss program. The philosophy behind this is that promoting a green diet offers multiple benefits. Not only does your health improve by lowering the chance of getting diabetes and other ailments, it also pleases yourself, as well as the planet we’re living on.

It is documented that people who eat more plants generally weigh less and have a lower BMI (body mass index). That is possible because eating plants make you feel fuller on less calories than diet plans that include other nutrient sources. By delivering meals for your healthy weight loss program, Veestro delivers you a healthy body, lower body weight, and happy taste buds. And of course, a happier planet.

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As you probably know, meal delivery services work by bringing food to your doorstep. The main difference between meal delivery and ordering in is that, with a meal delivery service, you actually subscribe for a plan that covers you for an extended period, not just a one-time order. You pick a plan, decide how many meals you want to receive, and how often, and you customize your menu according to your needs and preferences. And this last part is particularly important for those interested in weight loss.

Meal delivery services work by providing you either with ready, cooked meals that are usually frozen and only need to be reheated, or by delivering carefully measured and portioned ingredients and everything else you need to fix a meal on your own, along with a detailed recipe. Both ways are definitely more convenient than making all your meals on your own, the traditional way.

When it comes to weight loss, meal delivery services are even more convenient and here’s why. As we already discussed earlier in this article, losing weight is not exactly easy. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, patience and time – and not everyone is lucky enough to have all these at their disposal. You may be resolute and dedicated to weight loss but perhaps you don’t have enough time to cook and eat healthy. Or, you have both of these things, but you can’t figure out which foods to eat in order to lose weight. Some meal delivery services, and definitely the ones we mentioned here, do most of the work for you. They plan, organize, count, size up and either cook or help you cook by yourself. All you need to do is pick a plan, specify your needs and preferences and pay for your meals.

But what exactly makes a good meal delivery for weight loss? Well, first of all, the company has to offer customizable plans. You need to be able to specify what kind of food you are interested in receiving. Most meal delivery services allow you to request low-carb, low-sugar, low-sodium foods, and they will tailor your meals according to your specifications. Furthermore, many companies, including some on our list, have specific programs designed to help you lose weight. They carefully count the calories, use ingredients known for aiding weight loss and promoting a healthier lifestyle and they make the portions just the right size. Some companies even offer healthy snacks that are supportive of weight loss, as well as additional weight loss items.

Moreover, these meal delivery services usually make sure to provide details regarding the nutritional value of your meal, from all the vital nutrients to the calorie count. That way you can not only rely on the meal delivery service to help you eat better and lose weight, but you can also make sure they are not cutting any corners.

The best meal delivery services for weight loss usually employ a team of physicians, dietitians, nutritionists and other experts who make sure their diet plans are actually going to help you lose weight. Some of them also offer their help and support via tutorials, knowledgebases, books and brochures.

Finally, what’s the use of healthy, lean food if it’s going to be bland and dull and make you feel lousy? This kind of food is precisely what makes people drop out of their diet plans and regimes, but fortunately, with these meal delivery services, that will never be the case. These companies also employ top chefs who make sure to come up with delicious, mouth-watering and exciting dishes for all your meals and who help you actually enjoy your diet as you lose weight.

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