Diet-to-Go is a revolutionary meal delivery service that lets you enjoy a personalized selection of healthy, delicious, and ready-to-eat dishes, based on your personal tastes and preferences. Directly from their kitchen to your plate, these highly customizable portion-controlled meals let you enjoy the food you love and help you achieve your diet goals. Keep reading our honest Diet-to-Go review to find out what makes this meal delivery service unique. 

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How Diet-to-Go Works?

Diet-to-Go’s concept is very simple. First of all, you are entitled to do a free diet analysis that gives you an assessment of your Body mass index (BMI), suggesting one of a number of plans based on these results. After that, it’s all about customizing your menu based on the recommended daily intake of calories or simply ordering off the existing sample menu.

Are you a vegetarian? No problem. You don’t enjoy sea food? Not an issue. You don’t want the full weekly menu? You can order whatever you want!

Once you’ve chosen your plan, a team of highly skilled chefs, nutritionists, dietitians, and certified health coaches create tasty meals that make weight loss actually taste good.


What Makes Diet-to-Go Different?

Many things! The entire team of Diet-to-Go is there to help you succeed in your weight-loss efforts. Along with their professional support, Diet-to-Go offers you additional resources to help you on your way. On top of everything, they feature loads of useful information on their blog and the food safety section on their website. They also hold local events where you can meet others just like you and taste their foods.

As we already pointed out in this Diet-to-Go review, this meal delivery service makes weight loss even easier than you ever thought possible. Restaurant quality food in one of 3 award-winning menus lets you enjoy the pleasure of eating fully-prepared, great-tasting meals as you lose weight. You are finally through with stressful planning, preparing, and spending countless hours shopping for the right ingredients. All that for less than the cost of eating out. It makes a difference, doesn’t it?

And you will probably never again fall prey to the advertising campaigns that promote shakes, teas, and other concoctions that magically burn calories.

Meals and Recipes

Diet-to-Go meal options
For Seniors
For Singles
Weight Loss

All meals prepared by Diet-to-Go are nutritionally balanced, perfectly portioned, and ready to eat. The sample menu comes in 3 versions, including Balance, Balance-Diabetes, and Carb30.

The Balance

The Balance menu is #1-ranked and has been helping dieters reach their weight-loss goals for 25 years. It is calorie-controlled, nutritionally balanced, and controlled for sodium, carbs, fat, and cholesterol.



The Balance-Diabetes plan follows the American Diabetes Association guidelines for carbohydrates and fat. It helps you manage pre-diabetes, prevent type-2 diabetes, and lose weight even if you’re not diabetic.



Carb30 is specifically designed for those who prefer Atkins-style, carb-restricted diets. By replacing carbs with fat and offering a wide variety of meals based on meat, cheese, and eggs, it helps you lose weight quickly and effectively.


If you thought that restaurant-grade food and weight loss can’t go hand-in-hand, you were wrong. All sorts of delicacies are on offer and a creative mix of ingredients and well-thought-out recipes will surely grab your attention if and when you first decide to try this awesome meal delivery service.

As already mentioned in this Diet-to-Go review, all meals are prepared from fresh ingredients and they all promise the best possible experience – not only when you’re on your weight loss program, but even when you just want to stay healthy and enjoy everyday activities with maximum energy.


Diet-to-Go enables you to customize not only your daily and weekly menus, it also lets you choose a pricing plan that best fits your budget. There are a number of parameters that greatly influence your final weekly price. You can choose one of two delivery options – you either get a once-per-week home delivery which brings you your entire weekly menu in frozen form or you can opt for the Fresh Local Pickup option on Tuesdays and Fridays. There are more than 200 pickup locations.

As for the meal options, you can choose one of the 3 menus previously described in this Diet-to-Go review. The next step is picking one of the 3 plans (original, vegetarian or no seafood) and choosing between 5 and 7 days per week. Finally, you can decide on 2 (no breakfast) or 3 meals per day. The decision, of course, rests solely on your personal preferences.

For example, the Balance menu with the Vegetarian plan consisting of 3 meals for the entire week costs around $170. On the other hand, the Carb30 menu with the No Seafood plan with 2 meals during 5 days will cost you up to $130. Also, keep in mind that there is a discount for first-time ordering and that the price doesn’t cover additional shipping ($20/pw) or local pickup fees. Suffice to say, bulk ordering will save you money.


Delivery Areas

Diet-to-Go provides you with two delivery options. Although focusing on fresh meals, they also provide a weekly delivery of frozen meals for the mainland United States. The service is provided by FedEx.

Another option is to pick up fresh food from local pickup locations from more than 200 locations in the following areas:

  • Washington DC Metro area (including Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland)
  • Baltimore area
  • New Jersey
  • San Francisco Bay area (including East Bay)
  • greater Los Angeles area

You can collect your fresh meals twice per week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

  • Customizable plans
  • Team of professionals creates the meals
  • Wide variety of food options
  • Pickup locations
  • Affordable prices


  • Deliveries only once a week

Bottom Line

When it comes to deciding about using one meal delivery service or another, weighing all the available information is what makes the difference. While working on this Diet-to-Go review, we felt fairly certain that our positive experience would encourage even more people to try this amazing brand.

We all want to eat delicious food, stay healthy, and enjoy our lives to the fullest. Diet-to-Go offers that in an all-in-one experience – awesome recipes for tasty meals, healthy ingredients, and calorie-controlled portions, all designed to suit your personal preferences and lifestyle. Choose your menu, choose your plan, and start the weight-loss journey you have always dreamed of.

Diet-to-Go Rating

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of Diet-to-Go, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the company. Ratings may change as the service changes.

Meal Options
Nutritional Value
Portion Size
Final Rating9.4/10

User Reviews (6)

    Diet-to-Go user rating based on 6 user reviews.

    The reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the meal delivery companies. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  • Submitted By Danielle on 11/21/2017
    I have done so well before and lost 11.6 pounds. I love all meals except for spicy meals and the breakfast omelet and the citrus fruit but everything is delicious I hope that I do well and can keep going and doing well. I will keep up the good work. Keep it up with the good meals. I do my meals and substitutions and one week I was upset I didn’t eat the food since I didn’t lIke it and very understanding you were and I love it and you are my best diet and it is great. I will keep it up.
  • Submitted By Victoria Walsh, on 07/09/2017
    Meals are healthy and the plans are great. It helped me get in shape in a month, but I’ve combined Diet to go meals with the gym, of course. I just have to say that the food isn’t salty at all, so you must add a pinch to make it taste better.
  • T on 01/09/2018
    Don't say there isn't enough salt. If they hear that enough they will add more. Salt is so detrimental to good health and weight. You can always add salt, but you can't take it out
  • Submitted By Mike White on 03/03/2017
    Diet to go Balance menu – yum! Made my life so simple and happy! I order regularly and always get all 3 meal. I’ve managed to lose weight so quickly that my friends keep betting that I’ve have stopped eating. But no, I’m just following great plan from Diet to go!
  • Submitted By Sue Richards on 07/07/2016
    I was a bit skeptical at first and it took me long to try this one out. It's all there - healthy meals, fresh ingredients, it even looks awesome when you eat it (unlike many takeaway meals). But when I took another look at the price, I started thinking again. Sure, you get what you paid for, but you can always pay less.
  • Submitted By Mark Cavanaugh on 09/11/2016
    It was always difficult to find the optimum balance of caloric intake when you're trying to lose weight. Then a friend of mine recommended this to me. In less than 15 minutes I was able to choose a perfect program that helped me lose those extra few pounds in a matter of weeks. Now I'm just trying to maintain my shape so I don't fall in my daily activities, and Diet-to-Go is there for me.

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Diet-to-Go Review
Updated : 2018-04-18
Rating : 9.4/10
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