Home Chef Suppliers

November 22, 2016

If you want more from your food than just to taste good, then go with Home Chef. Knowing where the food you eat comes from matters and sustainably sourced ingredients are the best possible choice for both your health and the planet. With Home Chef, you get to familiarize yourself with its suppliers and enjoy the comfort of knowing that everything they provide is responsibly grown and 100% good for you, not to mention incredibly delicious and beaming with natural flavors.

Home Chef Suppliers

Local Whenever Possible

Home Chef chooses to source locally for a number of reasons. First of all, it wants to support the local economy and all the hard-working local farmers who invest a whole lot of effort in growing the natural, flavorful produce and meat that reaches your home. Another important reason is that locally sourced means fresh, as the food does not have to travel too long and lose its crispness along the way. That is why most of the ingredients you receive in your Home Chef meal kits are coming from local farms, freshly picked and packed with nutrients.

In cases when local is not the best option or not an option at all, Home Chef gets delicious ingredients from providers with the best sustainability practices in the world.

Fresh Creamery Butter

If you are looking to add more richness and creaminess to a dish, real French butter can make all the difference. That is why Home Chef gets its butter from Paysan Breton, a French farmer-owned creamery that seeks inspiration for its dairy products in traditional recipes and uses none of the artificial flavors, colorings or preservatives that are normally found in the butter sold in the majority of stores around the country.

The Finest Spices

Home Chef Suppliers fresh

Fresh herbs can elevate the flavor of any dish and Home Chef gets its raw aromatic herbs from one of the biggest names in the business – World Wide Farms. This company offers fresh, natural herbs grown in the US, Mexico, Colombia, and Guam. It provides basil for your Home Chef pesto or avocado pasta, mint for your smoothie, and much more.

Sea-Fresh Shrimp

Searching for the best shrimp there is, Home Chef stumbled upon a family-owned Brooklyn company called Sea To Table. This company cooperates with individual fishermen in numerous US port towns and offers amazingly fresh, domestically caught fish and seafood, free from hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs.

If you were wondering why Home Chef meals taste so good, now you know. Natural food does wonders for your body and Home Chef knows all the right places to find it.

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