True Fare, formerly known as Pre-Made Paleo, is the brainchild of RSB Foods, a company formed in 2012 with a single vision – to change the way Americans eat and see food. The company is led by Chef Richard Bradford and Chef de Cuisine Amy Crites. The two of them joined forces to develop a company that would provide the public with delicious meals adhering to the Paleo lifestyle. Over time, the company started focusing on other popular diets as well, including Whole30, AIP, and keto. This intriguing concept is what inspired us to create this True Fare review.

Richard graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and currently lives in Dallas where he works on new recipes and contributes to various publications around the world on the subject of the Paleo diet.

Amy graduated from Le Cordon Bleu where she once again reignited her passion for farm-to-table cooking and the healthy lifestyle that comes with it. She met Richard in 2011 and it did not take them long to realize that a new Paleo diet service is their ultimate goal. Amy is responsible for much of the groundwork, training new people, designing new menus, and more.

True Fare homepage

Interface And Presentation

We have encountered some truly gorgeous meal delivery websites, but True Fare is just too stunning to believe. When you visit the website, you are greeted by a slideshow of some of their tastiest and most beautiful dishes. There is a single button inviting you to GET STARTED.

By clicking on it, you are given a chance to explore and discover new parts of the website, such as the page where True Fare is explained, where different Whole30, Ketogenic, and AIP plans are covered, and where you can will find all the recipes that you will ever need.

The website also features a blog and we have to be perfectly honest and say we expected more. While researching for this True Fare review, we noticed that the articles were not posted regularly, which we found to be a bit disappointing. We would wish for more of them, especially since they are so well written.

Meal Options And Variety

While we had a bone or two to pick with the True Fare blog, we definitely have nothing against the meal options and the variety of dishes that they offer to their customers. It is not that unusual to see such a huge number of different dishes for all meals in the day, but the people from True Fare have really taken it to a whole other level.

True Fare Meal Options

For instance, they have an entire section dedicated solely to Wild Caught Fish. Yes, that is where you will find all their meals with fish caught in the wild. We do not have to tell you how healthy this kind of fish is. They also feature a section with Exotic Meats, such as elk, venison, and wild boar. Talk about true Paleo!

Recipes And Programs

True Fare meal options
Weight Loss

With not just one but two certified chefs designing the recipes and coming up with new delicious dishes, True Fare really knocks it out of the park in this respect too. They add new recipes regularly and once you start your relationship with them, you will not be able to wait for the next recipe to blow your mind.

As far as various programs are concerned, the people from True Fare have done everything in their power to accommodate both your needs and your budget. Besides choosing one of the existing Lunch & Dinner Only and Breakfast Only programs, as well as the W30 Program, Keto, and AIP Meal Plans, you can create a custom plan of your own with the A La Carte ordering option.

True Fare Recipes


Considering they only use the highest-quality and most conscientiously-grown food, True Fare is really not that expensive. They have subscriptions ranging from $72 a week to much more, depending on the number of the meals and the type of the plan you go for. More exotic meals such as elk and wild boar, as well as wild caught fish, can be on the more expensive side, but you would expect something like that for those kinds of ingredients.

True Fare pricing

Delivery Areas

True Fare delivers everywhere in the United States and they even give you a map of how long it will take them to bring you your ordered meals. They will ship to the majority of the continental U.S. within 3 days, with the exception of a few western states. Shipping is free on Georgia orders over $50, Eastern Region orders over $295, and Western Region orders over $349. For other orders, the shipping & handling fee depends on the value of the order and the customer’s location.

True Fare Rating

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of True Fare, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the company. Ratings may change as the service changes.

Meal Options
Nutritional Value
Portion Size
Final Rating9.4/10

User Reviews (6)

    True Fare user rating based on 6 user reviews.

    The reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the meal delivery companies. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  • Submitted By Shannon Bathurst on 03/15/2018
    I received my 30 day fully prepared meals from True fare about 7 days ago. 30dayWhole challenge. Very simple. Pricey. But worth every dime. The price just makes me super committed to staying focused on the diet. The day I received the fully prepared meals...I got ziplock bags and went by the weekly menu and separated all 30 days into the bags. Marking them for each day and what week. That took time. But was well worth it. Then froze everything but first week. I received so much food that I even had 3 to four full bags of extra food left. Probably enough for another month or 30 days. I had started to prepare myself for this diet a week in advance. Reading all I could about it. So in one week plus the week I did preparation to be on this diet I have cut out all the sugars and processed foods and all recommended things to cut out. I Increased fresh vegetables and fruits. I have already lost in 2 weeks 10.5 pounds. Hoping to stay on diet until I loss the other 20 I need to lose. Then continue on my own making my own meals. My stomach no longer is upset everyday,I have more ambition and energy, even my back pain is going away. The prepared food is more than filling. Which totally surprised me. As I only put 3 bags in each zip lock bag and also supplement with the trail mix and fresh fruits or veggies if Im hungry. But I rarely am. This is the best I have ever felt on a diet...which feels like no diet at all. The only work involved was separating each days foods into the ziplock bags the day the food arrived. I love it and highly recommend it to anyone.
  • Submitted By Sunnie Thornton on 20/20/2018
    I have type II diabetes and last year my doctor recommended the Whole30 program to help me manage my diabetes. I attempted the Whole30 (made it through day 27) and was completely overwhelmed by the amount of cooking, food prep, shopping, cleaning, etc. I felt like I was spending an average of three hours in the kitchen each day, and that just does not work for my schedule. The added stress of this definitely hindered the positive effects of the program as most days my stress levels were extremely high causing unstable blood sugar. This year, in another attempt to get my blood sugars under control and to improve my health in general, I decided to do the Whole30 again but this time to save up my money and purchase the TrueFare 30-day Whole30 plan. I really expected to love it considering the price tag of $900.00 ($10/meal). I definitely love the convenience of it (the food is just so-so and lacks variety, which I could handle and wouldn’t be too big of a deal on its own), but there was a major problem that I have been going back and forth with TrueFare customer service on: The nutritional information varies on 1) the food labels (that are on each individual food packet), 2) the menu flyers (that are shipped with the food), and 3) on the online nutritional information posted on the website. Here is an example of the Pork Skillet: • PROTEIN: Package: 14g; Online: 23 g • CALORIES: Package: 240; Online: 330 • CARBS: Package: 9g; Online: 14 g • FAT: Package: 16g; Online: 20g Here is an example of the Chimichurri Chicken • PROTEIN: Package: 37g; Flyer: 29 g • CALORIES: Package: 310; Flyer: 280 • FAT: Package: 15g; Flyer: 12g Another example of inconsistencies and errors: • The last meal at the bottom of Menu ‘R’ says “US Wellness Meats Grass-Fed Pink Peppercorn Braised Beef served with Organic Cauliflower Rice Pilaf.” • TrueFare prints the nutritional information on the back of the same flyer and the pairing for the beef is listed as “API Cauliflower Pilaf with Mushrooms.” • The label on the actual pairing I received was “Cauliflower Rice with Sweet Potatoes.” And of course, the nutritional information on the label obviously doesn’t match what’s on the back of the flyer. • The ingredients on the label state that there are brussels in the ingredients, but I definitely did not see any – just cauliflower and sweet potatoes. After multiple emails with TrueFare, Joseph admitted there was confusion and that they had some type of glitch / labeling issue as they were switching over from Pre-Made Paleo to TrueFare and that some products were mislabeled and incorrect. It was extremely time consuming emailing them or calling them trying to get a straight answer as to which nutritional label and ingredient lists were correct – and I’d have to do it for each discrepancy I came across. I finally gave up. On Whole30 you don’t typically track calories, macronutrients, etc., but since I am diabetic, tracking carbs is essential to my overall plan to figure out what works best for my body and I can eliminate the use of medications in controlling my blood sugar, and I stressed this fact to customer service. I communicated with TrueFare about this issue multiple times and also expressed my dissatisfaction with the issue at hand. I had asked that the *actual/correct* nutritional information for each meal be emailed to me, but that request was ignored. Nothing was done by TrueFare to rectify the situation and the only apology I got was a casual (and seemingly insincere) “sorry for the confusion.” Considering this plan was endorsed by Whole30, and considering the hefty price tag, I am highly disappointed with the issues I’ve experienced with this company and I question the integrity of what I’m eating. It would benefit TrueFare to take customer complaints more seriously and improve the customer service side of the business. I do not feel and adequate attempt was made to resolve or rectify the issues I had with my order, especially considering TrueFare was aware of the labeling issue yet continued to send food out anyway. $900 is a lot of money for most single people to spend on a months’ worth of food, and the lack of customer service and conflict resolution is truly disappointing. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend TrueFare until they are able to correct the labeling issues/glitches and improve their conflict resolution standards.
  • Shannon Bathurst on 03/15/2018
    I had zero problems figuring out the calories and the pairings no matter what the flyer said I actually was able on my own to figure out by reading back of labels what was in packages. I simply got out zip lock bags...and put in each bag the amount of caleries I wanted for each day...labeled the bag with day,week and meal calories I wanted for the day and put bags of the prepared food inside. I also prepared a,week ahead of time by reading about each meal and recipe goal is weight loss and to be healthier,so when food arrived I already knew what I needed to do. Bag each day and freeze each week, take one week out of freezer ahead of time and put in refridg. Most of my preparation came before the meals even arrived. I had zero problems figuring out what packets matched what on flyer and even if I did I put what I wanted to for that days breakfast or whatever in the days meal bag that matched closest to my caleries I wanted and closest to what was described on flyer. Since I started reviewing and eating like the plan a week ahead of time I had already lost 5 pounds by the time meals arrived..on time and the first week on the plan I lost another 5 pounds. Total 10.5 pounds at this point. The food is delicious and I was surprised how full I got and get from each packet. I even have 3 to 4 bags of food left over for at least another month of the plan. Plus,with the 10 pound wt loss I have very little back pain anymore zero stomach problems and my joy and energy levels are up 100%. I am thankful for TrueFare. The high price just makes me more determined not to waste what I'm learning and accomplishing with my Health issues and weight issues. I would recommend 30 day plan True fare to everyone and preplan before food arrives,bag up each day according to what you need to far as dietary needs go or wt loss. It's an awesome plan. I expect to reach my weight loss goal by end or middle of April and continue on the plan myself. Excellent all the way around. Zero complaints...totally satisfied customer! Thank you TrueFare!!
  • Submitted By Julian Keegan on 06/30/2017
    Not the cheapest, but definitely the best paleo meals I’ve ever had. Meal pairings are my favorite!
  • Submitted By Denis O’Connor on 05/21/2017
    I like the food, great options you’ve got over there. But I really get confused wandering around your site, pls do something about it.
  • Submitted By Colleen Jackson on 02/08/2017
    Delayed delivery on first order - notified day of; arrived three days later with all dry ice melted. Said replacement order being shipped OVERNIGHT; actually shipped ground and arrived 5 days later. Last disappointment was the food! Over cooked veggies even before overheating, bland flavor, soggy potatoes, thigh chicken meat was fatty around the edges, turkey meatloaf was grey in color and disgusting...... etc. Three strikes, they're OUT for us!

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True Fare Review
Updated : 2018-04-18
Rating : 9.4/10
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