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UPDATED April 08. 2024.
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Italy is one of the top foodie destinations in the world. Whether you love gelato, pasta, risotto, lasagna, ossobuco, focaccia or good coffee, the original Italian versions of these dishes, desserts, and drinks are probably the best you can find. Nonna Box allows you to enjoy these delights in the comfort of your own home by bringing you the finest Italian artisanal products, along with recipes from Italian nonnas who know how to create the most satisfying Italian dishes. In this Nonna Box review, we explore the culinary wonders that this service delivers to its customers all over the US.

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How Nonna Box Works

Nonna Box is the best-selling Italian food subscription box in the country. Its appeal lies in the incredible quality of the artisanal products it offers, which are not only 100% traditional Italian but also hard to find. The company’s subscription boxes come in two sizes, one with 5-7 items and one with 4 items. Every month, a different region of Italy is featured, so you get to take a trip around this beautiful Mediterranean country in your own kitchen.

Nonna Box is not just a box filled with rare, high-quality gourmet products made by local artisans. It is a genuine Italian experience. Along with the products, you get a story and a recipe from an Italian nonna, along with a whole bunch of extras, including wine pairing and serving suggestions, interesting facts about the culinary traditions of the featured region, details about the products in your box, and more.

The subscriptions differ in flexibility. If you opt for the month-to-month subscription, you can skip your delivery as long as you do so before it is prepared for shipping, preferably before the 28th of the month. If you opt for a longer subscription, you cannot skip deliveries but you can cancel your subscription or switch to the month-to-month option as soon as your subscription period ends.

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What Makes Nonna Box Different

As we said previously in this Nonna Box review, this company does not simply ship products, it allows you to truly get to know Italian cuisine and learn how to cook traditional Italian dishes by getting the recipes and tips straight from the cookbooks of Italian nonnas, the real experts in this field.

Apart from the subscriptions, Nonna Box also offers a variety of premium imported Italian products in its online store within its website, all of which can be purchased individually. You can also purchase add-ons with your subscription – you can get a lovely Nonna Box apron or have your box gift-wrapped.

Speaking of gifts, Nonna Box is one of the best places for finding great gifts for your friends who love Italian food. You can get them a Nonna Box subscription, purchase an Italian gift basket or get something from the store. The company also offers gift cards worth $50-$1000 and you can purchase up to 10 gift cards at the same time.

Meals And Recipes

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For Singles

While many other meal delivery services offer meals and recipes inspired by Italian cuisine, with Nonna Box, you get your recipes straight from the source, along with incredible ingredients made in Italy. You can make rustic pizza, authentic pasta, cioppino, and other wonders, just like Italian nonnas do.

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All the recipes you get make perfect use of the ingredients in your box. Therefore, you do not only get great recipes, but you also get to learn how to use all the products the best way. You can expect to receive olives, sun-dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, hand-made pasta, all kinds of sweets and chocolates, coffee, jams, mushrooms, truffle salt, various spices, and much, much more.

The recipes are surprisingly simple and often take only 30-40 minutes to make. The instructions are super-clear and divided into a large number of steps, leaving no part of the process unexplained. All the recipes come with a number of tips and tricks, ranging from advice on how to cook pasta to ideas on what extra ingredients to add to make your meal even better.


The price of your box depends on the type of box you choose and the length of your subscription. With the standard Nonna Box, you can opt for the month-to-month subscription, which costs $41.95 per month, the 3-month subscription, which costs $40 per month, the 6-month subscription, which comes at the price of $39 per month, or the one-time box, which costs $50 per box.

If you want to give Nonna Box a try, you can choose the Mini Sorpresa Nonna Box, which contains 4 items instead of 5-7 included in the standard box. This mini box costs only $23.

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Delivery Areas

Nonna Box ships its boxes throughout the United States, including US territories. At the moment, it does not offer international shipping, but it is looking to expand, so it may become available in other countries such as Canada quite soon. The boxes are shipped between the second and the third week of every month, typically on the 11th of each month.

The shipping and handling fee amounts to $10 for all boxes due to the weight (4-6 pounds) and the content of the boxes (fragile items such as glass jars and cookies).

Nonna Box Pros And Cons

To make sure Nonna Box meets all your standards and expectations, it is important to know its biggest advantages and disadvantages. With a short overview of its pros and cons, you can easily decide if Nonna Box is the right meal kit service for you.

  • Hard-to-find Italian products at a good price
  • Traditional Italian recipes
  • Two box sizes for different budgets and needs
  • Purchase add-ons with your boxes
  • Individual items available in the Nonna Box e-store
  • Great gifts for Italian food lovers


  • No free shipping
  • No customization options

Sample Dishes

If you subscribe to Nonna Box, you can easily prepare culinary masterpieces using only the ingredients and recipes found in your meal kit box. You may not be a pro chef just yet, but with Nonna Box, you can easily make restaurant-grade meals. You don’t have to take our word for it – check out the images below to get a better idea of the types of dishes you can enjoy with Nonna Box.

Bottom Line

Going to Italy and trying all of its famous food while looking at the Colosseum or the Trevi Fountain is a dream come true. However, you do not have to spend your money on a plane ticket to enjoy traditional Italian food. We have sampled several gorgeous items from Nonna Box (amaretti di Saronno – out of this world) and we have to say that those are some of the most exciting flavors we have ever tasted. If you have a sophisticated palate and great love for Italian cuisine, Nonna Box is a delivery service you definitely do not want to miss. Let Italy come to you with these amazing boxes full of wonders.

User Reviews (6)

Nonna Box is rated 4/5, based on 6 user reviews.

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  1. | September 8, 2018

    The products we were received were wonderful. However the past 2 months have not received a box, nor have we been charged. Sent multiple messages and emails and no reply. The store shows every product out of stock. Is this company no longer in business?

  2. | June 8, 2018

    I purchased a 3-month subscription of Nonna Box and I am extremely happy with it: variety of products that you can’t find in stores, easy to follow recipes, interesting facts about the ingredients. I’ve recommended the service to friends and happy to do it here.

  3. | September 15, 2017

    This is fantastic! Just got my first box and I can’t believe how amazing everything is, even the pasta is impressive. Can’t wait for the next one to arrive!

  4. | July 24, 2017

    Absolutely beautiful boxes, we have been to Italy 2 times already and this is the real stuff, believe me, it doesn’t get better than this.

  5. | July 5, 2017

    I understand that the price can’t be lower, but it is still a bit too expensive for me. Other than that, I am absolutely in love with the food, the nonnas, everything!

  6. | May 12, 2017

    I’m not blown away, but still, you can’t find such good food at your average store, that’s for sure.

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