Daily Harvest was founded in 2014 by Rachel Drori, a hard-working mom from New York who needed an easier way to get her hands on delicious smoothies that would keep her fit and healthy. Today, Rachel is an expert on superfood, bringing you a vast range of quick and tasty solutions for a healthy diet. If you feel like you may be craving what she’s offering, you can find out all about her superfood wonders in this Daily Harvest review.

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How Daily Harvest Works

Daily Harvest is a subscription service that allows you to choose between 3 subscription options, depending on your needs. You can opt for a weekly subscription and receive 6 or 12 cups of flash-frozen, unrefined, organic ingredients ready to soak, heat or blend, or decide on a monthly subscription that brings you 24 cups of superfood goodness.

Apart from picking the number of cups you wish to receive, you also get to pick the recipes you like. You can order cupfuls of ingredients perfect for smoothies, chia parfaits, soups or delicious overnight oats. There are around 2 dozen recipes at your disposal, all perfectly healthy and extremely good for you.

The subscriptions are as flexible as they can be. You can change the number of cups you want to receive, skip a week of deliveries or cancel your subscription whenever you wish, as long as you do it before the weekly cutoff time (Saturday, 6 p.m. EST).

Daily Harvest how it work

What Makes Daily Harvest Different

There are many meal deliveries out there claiming to offer healthy meals made of premium-quality ingredients. However, most of them still use refined goods and flavor enhancers to make their food taste better. Daily Harvest does nothing to diminish the nutritional value of the produce it uses. There are no refined ingredients and everything in the cups is completely natural and devoid of any potentially harmful substances.

Daily Harvest takes healthy eating seriously, which is why it has an in-house chef and an in-house nutritionist working together to create perfect combinations of equally perfect ingredients. All of the recipes they come up with are incredibly nutritious and healthy, but they are also incredibly flavorful and satisfying. Their job is to show Daily Harvest customers that food that is good for you can taste amazing and they excel at what they do.

Frozen food is something many people dread, with all the poor-quality frozen meals giving it a bad name. Daily Harvest works hard on proving that frozen food can be just as good as the fresh kind. The ingredients used for its recipes are picked at peak maturity and flash-frozen in order to keep all the valuable nutrients inside, so none of the goodness is lost in the process. Keep in mind that the content of the cups is not meant to be defrosted. Use them fresh from the box or your freezer, so you can make the most out of their healthy content.

The gift of food is possibly the best gift of all, especially if it’s super-healthy, delicious, and comes in a handy cup. You can send Daily Harvest gift cards to the people you care about and allow them to pick the smoothies and soups they want to have delivered to their doorstep. A healthy, handy, instant gift practically anyone would appreciate.

Another wonderful feature of the Daily Harvest menu is its suitability for various special dietary needs. Read more about this in the following section of this Daily Harvest review.

Meals and Recipes

As mentioned before in this Daily Harvest review, no matter which subscription plan you choose, you get to pick what you eat. All menu items are at your disposal, all of them including 100% natural, non-GMO, organic ingredients. Before you choose a cup, you can read detailed information about each ingredient and feel even better about your choice, knowing it can do wonders for your body.

Daily Harvest Meals

At the moment, Daily Harvest offers 23 different recipes: 14 smoothies, 3 chia parfaits, 3 different overnight oats, and 3 soups. They come in pre-portioned, single-serving cups ready to be popped into the freezer or enjoyed the same day.

When it comes to preparation, it comprises 2 simple steps – add liquid of your choice and blend, soak or heat. You can combine your smoothie cups with water or milk of any kind (coconut, almond, dairy, you name it), add the base of your choice to your soups, and turn any cup into whatever you want it to be. Your delicious meal is ready in minutes, with hardly any work and without any mess to clean up.

Daily Harvest Mulberry Dragonfruit

The recipes are perfect for all kinds of special diets. They are all vegan-friendly and all bowls are suitable for the Paleo and vegetarian diets. The Daily Harvest menu is completely dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free (with the exception of Mushroom + Miso soup). Soon, it will also be kosher-certified and fully organic-certified. Unfortunately, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, there is nothing Daily Harvest can do about it at the moment – the recipes cannot be altered to accommodate your needs.


If you opt for weekly deliveries of 6 cups, you pay $7.99 per cup. Weekly deliveries of 12 cups come at the price of $7.49 per cup. The monthly subscription for 24 cups is the most affordable option and it costs $6.99 per cup. Shipping is always free, so you only end up paying for what you eat.

Daily-Harvest Pricing

Delivery Areas

At the moment, Daily Harvest delivers to 95% of the US. Unfortunately, it does not deliver to Alaska and Hawaii. You can check whether it is available in your place of residence by clicking the Get Started button on the homepage of the Daily Harvest website and entering your zip code. In case it is not on the list of delivery areas, the company promises to let you know as soon as they start delivering in your area.

The deliveries are made on Thursdays and Fridays and you get to choose the delivery day that works best for you. You do not have to sign for your delivery and it can wait for you on your doorstep until you come home to pick it up.

  • Natural, organic, non-GMO ingredients
  • Recipes developed by an in-house chef and nutritionist
  • Flexible subscription
  • Free shipping
  • Dairy-free, gluten-free, and mostly soy-free recipes
  • All bowls suitable for the Paleo diet
  • Perfect for vegans and vegetarians


  • No customization for allergies
  • Does not ship to Hawaii and Alaska

Sample Dishes

Bottom Line

Daily Harvest food can best be described as a world of flavors, colors, and nutrients in a cup. This company allows you to eat healthy without all the usual hassle. It picks the best ingredients possible, all 100% natural and unrefined, and combines them in incredibly creative and innovative ways. Basically, it offers a quick, simple, and perfectly convenient way for you to give your body all the nutrients it needs while enjoying food that looks and tastes amazing. It is not too expensive either and the shipping is always free, so there is nothing standing between you and a healthy diet. Be sure to give this one a shot.

Daily Harvest Rating

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of Daily Harvest, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the company. Ratings may change as the service changes.

Meal Options
Nutritional Value
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Final Rating 8.6/10

User Reviews (20)

    Daily Harvest user rating based on 20 user reviews.

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  • Submitted By Dustin M George on 02/16/2018
    I haven't actually used this product, but please beware they are spamming positive reviews about themselves on these websites. I can tell because I'm trying to research them and I see the only reviews with more than one star are copy and pasted from site to site. Only believe the negative actual customer reviews because they honestly seem like a very shady company and deserve the buyer beware sticker for being fraudsters with a sub-par product.
  • Submitted By Sheila Joyner on 02/08/2018
    Yeah, we all know that if we tried hard enough, we could get all the ingredients at lower prices and save some cash. But I honestly don’t care. These people do a good job and it’s so convenient that it’s definitely worth the money.
  • Submitted By James Heath on 02/04/2018
    Whoever says DH food is bland probably eats burgers and fries every day. It’s natural, it’s delicious, and it’s good for you. If you don’t like natural food, go grab a frozen pizza.
  • Submitted By Lisa Fritz on 02/02/2018
    Daily Harvest aggressively ships out frozen food. My first shipment never arrived. Instead of refunding my money they gave me a credit. I never ordered again. A month later they start auto shipping weekly. Despite my calls and emails in addition they require that you do a survey to cancel, which i did. They are claiming i didn’t and still shipping and billing me crap I’ve never ordered. I’m disputing the charges on my credit card. A nightmare.
  • Submitted By Andrea B on 01/15/2018
    My daughter and I tried this service and the product tasted gross. All the cups had a bizarre after taste and didn't seem to be fresh frozen. It is also a difficult service to cancel. You have to e-mail the company and then confirm via a second e-mail that you really want to cancel. I wish it were a higher quality and tasty product. I can get better food in the freezer section of my local grocery store.
  • Submitted By Brynne Carleton on 11/27/2017
    Daily Harvest not only makes the most delicious, convenient product, but their customer service is absolutely magnificent. There aren't that many great companies out there anymore, but this is one of them. PRODUCT: I love the product. I can adjust my boxes if there is a flavor I don't love for the next month, and I always have a delicious quick option if I am ever famished, for any occasion. The options are healthy and creative and it could NOT be more convenient. CUSTOMER SERVICE: I have had countless dilemmas with oral surgery that have limited my diet, and also lead a very busy life. I came home after a third surgery to find my freezer open, and all of my Daily Harvest cups ruined. I panicked, as I don't have time to go shop for healthy options that I can actually eat given the state of my mouth. I wouldn't be receiving my next monthly Daily Harvest box until two weeks from now and had no idea how I was going to manage both school work, corporate work, and my health during the busiest time of the year. I asked for them to give me a call, and they almost instantly did. Meredith not only helped me get an earlier delivery but also showed so much compassion. I could not be more grateful. Fantastic company, with real values. Real people on the end of the line. Amazing.
  • Submitted By Daniela Weiner on 11/20/2017
    I tried their subscription service in September and did not care for it at all. I was convinced I cancelled my subscription online just to find out this morning (7? weeks later) I was charged $48 for an order I did not authorize or ask for. Called customer service and instead of trying to make things right she told me they don't have a way to refund me or stop the shipment. What? I don't want your $48 bland smoothies and now I have to pay for them anyways. Almost every company tries to make things right with customers and they don't seem to care about them. Beyond disappointed and I would NOT recommend this service to anyone. For $48 one can buy a LOT of fruit and veggies for smoothies....
  • Submitted By Jessi on 10/18/2017
    Like many other people have noted, this company is a total scam. I just wanted to try the product, so after placing my first I tried to call to let them know. Guess what? They have NO PHONE NUMBER. No way to call and ask questions! Ok, so I try the “Chat” feature on their website. Guess what? IT IS DISABLED. during normal business hours. So I email them to say “Please do not put me on auto ship/auto pay.” Here is my written request to stop payment. But no — Daily Harvest says you have to log in to your account, you have to tell us why you want to cancel first, etc. Basically you must jump through hoops to cancel. And of course, I was sent and billed for a second shipment. Customer service is horrible (as others have noted, they must be trained this way), so I had to file a complaint with the BBB. Credit card company also refunded the second shipment in full since it was unauthorized. They said that Daily Harvest should have complied with my written request to stop auto ship/auto pay.
  • Submitted By Alan Ruiz on 08/27/2017
    Very bland taste and the servings are on the smaller side.
  • Submitted By Sean Austin on 08/25/2017
    The cups turned soggy almost immediately after we poured the smoothie from the blender.
  • Submitted By Erica Oliver on 08/18/2017
    The prices aren't exactly afordable but they're still a far cry from heading over to juice press and burning 10 bucks on a smoothie.
  • Submitted By Gloria Hart on 08/05/2017
    I really like the taste (especially melon) and the fact that all ingredients are 100% organic
  • Submitted By Jeremy Wagner on 07/31/2017
    The smoothies are amazing but they really need to work on their miso soup.
  • Submitted By Evelyn Lane on 07/19/2017
    The smoothies are fine, nothing special but fine. The customer service on the other hand doesn't really put any effort into correcting hiccups. If you have a problem they basically say it's too bad and leave it at that.
  • Submitted By Kyle Gardner on 07/02/2017
    I really enjoy my smoothies and can even take them to work since they come in these convenient cups.
  • Submitted By Megan Carrol on 06/21/2017
    I'm really into smoothies and daily harvest doesn't disappoint. I especially like the sheer selection of different ingredients and blends.
  • Submitted By Joe Lane on 05/10/2017
    Being able to skip a week is pretty convenient for me since I'm regularly traveling for work. Had to buy a blender, though, just for daily harvest.
  • Submitted By Farah Smith on 03/29/2017
    Thought it would taste better, had to add pricy bone broth to the soups to make them taste even remotely good.
  • Submitted By Gavin Samms on 01/22/2017
    Have been ordering for a month or so and I feel much lighter and better than usual. Not too pricy either, especially when compared to the alternatives.
  • Submitted By Martin Walters on 01/06/2017
    It’s really convenient and all, but some of the smoothies are bland as hell.
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