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UPDATED June 10. 2024.
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Bite Meals is a prepared meal delivery that delivers chef-crafted feel-good food to addresses all over America. It is based in Louisville, Kentucky and it has been on the market since 2016. Since its launch, it has attracted numerous customers and gained tons of loyal patrons thanks to the tastiness of its meals.

We took a look at its menu and decided it was worth trying out. In this Bite Meals review, we will share our impressions and let you know whether you should consider giving it a taste yourself.

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What Is Bite Meals

Bite Meals is a meal delivery service that provides fresh, fully cooked breakfasts and lunch and dinner entrées that are ready to eat in just 2 minutes. Its meals are delicious, moderately priced, allergy-friendly, and a good choice for picky eaters.

Based on what we could see, the company’s main goal is to bring you meals that perfectly suit your taste. While it does not cater for individuals on special diets like keto and Paleo or offer any particular options for people on meat-free diets, it does allow you to customize your menu to exclude ingredients you dislike and allergens you need to avoid. In a word, it best suits the needs of omnivores with specific taste preferences.

Apart from letting you freely choose your meals and eliminate dishes with ingredients that you do not want to see on your plate, it lets you build your own custom dishes. Therefore, it goes the extra mile to ensure that what ends up in your delivery is food that you truly love.

Other than that, it is similar to most other prepared meal delivery services currently on the market. It makes weekly deliveries and lets you decide how many meals you want to get per week. Since all its meals contain a single serving and you can order few or many servings, it can work equally well for singles, couples, and families.

As the service focuses on feel-good food, it is an optimal choice for home diners who are not looking to transform their bodies through diet but just want to have something nice and tasty to enjoy throughout the day without spending more than a couple of minutes in the kitchen.

How Does Bite Meals Work

To order from Bite Meals, you need to subscribe and choose one of its 4 flexible meal plans that exclusively differ in the number of meals they bring you per week. You can get 4, 8, 12 or 16 meals per weekly delivery and choose from 30+ menu items.

Bite Meals how works

The menu does not change every week, but new entrees and breakfasts are introduced about twice a month to ensure sufficient variety. You can get both pre-designed and custom meals and customize your menu every time you order.

While you do need a subscription in order to get your meals, the good news is that there is no minimum subscription period and you can skip, pause or cancel whenever you wish. You just need to log into your Bite Meals account, check the weekly deadline for the next delivery, and make changes before the deadline passes.

What Makes Bite Meals Different

While researching for the purpose of this Bite Meals review, what we immediately noticed was that this meal delivery does not aim to become popular by being strikingly different than its competitors. On the contrary, it is all about simplicity.

Its website contains a detailed menu page, a simple explanation of how the service works, straightforward answers to a couple of FAQs, and not much else. Its menu is good but not unique. It does not offer any particular extras, like cold-pressed juices or smoothies, but instead focuses on the basics. It does not offer gift cards nor does it have a loyalty program. Essentially, the only distinctive feature worth talking about is the option to create your custom meals, which is nice but not entirely original.

While we appreciate the fact that you can get all the basic information in 2 minutes and order with ease, we have to say that we wish the folks behind Bite Meals did a better job informing potential patrons about the advantages of ordering from them.

The site features no information about who the chefs are or whether the food you get is organic, naturally grown or made of the cheapest ingredients you can find. Once you open your box and taste the meals, you can see that you have made the right decision and that the food quality is obviously high, but there is no way of knowing that based on the information on the site alone.

To sum up, what makes Bite Meals stand out is the flavor and quality of its meals and we hope that soon enough, the company’s website will allow you to discover this before ordering.

Bite Meals And Recipes

Bite Meals meal options
For Singles

With more than 30 items on its menu and new dishes added every 2-3 weeks, Bite Meals gives you plenty of options to choose from. Most menu items are entrées, but there are always a couple of breakfasts available as well.

The entrées are all classics, but they originate from various world cuisines, so you can enjoy everything from enchiladas and creamy chicken Alfredo to Mongolian beef and Asian honey chicken. Strangely enough, you can find all kinds of cookies among entrées, which is good news, but we do feel like sweets should get a separate menu section. The breakfasts are simple and satisfying and include the likes of pancakes and hash bowls.

Bite Meals menu meals example

Like we said earlier in this review of Bite Meals, you can filter the dishes by allergens and dislikes. You can avoid meals that contain dairy, eggs, pork, tree nuts, chicken, beef, turkey, fish, soy, shellfish or any combination of the above.

If you have specific cravings, you can create your own custom meals by choosing your main protein and 2 sides. As far as proteins go, you have a few standard options including chicken, steak, and tilapia. For your sides, you can choose the likes of mixed rice, mashed potatoes, sweet potato puree, green beans, and grilled vegetables. On occasions when you want your meals to be even more satisfying, you can double up on protein, but keep in mind that an extra portion of proteins comes with a fee.

Nutrition Facts

At Bite Meals, the average calorie count is 480 to 680 calories per single-serving meal. All dishes are generally high in both proteins and carbs. Usually, they contain between 40 and 70 grams of proteins and up to 70 grams of carbs per serving. Therefore, they are highly satisfying – but not suitable for dieting, even though they are not exceptionally high in calories.

It is also important to know that the meals can have a rather high sodium content of up to 1,300 milligrams per serving. Of course, this is not the case with all meals, but it is wise to check nutrition labels before ordering.

Bite-Meals Grilled Salmon and Mongolian Beef

Heating And Storage Tips

Since Bite Meals delivers its meals fresh, you should pop them into your fridge as soon as you can and preferably enjoy them within 3-5 days. If you cannot eat all the food in your delivery within a couple of days, you can store the extra meals in your freezer for 2 or more months.

Reheating is perfectly easy. You should just microwave the meal of your choice for 2 minutes, let it sit for a minute if you are not too hungry to wait, and dig in.

How Much Does Bite Meals Cost

With Bite Meals, the price you pay per single-serving meal depends on the number of meals you get in your weekly deliveries. The prices range from $8.75 to $12.00 per meal. The general rule is that the more food you order, the less you pay per meal.

Custom meals cost the same as pre-designed dishes, unless you choose to get more proteins. In that case, you pay $4 for your extra protein serving.

The company offers free shipping on all meal plans. However, a shipping fee may apply to certain orders, like those delivered outside the continental US. Specific delivery dates may also incur a fee. Potential shipping costs are indicated at checkout.

View the table below to find out how much you can expect to pay per meal and per week depending on the Bite Meals plan you choose.

Bite Meals Pricing
Meals per weekPrice per weekPrice per meal

Where Does Bite Meals Deliver

Bite Meals delivers throughout the United States. Unlike many other meal deliveries, it ships to Hawaii and Alaska. Deliveries are made Tuesday through Friday. You do not have to be at home to receive your delivery since no signature is required.

The service ships its meals in eco-friendly insulated boxes with plenty of ice packs that keep the food fresh during transit. Your meals should arrive cool enough to sit on your doorstep for a few hours, until you get a chance to pop them into your fridge.

Bite Meals Pros And Cons

To make sure Bite Meals meets all your standards and expectations, it is important to know its biggest advantages and disadvantages. With a short overview of its pros and cons, you can easily decide if Bite Meals is the right meal delivery service for you.

  • 30+ different meals available
  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and sweets
  • Menu updated every 2-3 weeks
  • Allergen and dislike filters for easier browsing
  • Great taste
  • Always fresh
  • Free shipping


  • No information on ingredient origin and quality
  • Some meals are pretty high in sodium
  • Does not cater for people on special diets

Sample Dishes

With Bite Meals, you get delicious meals prepared by pro chefs at affordable prices. To find out what kinds of delights you will receive in your delivery, we have chosen a couple of sample dishes that accurately represents its offer and can help you decide if it is the right service for you.

Bottom Line

When we first started working on this review of Bite Meals, we liked its menu, but we did not expect much. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that its meals are truly delicious and they look just as good as restaurant meals, which is not something we see often. Its prices are more than ok and the free shipping policy is certainly a nice touch.

With certain improvements to the website and more options for special diets, we can see Bite Meals becoming one of America’s most popular sources of ready-made meals.

User Reviews (2)

Bite Meals is rated 4.5/5, based on 2 user reviews.

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  1. | August 20, 2019

    I’ve loved every meal I’ve got from them so far. Real tasty, quick to heat, and not that expensive either. What’s cool is that they pack the meals well so there’s no mess, I hate when that happens. Anyway, a pretty cool meal delivery, maybe even one of the best I’ve tried but I don’t wanna jinx it, others were good at first too but then got worse rapidly, so we’ll see what happens.

  2. | February 20, 2019

    I would give them five stars but this time, I got 2 custom chicken meals and I asked for 1 chicken and 1 steak, that’s not ok. I was looking forward to my delivery and now I’m a bit angry because I wanted that steak. The food’s great and I hope they won’t make the same mistake again, it’s really annoying.

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