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UPDATED Oct. 2019
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Based in Austin, Texas, and founded in 2012, Beetnik Foods is one of the finer frozen meal delivery services that specialize in organic ready-made meals. It is designed to provide a perfectly healthy alternative to home-cooking to everyone who wants to eat well, enjoying only food that comes straight from nature. In this Beetnik Foods review, we introduce you to the variety of healthy-eating options this company offers.

Beetnik Foods homepage

How Beetnik Foods Works

Beetnik Foods is a team of creative and dedicated food experts that constantly work on designing new meals for different kinds of diets. They exclusively use organic ingredients without any bad-for-you additives. The meals are carefully prepared, frozen at peak freshness, and delivered to your door whenever you feel like going Beetnik.

Beetnik meals are suitable for everyone who eats organic, people on the Paleo diet, and those on the Whole30 program. All meals are certified organic and free from gluten.

Ordering from this service is commitment-free. You can order as often as you want, as many meals as you want. You can choose from a variety of ready-made individual meals as well as value packs and variety packs that allow you to save a bit of cash.

Beetnik Foods Works

What Makes Beetnik Foods Different

Beetnik Foods is proof that frozen food can be both healthy and delicious. By using only the finest and freshest ingredients and freezing meals as soon as they are ready, it manages to preserve both the taste and freshness of each dish. As the meals are frozen, you can purchase as many of them as you want at a time and keep them in your freezer, without worrying that they will go bad. When you are hungry, just reheat and enjoy a healthy and tasty meal in no time. Simple, convenient, and delicious.

As one of the rare certified organic meal delivery services, Beetnik Foods allows you to enjoy the comfort of knowing that everything you eat is 100% clean and of premium quality, with no MSG, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or flavorings, hormones or antibiotics.

Thanks to the vast range of meals for different diets, you are sure to find something that suits your needs. Plus, you are not limited by a meal plan, so you can enjoy anything you want and sync your deliveries with your schedule.

Meals And Recipes

Beetnik Foods meal options
For Singles
Weight Loss

In this section of our Beetnik Foods review, we will explore the different categories you have at your disposal, so you could get a better picture of the kind of meals this company offers. The categories include single meals, meat products, pasta sauces, value packs, and specials.

Beetnik Foods meals

Single meals include all the dishes on the company’s menu, available for individual purchase. There are around a dozen single-serving items on the menu at any time and you can order as many portions of each as you like. The items include Organic Grass Fed Beef Chili And Sweet Potato, Organic Shepherd’s Pie With Grass Fed Beef, Organic Lemon Chicken With Cauliflower Rice, and other classics with a tiny, interesting twist. You can also purchase meat-only items like chicken or beef meatballs, which contain 4 servings per pack.

Beetnik Foods organic meal

With value packs, you can order 8 meals at once and get them at a slightly lower price. The options at your disposal include the Paleo Starter Pack, which brings you 8 comforting Paleo-friendly dishes, and the Whole Thirty Variety pack, which features 8 organic meals designed in perfect accordance with the Whole30 guidelines.

If you have plenty of space in your freezer and want to stock up on good food while saving some cash, you should check out the Specials section of the company’s menu. There you can find larger packages including up to 2 dozen meals handpicked by the Beetnik Foods team. Usually, you can choose from 4 specials, including the Super Paleo Pack special featuring 24 dishes for lovers of the caveman diet, the Super Whole Thirty Variety Pack, which contains 24 Whole30-compliant delights, the 6-pound Meatballs With Marinara Party Pack, and 1 seasonal pack like Back To School, featuring 10 scrumptious meals.

Finally, be sure to take a look at the closeout sale items, that is, items that are soon to be taken off the menu. In the Closeout Sale section, you can find about half a dozen meals that are being replaced by new menu items. They are always sold at lower prices, but supplies are often severely limited, so be sure to grab your favorites while they are still available.

Nutrition Facts

In addition to being USDA organic, certified Paleo and certified gluten-free, Beetnik Foods meals are also low in calories, cholesterol, and sodium and often free from added sugar. Portion sizes range from 10 to 11.5 ounces. The average calorie count is between 90 and 330 calories per serving. Only a few menu items contain more than 25 grams of net carbs per serving and there are several meals that have as few as 4 grams of carbs. Usually, the meals have between 12 and 22 grams of proteins per serving.

Heating And Storage Tips

Since Beetnik Foods ships its meals frozen, you should place the food in your freezer as soon as it arrives. Consuming the meals within a month is the safest choice, but they can last longer if needed.

The meals can be reheated frozen or thawed, in a microwave or an oven. When heating your meal, the first step is removing the container from the paper sleeve. If you are heating in a microwave, you should pull up one corner of the protective film to let the meal breathe. Frozen meals should be heated for 2.5 minutes in a microwave set on high, then stirred and heated for an additional minute. Thawed meals should be microwaved on medium for 1.5 minutes, then stirred and heated for another 30 seconds or more, depending on how hot you want your meal to be.

When heating in an oven, you should remove the protective plastic film completely. Preheat your oven to 350°F and then cook for 40 to 45 minutes if the meal is frozen or 25 to 30 minutes if the meal is thawed. Let the meal sit for 1-2 minutes to cool down and dig in.


Beetnik Foods offers meals at rather affordable prices, especially if you keep in mind how expensive organic ingredients can be. All single meals cost $7.99 per package. Meat products, like Grass Fed Meatballs, cost $9.99 per 4-serving pack. Closeout sale items are sold at the price of $6.99.

As far as the value packs go, you can get the Paleo Starter Pack or the Whole Thirty Variety Pack for $62.99.

The Super Paleo Pack and the Super Whole Thirty Variety Pack specials cost $169 per 24-meal package. The 6-pound Meatballs With Marinara Party Pack costs $59.99, while seasonal 10-meal packs usually cost $79.99. The company frequently offers free shipping on Specials.

Beetnik Foods price
Beetnik Foods Pricing
Single Meals$7.99
Meat Products$9.99
Closeout Sale Items$6.99
Value Packs$62.99
Specials$59.99 - $169.00

Delivery Areas

Beetnik Foods delivers throughout the continental US. At the moment, its meals are not available in Hawaii. If you live in Alaska, you can reach out to customer support and ask if it is possible to ship the meals to your area. Decisions regarding Alaska shipments are made on a case-by-case basis.

Shipping costs depend on the value of your order. If your order is worth less than $175, you pay between $15.99 and $24.99 per order. The company offers free shipping on orders over $175.

Beetnik Foods Pros And Cons

To make sure Beetnik Foods meets all your standards and expectations, it is important to know its biggest advantages and disadvantages. With a short overview of its pros and cons, you can easily decide if Beetnik Foods is the right meal delivery service for you.

  • Certified organic
  • All meals are gluten-free
  • Whole30 and Paleo packs available
  • More than reasonable prices
  • Commitment-free ordering
  • Free shipping on orders over $175


  • No vegetarian or vegan options
  • Shipping not free on all orders

Sample Dishes

With Beetnik Foods, you get delicious meals prepared by pro chefs at affordable prices. To find out what kinds of delights you will receive in your delivery, we have chosen a couple of sample dishes that accurately represents its offer and can help you decide if it is the right service for you.

Bottom Line

There are numerous reasons why we consider Beetnik Foods to be an excellent service. First of all, it is certified organic and 100% gluten-free. It offers handy packs for people on the Paleo diet and Whole30 program. It allows you to decide on the frequency of your deliveries and the number of meals per order and you can order multiple portions of each meal. All items on its menu come at a surprisingly good price and shipping is free on orders over $175.

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