Mom’s Meals Wins The Isadore King Service Award

December 1, 2017

For a while now, Mom’s Meals NourishCare has been one of the best meal delivery services that cater to older individuals and people with health problems. This excellent service provides freshly made, high-quality meals available within condition-specific menus tailored to the needs of people who suffer from different health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease (more details about the service available here). Its efforts to provide comfort and care to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the American population have now been recognized by Medicaid Health Plans of America.

Mom s Meals Winner Of The Isadore King Service Award

The Isadore King Spirit Of Service Award

The Isadore King Service Award was named after a former board member of Medical Health Plans of America (MHPA), a national association dedicated to improving the quality of service provided to disadvantaged individuals around the nation. At this year’s MHPA Annual Conference, this special award was presented to Catherine Macpherson, chief nutrition officer at Mom’s Meals NourishCare. According to the words of Jeff Myers, the president and CEO of MHPA, this service has done much to help achieve the noble goal of improving the lives of the less fortunate, so it was the best fit for the award.

It has now been 18 years since Mom’s Meals NourishCare started delivering lovely meals to the homes of seniors and patients around the nation. It has been helping individuals recovering from illnesses or dealing with chronic diseases stay at their homes and live independently, with Mom’s Meals taking care of their nutritional needs.

It is wonderful to see that in this modern age of mass production, there are still a couple of services that invest a lot of time and love into helping those in need. Mom’s Meals NourishCare is a perfect example of how rewarding it can be to provide care to people who need and appreciate it the most.

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