HelloFresh Introduces Christmas Dinner Recipe Boxes

October 28, 2017

Cooking Christmas dinner is such a joy – until something goes terribly wrong. It is hard not to worry whether the turkey will turn out to be dry, the gravy too thick, the potatoes not as crispy as your family likes them to be. That is where HelloFresh comes in. This holiday season, HelloFresh has decided to make its customers even happier by coming up with a way to make Christmas dinner bigger and better than ever before, at least when it comes to meal preparation. We introduce you to the all-new HelloFresh Christmas box.

HelloFresh Introduces Christmas Dinner Recipe Boxes

What’s Inside

The Christmas box contains everything you need to make a perfect Christmas dinner and not a single favorite is left out. The star of the meal is butter-basted turkey, served with crispy rosemary roast potatoes, crunchy and aromatic Brussels sprouts with garlic and pancetta, honey and thyme roasted veggies, and excitingly spiced red cabbage with apple and, of course, gravy. Plus, you have some lovely pigs in blankets to enjoy, as the premium finger food. If you want to serve something decadent and irresistibly sweet as well, you can opt for the premium version of the box, which also includes a chocolate orange pot dessert.

The Christmas box is available in different sizes suitable for 4, 6, 8 or 10 people.


Normally, to order meal kits from HelloFresh, you need to subscribe first. However, the company has decided to make its Christmas special available to everyone, so even if you are not a HelloFresh subscriber, you can still purchase the Christmas box as a one-off order.


Christmas Dinner The HelloFresh

Keeping in mind that Christmas dinner is a more elaborate and luxurious meal in comparison to the ones you eat on a daily basis, the price is somewhat higher than the standard price of HelloFresh meals. However, it is by no means extravagant, amounting to £69.99 for 4 servings (£17.50 per serving) if you opt for the basic box. If you decide to order the premium box that brings you a dessert as well, you pay £89.99 for a lovely Christmas dinner for a family of 4.

According to the words of Claire Davenport, the CEO of HelloFresh, these boxes are created for both experienced cooks and absolute beginners who have never cooked a Christmas dinner before. They are meant to take the hassle out of Christmas and judging from what we have seen, they are more than likely to deliver on the promise.

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