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UPDATED Apr. 2024
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Sakara Life is definitely one of the best organic meal deliveries for vegans in all of America. It is immensely popular among celebrities and known for the superior quality of its meals, supplements, and beauty and lifestyle products. However, it is also known for being one of the pricier options on the market.

If you have always wanted to give Sakara Life a try but wished it was a bit more affordable, now you have the perfect chance to get a Sakara Life meal plan of your choice at a far better price. Collect one of our 2 special Sakara Life coupons below and enjoy considerable savings on your deliveries.

We found 1 verified Sakara Life promo code for April, 2024.

Sakara Life Discount

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The prices of Sakara Life meal plans primarily depend on the number of meals you choose to receive in your deliveries. However, they also depend on the types of meals in your orders since dinners are more expensive than breakfasts. To give you a sense of how much you would pay without a coupon, we will take a glance at the standard weekly costs:

  • The Signature (Level I) plan costs $81.00 to $350.00 (3-15 meals included);
  • The Level II: Detox plan costs $400.00 (15 meals included);
  • The RE:PROGRAM plan costs $139.00 to $349.00 (6-15 meals included);
  • The Bride plan costs $348.75 (15 meals included).

If you make use of the first coupon above, you get to save up to 15% on your deliveries. That means that you can get:

  • The Signature (Level I) plan for $68.85 to $297.50;
  • The Level II: Detox plan for $340.00;
  • The RE:PROGRAM plan for $118.15 to $296.65;
  • The Bride plan for $296.44.

In other words, you get to enjoy savings of up to $60. The discount comes with FREE ground shipping to help you save some extra cash.

If you are a first-time subscriber, you can grab our second Sakara Life coupon and save $50 on any program of your choice. That means that you would pay:

  • $31.00 to $300.00 for the Signature (Level I) plan;
  • $350.00 for the Level II: Detox plan;
  • $89.00 to $299.00 for the RE:PROGRAM plan;
  • $298.75 for the Bride plan.

Regardless of which coupon you choose, you get to save quite a lot on any Sakara Life program. The coupons expire soon, so be sure to claim your discount today and try out Sakara Life without breaking the bank.

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