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UPDATED Apr. 2024
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Popular among vegans and flexitarians alike, Purple Carrot is America’s only 100% plant-based meal kit delivery. It caters for both couples and large families, its recipes are healthy and creative, its ingredients are of premium quality, and its menu includes dinner ideas as well as 5-minute breakfast and lunch options. In a word, it is well worth a try, especially if you wish to introduce more plants into your diet.

While its prices are affordable, there is no reason why you should not pay even less with the freshest Purple Carrot coupon we have found for you.

We found 1 verified Purple Carrot promo code for April, 2024.

Purple Carrot Discount

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Purple Carrot’s pricing is perfectly simple. Its dinner kits cost $11.99 per serving if you are ordering for 2 people and just $7.99 per serving if you are ordering for a family of 6. That means that your weekly total without a coupon would amount to:

  • $71.94 if you ordered 3 dinner kits for 2 people;
  • $95.88 if you ordered 2 dinner kits for 6 people.

Breakfast and lunch kits are available as add-ons. Breakfast kits yield 4 servings and cost $6 per serving while lunch kits feed 2 people and cost $12 per serving.

Now that you know how much Purple Carrot kits normally cost, it is time to find out how much you can expect to pay with our exclusive coupon applied. The coupon brings you a $30 discount, which means that if you choose to order only dinners, you pay:

  • $41.94 if you get 3 dinner kits for 2 people;
  • $65.99 if you choose 2 dinner kits for 6 people.

The coupon reduces the price per serving to $6.99 with the 2-person plan and $5.49 per serving with the 6-person plan. Therefore, you save up to $5 per serving.

If you convert the discount into free meals, it turns out it lets you enjoy nearly 4 FREE dinner servings. In case you purchase breakfast and/or dinner add-ons, the discount translates to 5 FREE breakfast servings or 2.5 FREE lunch servings.

In our mind, there is no better gift than free food, so claim your gift now while the offer still stands and enjoy some of the finest vegan meals on the meal kit market.

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