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UPDATED Apr. 2024
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PlateJoy is a personalized meal planner that can help you save time and cash and easily plan out your breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks in just a few clicks. With its optimized shopping lists, you are sure to make use of everything in your fridge and pantry and stop wasting money on extra food that ends up in the trash.

The service is rather budget-friendly to begin with, but with this special PlateJoy coupon we have right here, you can get a whole month for free and save even more.

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PlateJoy Discount

Free Trial PlateJoy is no offering Free Trial of their program!

Use coupon code  
  at checkout.

If you choose to enjoy PlateJoy’s meal planning services, you are charged every 6 or 12 months and the amount you pay depends on the billing frequency you choose. Without a coupon, you pay:

  • $69 for the 6-month subscription;
  • $99 for the 12-month subscription.

That means that you pay $11.50 per month ($2.87 per week) with the 6-month subscription and $8.25 per month ($2.06 per week) with the 12-month subscription. However, if you take advantage of this special $10 discount, you pay even less. More specifically, the costs amount to:

  • $59 with the 6-month subscription;
  • $89 with the 12-month subscription.

Therefore, the coupon lets you get the 6-month subscription for $9.83 per month ($2.45 per week). If you use the coupon to purchase the 12-month subscription, you pay $7.41 per month ($1.85 per week).

If you convert the discount into free weeks of subscription, you arrive to the conclusion that you get at least 4 FREE weeks of effortless meal planning. Combine that with the standard 10-day free trial that the service offers and you get to use the service completely free of charge for about 40 days, which is pretty great.

The coupon expires soon, so be sure to claim your discount on time and enjoy multiple FREE weeks of joyful cooking with your personalized meal planner.

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