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UPDATED Jun. 2024
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Factor 75 brings you freshly cooked organic meals that taste amazing and suit a variety of diets. Whether you just want to eat healthily or wish to follow one of the most popular diets like keto and Paleo, this service has got your back. Its meals are crafted by pro chefs, they are ready to eat in 3 minutes, and now they are more affordable than ever thanks to these generous Factor 75 coupons we have found just for you.

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Factor Discount

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With Factor 75, the price per single-serving meal ranges from $11 to $15 and it depends on how many meals you order per week. As you order more food, the price per meal goes down. Therefore, you can expect to pay:

  • $60 per week if you order 4 meals ($15 per meal);
  • $77 per week if you get 6 meals ($12.83 per meal);
  • $99 per week in case you order 8 meals ($12.37 per meal);
  • $138 per week if you choose 12 meals ($11.50 per meal);
  • $198 per week if you want to enjoy 18 meals ($11.00 per meal).

In case you decide to make use of the first coupon, you get to save $40 on your first 2 orders, that is, $20 per delivery. Hence, you can save up to 33.33% per order. With this coupon, your weekly total during the first 2 weeks of your subscription would amount to:

  • $40 if you order 4 meals ($10 per meal);
  • $57 if you order 6 meals ($9.50 per meal);
  • $79 if you receive 8 meals ($9.87 per meal);
  • $118 if you get 12 meals ($9.83 per meal);
  • $178 if you get 18 meals ($9.88 per meal).

As you can see, with this amazing discount, the price per meal never exceeds $10, regardless of how much food you choose to order.

If you opt for the second coupon, the savings you get to enjoy are once again considerable. With $25 off your first order, your weekly total amounts to:

  • $35 if you get 4 meals ($8.75 per meal);
  • $52 if you receive 6 meals ($8.66 per meal);
  • $74 if you order 8 meals ($9.25 per meal);
  • $113 if you get 12 meals ($9.42 per meal);
  • $173 if you order 18 meals ($9.61 per meal).

Since Factor 75 subscriptions come with no contracts or long-term commitments, you can take advantage of these excellent savings opportunities, try out Factor 75 meals at much lower prices, and then decide whether you like the food enough to keep ordering.

Based on our experience and customer feedback, you are highly unlikely to be disappointed. Therefore, be sure to grab your discount before the coupons expire and enjoy some of the best prepared meals in America at some of the lowest prices on the market.

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Factor is an organic and non-GMO meal delivery service designed for people who care about what they eat. Enjoy Factor’s wide variety of nutritious meals to fit any lifestyle, including Ketogenic and Calorie Smart. Crafted by dietitians and culinary experts, each meal is so mouthwatering that you won’t believe it’s healthy. Each meal arrives ready …

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