Blue Apron’s Latest Kits Take Flexibility To The Next Level

February 19, 2019

Blue Apron meal kit delivery knows that in order to maintain its large customer base, it needs to come up with new ways to keep its patrons happy. From podcasts and handy mobile apps to interesting partnerships, Blue Apron has experimented with various innovation methods in an effort to keep up with changing customer needs and demands.

Its new line of recipe kits named Knick Knacks is just the latest in a series of novelties designed to make cooking with Blue Apron more fun and flexible. Let us discover what makes these new kits different from the ones in the company’s standard offer and where you can purchase them.

Blue Apron Knick Knacks

Useful Knick Knacks

Like most other meal kit services, Blue Apron brings you all the ingredients you need to cook delicious and healthy meals by following simple recipes created by the company’s culinary team. While convenient, this concept does not allow you to decide on the ingredients that go into your meals.

In contrast, Blue Apron Knick Knacks bring you exciting recipes and healthy, pre-portioned ingredients like sauces, spices, grains, and dairy, but they do not include any veg or proteins. Instead, they let you purchase the produce, meat, and fish that suit your preferences and budget.

In a way, Blue Apron Knick Knacks represent a perfect combination of the most positive aspects of meal kits and traditional home cooking. They make it easy for you to create restaurant-grade meals with special spice blends, chef-crafted sauces, and the highest-quality grains and dairy that are hard to come by. However, they also let you do the grocery shopping, thus offering an unusual level of flexibility and customizability.

The kits cost about $7.99 apiece and they can be purchased via’s City Grocery.  Unfortunately, this means that for now, only customers from the New York metropolitan area can give Blue Apron Knick Knacks a try, with the possibility to choose between same-day and next-day deliveries.

We hope that this intriguing project will prove successful and that soon enough, customers from all over the country will get the chance to cook with the convenient Knick Knacks.

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