Sunbasket To Become The First Online Food-As-Medicine Platform

December 12, 2018

Sunbasket has long been one of the top meal kit delivery services that focus on healthy cooking. With an experienced in-house nutritionist, top-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients, and a vast range of heart-healthy, allergy-friendly, and good-for-you recipes, it is an optimal solution for home cooks who want to improve their health through their diet.

Now, Sunbasket meal kit service is taking a step further in its efforts to deliver health on a plate. Namely, the company has appointed Dr. David Katz, the founder of Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, as its chief science advisor. Together with Dr. Katz, the meal kit giant hopes to transform its service into the world’s first ever online food-as-medicine platform.

Sun Basket As-Medicine Platform

Preventing Disease Through Nutrition

Making healthy eating easy has always been the primary goal of Sunbasket. With the help of Dr. Katz, a renowned physician and nutrition leader, as well as a number of his colleagues specializing in preventative and lifestyle medicine, Sunbasket will now help its patrons take full control of their dietary health without sacrificing their free time.

By offering easy-to-make meals designed to reduce the risk of preventable diseases, Sunbasket aims to allow its customers to transform their eating habits, avoid health problems, and improve their overall well-being with minimum effort. Considering that millions of Americans are at risk of preventable diseases, including cancer, this is more than great news for home cooks around the nation.

It is definitely true that you are what you eat and we hope that Sunbasket’s transformation into a food-as-medicine platform will help many Americans lead healthier lives and become more aware of the consequences of their dietary choices.

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