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UPDATED May 20. 2024.
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What A Crock is an innovative meal delivery service that allows you to stock up on its delicious, crock-pot-ready meals. What A Crock team does all the prep work for you, so all you have to do is place the meal into your slow cooker and enjoy it when it is done. This What A Crock review allows you to get acquainted with all aspects of this meal delivery service, from its rich menu and meal plans to the prices and ordering options.

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What Is What A Crock

What A Crock is a meal kit delivery service that specializes in slow-cooker-ready meals. It lets you choose the ordering method that works for you and provides everything you need to prepare your meals with minimum effort, hands-on time, and cleanup.

Particularly designed for fans of slow and easy cooking, this service acts as your grocery shopper, meal planner, and sous chef and makes it possible for you to spend minutes in the kitchen with delicious results. Its impressive offer includes everything from satisfying entrées to comforting soups and scrumptious desserts that you can just pop into your slow cooker or freezer.

In addition to doing virtually all the work for you, What A Crock also provides incredible flexibility. It allows you to decide how often you want to order, how many meal kits you want to get in your deliveries, and how many people you want to cook for. While it is a great fit for couples and families, it is designed with singles in mind as well, unlike most other services of its kind. Plus, it offers options for a rather vast range of special diets, thus satisfying the needs of home cooks with various dietary restrictions and preferences.

We would further like to emphasize that What A Crock is currently one of the cheapest meal kit services on the US market. Thus, this meal kit service does not only offer amazing menu variety, ordering flexibility, and convenience but also provides great value for your money.

How Does What A Crock Work

With What A Crock, you can cook for 1-6 people and order 1-4 meals per week with the 3 pre-defined meal plans, create a custom subscription with the Build A Box plan or order as many meals as you need as often as you wish with the single-order option.

The meals are prepared using fresh, natural ingredients, trimmed, chopped, and browned by pro chefs and frozen fresh to preserve the flavors and nutrients. All the meals you receive are ready to go into the slow cooker so the effort you have to invest into making your meals is the same as in the case of frozen dinners, just with better, more delicious results.

The company’s meals can be delivered to your home or you can pick them up yourself in one of the company’s stores if you happen to live nearby. Regardless of which ordering option you choose, you get to enjoy great flexibility. You can change your meal plan, skip a delivery or end your subscription whenever you wish.

What A Crock Review How It WorksParticularly designed for fans of slow and easy cooking, this service acts as your grocery shopper, meal planner, and sous chef and makes it possible for you to spend minutes in the kitchen with delicious results.

What Makes What A Crock Different

What A Crock team has come up with a creative way to allow you to spend virtually no time in the kitchen and still enjoy a delicious, homemade meal, created with the help from professionals. It offers everything from entrées, soups, and sides to dips and desserts, so you get to find out what desserts made in a slow cooker look and taste like (awesome – if you ask us).

As suggested previously in this What A Crock review, the service gives you plenty of room to customize your orders and adjust your deliveries to your schedule. You can order only once or as often as you want. You can also opt for a meal plan that suits your needs or create your own custom meal plan. You can order only a couple of meals or a whole bunch of them. You can have your meals delivered, stop by a store and just pick what you like or place an order and pick it up a day or two later, once it is ready. Plus, you get to save money by buying meal bundles or opting for meals that are currently on sale.

If you need a nice gift for someone and you need it fast, you can always opt for the What A Crock gift card. You can choose the value of the gift card, with the values ranging from $10 to $250, and purchase as many cards as you want at once.

What A Crock Meals And Recipes

What A Crock meal options
For Families
For Singles

In this section of our What A Crock review, we will offer a more detailed view of the meal plans and the company’s menu, so you could get a better sense of what is waiting for you in the What A Crock kitchen. Let us start with the plans.

What A Crock meals

The 4 meal plans at your disposal differ in the number of servings per meal and the number of meals per week. The 1-Person plan allows you to receive 3 or 4 single-serving meals per week. The 2-3-People plan allows you to receive 2, 3 or 4 meals per week for 2 hungry people or 3 people with average appetites. The 4-6-People plan is designed for families and people who love throwing dinner parties. It brings you 1, 2, 3 or 4 meals per week with 4-6 servings per meal, depending on the appetite. The Build A Box plan lets you decide on everything from the number of portions you want to receive (6-30) to the selection of meals in your order and the frequency of your deliveries.

Although the plans are referred to as weekly plans, they are not shipped weekly. With the 1-Person plan, the 2-3-Person plan including 2 or 3 meals per week, and the 4-6 Person plan including 1 meal per week, you get deliveries on a monthly basis. If you order 4 meals per week with the 2-3-Person plan or 2, 3 or 4 meals per week with the 4-6-Person plan, your orders are shipped bi-weekly. With the Build A Box, you can receive deliveries weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly.

If you opt for a one-off order, you have the whole menu at your disposal and you can decide which meals you want to cook and order as many portions of the same dish as you want. If you are not sure how many portions you need, the company offers a handy portions chart that allows you to easily figure out how many people you can feed with 1-4 portions of its meals.

What A Crock meals

When purchasing individual meals, you can take a look at the full menu or browse by categories. The categories include beef, chicken, pork, seafood, vegetarian and vegan, low-carb, lean eating, and gluten-free meals, as well as soups and sides, dips, desserts, and meals that are on sale. There are dozens upon dozens of meals at your disposal, so you can easily find something you want to try.

The company also offers particularly affordable weekly meal bundles, which include 5 dinners and an appetizer. You can order for 1-6 people. There are as many as 13 bundles at your disposal, designed with different special dietary needs, tastes, and occasions in mind.

We would like to emphasize that the menus differ depending on whether you are ordering online and having the meals shipped to you or you are picking up the meals at a store. At all times, you can view both the shipping menu and the selection meals available at each of the company’s stores.

How Much Does What A Crock Cost

What A Crock charges per portion. With one-off orders, each kit comes at its own custom price, ranging from $3.99 to $13.99 per serving. With subscriptions, you pay $5.20 – $9.83 per serving (the more food you order, the lower the price per serving).

With the weekly bundles, the price depends on the number of people you want to cook for. The 1-Person bundles cost $7.85 per serving, the 2-3-People bundles cost $5.88 per serving, and the 4-6-Person bundles are the most affordable ones and cost $5.44 per serving.

What A Crock Review Menu and Pricing

As far as the meal plans are concerned, the prices depend on both the number of meals and the number of servings per meal. The 1-Person plan costs $9.16 per serving if you are ordering 3 meals per week and $8.49 per serving if you are ordering 4 meals per week. The price per serving with the 2-3-People plan is $5.66 if you order 2 meals per week, $5.52 if you get 3 meals per week, and $5.39 if you get 4 meals per week. With the 4-6-People plan, the price per serving is $5.66 if you order 1 meal per week, $5.37 if you order 2 meals per week, $5.27 for 3 meals per week, and $5.20 for 4 meals per week. With the Build A Box plan, the prices start at $58.99 per week or $9.83 per portion.

Where Does What A Crock Deliver

What A Crock delivers its meal kits throughout the continental United States. Its delivery map is divided into 6 zones, with the zones differing in the minimum order threshold, the free shipping threshold, and the shipping costs for smaller orders.

The states that fall within What A Crock’s discounted shipping area include Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico. Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia residents get free shipping at $99 and discounted shipping starting at $40.

What A Crock Meals to Go Shipping

The company also delivers to Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia. In these states, with the minimum order of $99 the shipping is free and discounted on all orders over $40.

Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi residents also get the free shipping starting at $99 and discounted over $60. For Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas free shipping starts at $199 and discounted at $99. North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska get free shipping only with the minimum order of $299 and discounted over $99.

What A Crock meals can be picked up at the company’s stores in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at Booths Corner Farmers Market in Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania, and at Quakertown Farmers Market in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

If you are in a hurry, you can place your order online for in-store pickup. The orders are usually ready in just 20 minutes. At Fierce Nutrition in Ridley, Pennsylvania, you can place your order ahead of time and get a notification from the staff when the order is ready, usually in one or two days.

What A Crock Pros And Cons

To make sure What A Crock meets all your standards and expectations, it is important to know its biggest advantages and disadvantages. With a short overview of its pros and cons, you can easily decide if What A Crock is the right meal kit service for you.

  • Fresh, good-for-you ingredients
  • Incredible range of meals
  • All meals crock-pot-ready
  • Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan meals
  • Offers entrées, sides, soups, dips, and desserts
  • Multiple ordering options
  • Reasonable prices


  • Free shipping only on orders over $99 or $199
  • Minimum order

Sample Dishes

If you subscribe to What A Crock, you can easily prepare culinary masterpieces using only the ingredients and recipes found in your meal kit box. You may not be a pro chef just yet, but with What A Crock, you can easily make restaurant-grade meals. You don’t have to take our word for it – check out the images below to get a better idea of the types of dishes you can enjoy with What A Crock.

Bottom Line

If you like slow cooker dishes and want to enjoy delicious meals without spending a lot of time in the kitchen, What A Crock may be just what you need. From gourmet entrées, soups, and sides to incredible slow cooker desserts, you can find dozens of tasty dishes on the What A Crock menu and have them delivered as often as you want in the desired quantity. You also get to save money by opting for in-store pickup, purchasing meals on sale or opting for weekly bundles or one of its meal plans. To conclude our What A Crock review, this meal delivery service offers incredible flexibility, maximum convenience, and ultimately delicious meals, all at a price you can afford.

User Reviews (9)

What A Crock is rated 5/5, based on 9 user reviews.

The What A Crock reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the service reviewed here. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  1. | October 20, 2021

    This company is awesome but this review is way outdated. They ship to way more states and there are no minimum orders.

  2. | August 25, 2021

    Everything from how fast the meals arrived to how the food tasted was AMAZING. My new favorite!

  3. | August 8, 2021

    Thoe portions are huge the food is amazing and the customer service is top-notch. I cant say enough good things about this company! Why are they not #1 or the prepared foods review?

  4. | May 14, 2021

    My fav by far I feel like I tried most of the companies out there and this is by far the easiest and most reliable not to mention the meals are fantastic!

  5. | May 13, 2020

    I love this company from start to finish the whole experience was amazing. The food, the customer service, and the value.

  6. | September 12, 2019

    This is by far the best service I have used. There is NO PREP and the food is fantastic. The portions are large and the customer service is out of this world. I bought a gift card for my mother who is in her 90s after I tried it and she loves it too. Give this place a shot!

  7. | February 27, 2019

    This company is by far the best service I have tried, unlike the other companies there is no prep for the customer and the food is outstanding. If I’m to busy to shop for my meals then I am probably too busy to spend 45 minutes to an hour in the kitchen prepping them. With What a Crock I literally cut a bag open and turn on my slow cooker and my job is done. Give this place a shot and thank me later!

    • Carolyn M | September 8, 2021

      A friend gave me a gift certificate earlier this year and we have been ordering ever since. We had tried another meal service that just didn’t work for us. I like that I can put the meals in the freezer and use as needed. If the meal doesn’t come with vegetables I can easily make a salad or other side dish. The quality is excellent and everything tastes homemade. My husband’s favorite is the sausage meatballs which I order almost everytime. I get an extra serving so that we can have 2 meals. Highly recommend What a Crock!

  8. | April 12, 2018

    5 Stars all the way from value to taste to convince to customer service this company is a life saver for a busy mom! What a Crock has made my busy schedule so much more bearable and the food is amazing.

  9. | March 10, 2018

    Great food servings are huge and the customer service is outstanding. I am currently on a meal plan with this company and everything has been top notch.

  10. | February 8, 2018

    I cant say enough good things about this company. The quality, quantity, and taste all exceed expectations and the customer service just puts the cherry on top. I had a very small issue with one of my meals (it was missing a pack of rice) after reaching out they went above and beyond to make sure I was happy.
    Delivery was also fantastic. After reading a little about the company I realized they are a smaller family owned business and because of that I did not expect to receive my meals very quickly but but I place my first order at 9 am on a Thursday and they where waiting for me Friday when I came home from work, I placed my second order on a Sunday evening and had my meals waiting for me on Tuesday. Give them a try you will not be disappointed!

  11. | January 13, 2018

    I had my first order arrive last week. The meals are not only delicious but the portions are huge! We love this service and how convenient it is to cook. We tried other services in the past but didn’t always have the time to spend 30 minutes to an hour in the kitchen to cook them. With What a Crock we just place the meal in the crock pot in the morning and its ready when we get home that night. I also love the fact they come frozen that way if something pops up I don’t have to worry about them going bad if I don’t eat them right away.

  12. | September 22, 2017

    Great meals, low prices, I love it.

  13. | August 26, 2017

    Hands down, the best meals in PA. Not that expensive either.

  14. | August 3, 2017

    I hate that the meals are frozen, they don’t taste the same as the ones I make from fresh ingredients. I’ll give them one more shot, but so far, not impressed.

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