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UPDATED June 10. 2024.
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Hungryroot is a brand of healthy packaged foods that aims to make clean eating effortless by sending you foods that can be enjoyed on their own, used with what you have in your fridge, or combined to create good-for-you dishes in just 10 minutes. It is delivered to your door and offers great convenience and personalization. This rather unique New York-based service was founded in 2015 and its popularity has been steadily growing ever since.

Its product offering is innovative and constantly expanding and although it focuses on plant-based foods, it has delicious options for omnivores and fish lovers as well. Read our in-depth Hungryroot review to find out what it is like to cook with Hungryroot and get valuable info on its variety, meal options, and prices.

hungryroot box delivered

Our Hungryroot delivery is here and it looks great, not a single scratch!


What Is Hungryroot

Hungryroot is a subscription-based delivery service whose offer includes ready-to-cook, ready-to-heat, grab n’ go, and combine n’ eat dishes and dish components. Designed for busy individuals, all Hungryroot foods are ready to eat in up to 15 minutes.

Just like numerous other services on the market, Hungryroot was launched with the aim of making healthy eating easy. However, its founder Ben McKean has come up with a rather original way to achieve this ambitious goal.

Unlike meal kit services, Hungryroot does not provide ingredients that you need to wash, trim or chop. Unlike prepared meal deliveries, it allows you to make the food on your table truly your own by combining the company’s products whichever way you see fit. In other words, Hungryroot aims to conform to your lifestyle instead of making you conform to its plans.

Speaking of the company’s plans, they are readily customizable in the sense that you can add or remove items based on your taste and desires. However, there are plenty more ways to personalize your orders or help the Hungryroot team assemble a perfect box for you and thus save you the trouble of editing your weekly menu yourself.

Hungryroot Review Homepage

You can state your preferences so you never get anything you cannot or do not want to eat. The available options allow you to limit the selection of items in your deliveries to vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free or soy-free meals and meal components.

Furthermore, you can heart the items you want to get in your future deliveries and rate the ones you have tried already, letting Hungryroot know how much you liked them. That way, you allow the service to get to know you, so it can offer better recommendations in the future.

How Does Hungryroot Work

With Hungryroot, you can choose from 3 plan sizes suitable for singles, couples, and families. All three plans bring you weekly deliveries of healthy foods. You can get a curated selection of Hungryroot products or customize your order to your taste.

The plan sizes available include Small, Medium, and Large. No matter which option you choose, you get to enjoy items from every Hungryroot product category. The plans exclusively differ in the number of items included in the box.

The Small Plan is designed with singles in mind, but it can work just as well for couples who need some quick-to-make goodness to supplement their home-cooked meals. With this plan, you get 11 items that include veggies, grains, proteins, sauces, grab n’ go breakfasts, snacks, and sweets.

The Medium plan is made for couples, although it can work for families as well. It includes 16 items. Just like the Small plan, it also includes veggies, grains, proteins, sauces, grab n’ go breakfasts, snacks, and sweets to satisfy your cravings throughout the day.

hungryroot booklet

Whether you want to cook, heat or grab a plate right away, Hungryroot has got you covered. Its foods can be enjoyed in a variety of forms, at home or at work.

Finally, the Large plan is best suited for families. It includes a curated or customized assortment of 21 items. Of course, the weekly deliveries includes veggies, grains, proteins, sauces, grab n’ go breakfasts, snacks, and treats as well.

It is good to know that there is no minimum subscription period and you do not have to receive deliveries every week. You can skip any delivery, modify your order or cancel your subscription whenever you wish. It is only important to remember that the cutoff to make these changes is 3 pm EST the Wednesday before your delivery is scheduled.

What Makes Hungryroot Different

Hungryroot’s approach to the business is unlike most we have encountered so far. It is neither an ordinary meal delivery nor a conventional meal kit service. It does offer ready-to-heat meals, but that is not what it explicitly focuses on. It does provide meal components that you can easily cook and/or combine to make a meal, but it does not sell meal kits per se. You may now be wondering what it is exactly that Hungryroot offers.

In essence, Hungryroot is dedicated to providing wholesome foods of all sorts, from freshly cut veg, healthy proteins, grains, and pastas to tasty sauces and dressings. It brings you pieces of a puzzle and you are in charge of putting them together. The best of all is that you can complete the puzzle in a matter of minutes and you get to decide what the end result is. You can get paired or unpaired meal components, you can cook, heat or just combine, and you can get a full meal that you can enjoy straight away if you are not in the mood to get creative. Simply put, your meal can be anything you want it to be.

hungryroot box opened

Unique in its concept, Hungryroot provides all-natural and organic foods that perfectly fit a busy schedule and leave plenty of room for customization.

It is also important to emphasize that Hungryroot is not only about personalization and saving time. It is about healthy eating as well. Its items are always free from artificial ingredients, they are certified organic and non-GMO whenever possible, and last but not least, they are fresh and nutrient-dense, so they give your body exactly what it needs.

If you happen to like what this service is offering and want to give the gift of Hungryroot food to your friends and family, you can purchase an e-gift card and treat someone special to 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks’ worth of Hungryroot meals. You can choose between the Small, Medium, and Large gift subscriptions, which are not automatically renewed and cost the same as standard subscriptions.

Hungryroot is dedicated to providing wholesome foods of all sorts, from freshly cut veg, healthy proteins, grains, and pastas to tasty sauces and dressings. It brings you pieces of a puzzle and you are in charge of putting them together. The best of all is that you can complete the puzzle in a matter of minutes and you get to decide what the end result is.

Hungryroot Meals and Recipes

Hungryroot meal options
For Seniors

Now we come to the most exciting part of our Hungryroot review. It is time to take a look at the menu. The company’s offer always includes 20+ items, but the possibilities are endless. The selection changes weekly for optimal freshness and variety and the items are divided into 8 categories, including Fresh-Cut Vegetables, Grains And Pastas, Sauces And Dressings, Proteins, Grab-And-Go, Sweets, Jazzy Extras, and Combinations.

In the Fresh-Cut Vegetables section, you can find items that can serve as veggie sides or healthy salads. You can get butternut squash, kohlrabi or zucchini noodles, broccoli or cauliflower rice, pea snaps, a nice salad mix or any of about a dozen healthy meal components that can bring color and nutrients onto your plate. Everything is prepped and ready to be combined with other tasty elements.

hungryroot products

We have got something from every Hungryroot product category and we only have 2 dilemmas – what to eat first and can we wait for the cookie dough to come out of the oven or should we just grab some spoons and dig in?

The Grains And Pastas category includes half a dozen items focusing on whole grains. You can get single-grain items, grain blends or healthy pastas with unusual ingredients like turmeric or red lentil for an extra splash of color and flavor.

Sauces and dressings are there to elevate the dish with their smooth texture and exciting taste. They are not too numerous, with about 10 items available, give or take a bit. However, they are always creative and delicious, so you can look forward to kale pesto, cashew and cheddar mixes, avocado crema, and more.

The Proteins section features just short of a dozen items, including plant-based proteins, meat, and fish. Whether you are interested in legumes, tofu, smoked roasted salmon or meat-and-veg sausage, you can find it all on the Hungryroot menu.

Grab-And-Go items come in various shapes and forms, but what they all have in common is that you can enjoy them immediately. You can opt for healthy salads, innovative chilis, comforting curry, overnight oats, muesli, and granola, and other wholesome delights that you can enjoy at the office or anywhere you go.

If you are in the mood for a guilt-free treat, you can grab something from the Sweets section, which includes half a dozen healthy delights like oatmeal spice and almond chickpea cookie dough, black bean brownie batter, and peanut butter coconut cookies.

Jazzy Extras are just that – fun additions that provide that extra crunch, boost the flavor of your meals or simply make the dish more exciting. They come in the form of crunchy nuts and beans, hot sauces, smooth butters, fragrant herbs, and other tasty toppings and garnishes.

hungryroot lentil salad

Enjoying Hungryroot’s smoky green lentil salad straight out of the box. Hands-down, one of the best lentil salads on the market, seasoned to perfection.

Finally, we come to Combinations or in plain words, mixes of several components that make up a full meal. If you are not feeling inspired, you can simply grab a combination and make a meal in accordance with Hungryroot chefs’ suggestions. Combinations generally yield 2 servings.

As suggested previously in this Hungryroot review, the menu is designed for omnivores, pescatarians, vegetarians, vegans, and people on the gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and soy-free diets. The items are generally low in calories, so no matter how you combine them, the end result is unlikely to contain more than 500 calories. Since you can purchase meal components individually, you get to dictate portion size yourself, adding more components or reducing the number of elements according to your appetite.

Since the company only sources the freshest natural ingredients, organic whenever possible, great flavor and texture are guaranteed. What is also great is that the meals can last for at least 5 days in the fridge, so you do not have to worry about the food going bad before you get a chance to enjoy it.

As far as the preparation is concerned, many items are ready to eat and can be enjoyed straight from the box. Ready-to-cook meals normally come with recipes including just 2 or 3 steps and require you to either cook the food on your stovetop for 10 minutes or bake for 20 minutes and combine the elements of the meal into a perfect dish. There is no chopping or slicing or prep of any kind. The meals are microwaveable, but the company recommends cooking them on a stovetop.

How Much Does Hungryroot Cost

With Hungryroot, the price of your weekly delivery is exclusively determined by the meal plan you choose. The Small plan (11 items) costs $69 per week, the Medium plan (16 items) costs $99 per week while the Large plan (21 items) costs $129 per week. Thus, you pay $6.14 to $6.27 per product, which is rather fair.

Hungryroot Recipes

With Hungryroot’s straightforward pricing, you can have fun picking and choosing. The boxes always cost the same, no matter which healthy treats you order.

It is important to emphasize that all orders come with free ground shipping. If you opt for air shipping, a $10 shipping fee applies to every delivery.

Hungryroot meal plans
Items per weekPrice per weekPrice per item
Items per weekPrice per weekPrice per item
Items per weekPrice per weekPrice per item

Where Does Hungryroot Deliver

Hungryroot products are available in all 48 continental US states and Washington DC. Alaska and Hawaii are currently outside the company’s delivery map. Packages are delivered on weekdays and you can choose the delivery day that suits your schedule. However, the available delivery days depend on your location.

Your order should arrive between 8 am and 9 pm on the day you selected. You do not have to be at home to receive the delivery, as long as there is a safe place where the driver can leave your box.

The food is shipped in insulated boxes with ice packs designed to keep the food fresh for 48 hours. If there is something wrong with your shipment (e.g. damaged or spoiled goods or missing items), you can get in touch with the support staff and request credit for the items you are not satisfied with.

Hungryroot Pros And Cons

To make sure Hungryroot meets all your standards and expectations, it is important to know its biggest advantages and disadvantages. With a short overview of its pros and cons, you can easily decide if Hungryroot is the right meal delivery service for you.

  • Fresh, natural ingredients, organic whenever possible
  • Ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook meals and meal components
  • Dozens of items on the menu
  • Suitable for omnivores, pescatarians, vegetarians, and vegans
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and soy-free options
  • Readily customizable meals and meal plans
  • Free ground shipping


  • Meals cannot be purchased a la carte

Sample Snacks

Hungryroot features an impressive collection of snacks in its offer. To get a better idea of what you will receive in your delivery, check out our curated selection of the items you can enjoy with Hungryroot.

The menu is designed for omnivores, pescatarians, vegetarians, vegans, and people on the gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and soy-free diets. The items are generally low in calories, so no matter how you combine them, the end result is unlikely to contain more than 500 calories.

Bottom Line

Hungryroot is certainly one of the most interesting services we have encountered so far. We are quite honestly impressed by the basic concept that is somewhere in between meal kit and prepared meal delivery and provides significantly more room for personalization. The menu is rich, the ingredients are of superior quality, and there are so many options for special diets. The prices are more than ok and shipping is free, which is not that common nowadays.

Even though we applaud Hungryroot for making its meal plans so easily customizable, we would just like to see a bit more flexibility in terms of ordering options. A la carte menus are always welcome since not all potential customers may be interested in a subscription. Still, we are more than satisfied with this company’s offer and believe that it is a great solution for everyone from busy vegans to omnivores interested in improving their diet with less hassle.

Hungryroot FAQ

Is Hungryroot worth it?

Hungryroot offers good value for your money. Its products are healthy and nutrient-dense, they are free from artificial ingredients, and they are ready to eat in 0-10 minutes. Subscription plans are easily customizable and reasonably priced.

How can I cancel Hungryroot?

Start by logging into your account. Click the Settings button. Scroll to the bottom and click Edit. Choose the Cancel Account option. If you wish, state your reason for canceling. Click the Cancel Your Bundle button to complete the process.

Is Hungryroot organic?

Hungryroot uses organic ingredients whenever possible. However, not all of its ingredients are certified organic.

Where can I buy Hungryroot products?

You can order Hungryroot products via the official Hungryroot website. Alternatively, you can purchase them at the company’s retail store in Manhattan (909 Broadway).

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User Reviews (8)

Hungryroot is rated 4/5, based on 8 user reviews.

The Hungryroot reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the service reviewed here. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  1. | March 16, 2020

    My husband and I came down with some horrible ‘bug’ the first of January. We were both too weak to cook. We are still fighting it. Our daughters began sending us a package of Hungryroot in February. What an incredible gift it was to us. We were treated to vegan meals that were wonderful . We especially enjoy the vegan burgers. The sausage, not so much. The salads and vegetables were fresh and so easy to prepare . The supply of foodwas super. We are not big eaters, and had enough for 8-12 meals per box.

    I am so grateful for this service… and for our daughters doing this for us. Thanks to all of you who made this possible.

  2. | January 30, 2020

    I got my first box yesterday, so I wanted to offer a first impression review. Sadly, my box was missing 2 items. They won’t send replacements (which is what I think they should do), but they did offer credit towards my next box. I tried dinner last night by making my own recipe. I didn’t like the black bean, cucumber, etc. salad because it had lots of vinegar in it. Just a personal taste thing. As I ate only half, I am going to try rinsing the second half before cooking and just adding olive oil back to it. I won’t order that item again though. I tried the corn tortillas and the cashew cheese with it. The corn tortillas were good quality, but too thick. As it came in a 12 pack and I used 2 (1 would have been better in retrospect), I have some to experiment with. I think I would like them better baked with a tomato sauce or something, but again, I doubt I’d reorder this. As for the “cheese” sauce, I really didn’t like it and I am 99% sure I won’t reorder. It tasted more like cashews trying to be cheese and I just wish it had been cashew butter, lol. I am not vegetarian or vegan, so I’ll add my own cheese from now on, but it was fun to try. I also added their chicken and probiotic hot sauce. Was the chicken anything special? No. But if it is from chickens that were not fed a hormone laden diet, I am happy about that. I would reorder if I continue getting HR, but I could see getting it elsewhere too. Now the probiotic sauce was something special! A kimchi based hot sauce that adds not only flavor but probiotics! Yum.

    I still have lots of food left to try. I am excited about some of it and skeptical about some. The lentil fusilli (I think it is), looks pretty good. I’m counting on loving the kale pesto, the salmon, the thai peanut sauce. Whether or not I reorder may come down to whether or not the items that really fit my taste live up to expectations. I also understand there will be some trial and error in finding out what I like and don’t like. But my biggest con by far is that 2 items were missing. One was a package of cauliflower linguine–a central item to make a meal. I guess I will have to go out and get some less healthy pasta at the store to make up for it. That is something I wanted to avoid–running to the store to supplement HR food outside of milk, eggs, and very few other staples. So that makes them lose a point in my mind. If they had said they could ship the missing items overnight, they would have regained the point, but instead they won’t ship. This makes me wonder if this happens more often than it should. So, they lose another point for not making up for their mistake by providing the items I selected and paid for. I won’t take away a third point for taste because it was only one meal and the ingredients do look fresh (with the possible exception of the butternut squash ‘noodles’). So, I’ll reserve judgment there.

    My overall impression is that they are certainly worth a try if you think you’ll like their food. I do suggest customizing, even with your first order, rather than just letting them send you anything they want. It is pretty easy to do, except for coming up with the exact number of points. (Letting you pay extra to add points if you have only 1 or 2 left would be a good option. This probably won’t make sense unless you order from them, have only 1 point left, and see that there aren’t many 1 point options). I also wish they had more items, but I think they are working on that. It could become boring too quickly if you want to use them as your main source of food week after week. So even if I like them and continue to order, there will probably be weeks that I’ll skip to take a break. At least skipping a week is an option, though it seems you can only do it week by week, unlike other plans where you can skip multiple weeks in advance. (For example, I also have a subscription to Daily Harvest, but I only want smoothies and coconut carrot curry soup every once in a while, so I have skipped around 2 months on that sub account.)

    I ended up skipping the week following this first delivery because I want more time to try the food. If I like it, I will get another order. If items are missing from that order, I will take it as a sign that the company cannot handle the customers they currently have and I will most likely cancel. After all, when you take time to plan your groceries and recipes carefully, as I did, missing a major item is more than inconvenient and they could only make up for it, in reality, by sending you that item. Since they won’t do that, they really need to improve their shipping quality and ensure each order is fulfilled correctly. But, thinking on the bright side and assuming all goes well, I have a feeling I will continue with HR for a while, trying every item I might like and only skipping those I know I won’t like. (I love miso–not on their menu–but hate tofu, for example.) Then, if they are good quality items (seems likely) that taste good (yet to be seen) I will order until I need a break or decide they don’t offer enough variety for me to even order every once in a while. So I say look into them, but don’t expect perfection right off the bat.

  3. | September 20, 2019

    Although I liked the food that Hungryroot provided, the service is terrible. And they cannot supply the demand of their customers so they just send them anything they have available. Even items that are on the DO NOT SEND list. Very disappointed in the company so I canceled my subscription.

    • Stephanie | February 26, 2020

      Maybe something has changed since then but I’ve found their customer service to be very responsive and helpful. On rare occasions they do have to substitute items or an incorrect item is shipped but they never question if you are not happy for any reason and credit you for items you have an issue with.

  4. | July 28, 2019

    Hungry Root is awesome. As someone who lives in NYC and has a pretty busy schedule, it’s hard to spend a lot of time cooking and eating healthy. The meals provided by Hungry root are so easy to make and the meals are so fresh. I honestly feel better/healthier by eating these meals. The cost per meal is the same or less than I would spend eating out, especially in NYC. Highly recommend this for someone who is looking to improve their diet with minimal cooking effort.

  5. | February 4, 2019

    I have been eating Hungryroot for about two months now. I love it! I look forward to seeing what will be in my next box and occasionally will change something on the order to another option. It’s a good value and very healthy. I got the “good life” package for just me and eat the leftovers from the day before for breakfast or lunch the next day. It is enough food for a full week, two meals a day, for one person.

  6. | June 10, 2018

    Just discovered Hungryroots, a colleague brought their pad thai fried rice to work and it looked real good so we shared. I can’t remember having a better meal ever since I switched to plant based. I ordered the starter set today, if everything is as good as the rice, I’m getting a lifetime subscription 😀

  7. | April 18, 2018

    Everything great except for the portions, could be larger. I can eat the whole meal myself and it’s supposed to be 2 servings.

  8. | April 15, 2018

    Got my first box yesterday, loved the packaging and everything looked and smelled really nice. I was just surprised that there are such great differences in taste and quality among meals, some were awesome and some just meh. But I guess it takes a couple of orders to figure out what you like.

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