RealEats: A Different Approach to Meal Delivery

June 15, 2023
RealEats Future of Meal Delivery Homepage

We just love writing about meal delivery companies that are trying to make a difference. And RealEats is a perfect example of such a company. They use something we would classify as a wholistic approach to meal deliveries. Firstly, they are located in the Finger Lakes agricultural region also known as the “Bread Basket” of New York State. This means that all of the ingredients their chefs use are locally farmed and always fresh. However, they’re also making a huge impact on the local economy. According to a 2012 study by Cornell, the region’s agriculture and food system output was whopping $9.2 billion. A real American success story. If you want to know more, we recommend you read our detailed RealEats Review.

Both the customers who use the RealEats meal delivery service and people who work on these farms and support systems benefit from such an approach. Of course, it goes without say that they use no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. The recipes are feature as few ingredients as possible. However, the biggest difference is the very method they use to prepare the meals. Think of it as a variation of the famous French sous vide technique. Sous Vide means under vacuum and their proprietary Fresh Packs™ are making sure the meals you receive will be just as tasty as they were the moment they were prepared. They are 100% food safe, BPA- and phthalate-free, and do not leach chemicals of any kind into your food.

We also have to say that there’s something about actually seeing the meal you’re going to eat. The special pouch is transparent and you can see how your meal looks and even feel its texture if you take the pouch in your hands. These meals are not frozen and they do not contain any special chemicals that some meal delivery companies use in order to keep their meals “alive”. You can even store your RealEats meals in your fridge for up to seven days! And they can be ready in just six minutes. We recommend that you place them in boiling water although you can use your microwave as well.

Finally, you’ve probably heard of meal delivery subscription services, tricking you into ordering a lot of food without you even trying it first. RealEats is not a subscription and you can choose how many meals you want to order of your own free will, if we have to be dramatic. And we have to be because we’ve seen too many companies using this method. If you like their meals, and we think you’re going to love them, simply order them again. This method is very simple and intuitive but more importantly it gives the customer total control over the order.

Now you’re probably wondering how much does all of this cost. Well, the price per meal varies from $10 to $12, depending on how many meals you’re ordering. Top 10 Meal Deliveries can help you with that because we have a special RealEats coupon code just for our readers. If you enter code: REAL20, you will get $20 off plus free shipping. The minimum order is just four meals, so you can try this meal delivery service and see how you feel about it almost risk-free.

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