Nutrisystem For Men

November 8, 2017

Nutrisystem is one of the rare meal delivery services focusing on weight loss that understand that men and women neither gain nor lose weight the same way. That is why this company offers special meal plans designed to suit the dietary needs of gentlemen who are trying to shed pounds and improve their health.

nutrisystem for men

What Nutrisystem For Men Can Do For You

With Nutrisystem’s weight loss program for men, you get to eat 5 times a day, enjoy fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables, and improve your diet with professionally designed meals and snacks delivered straight to your doorstep. Apart from offering ready-to-go meals, Nutrisystem teaches you how to eat healthily on your own by providing simple recipes and guidelines that help instill proper eating habits. By sticking to the program, you get to lose 1 to 2 lbs. per week on average.

Nutrisystem Plans For Men

You can choose between the Basic, Core, and Uniquely Yours plans particularly designed for men.

With the Basic plan, you get 4 weeks’ worth of pre-selected meals and snacks. The Basic plan for men differs from the standard version of the plan in that it contains one extra daily snack. The price starts at $11.39 per day.

The Core plan allows you to choose your own meals and snacks. The menu at your disposal includes more than 100 delicious items. Along with the food, you get unlimited support from Nutrisystem experts including weight loss counselors and dietitians and you gain access to handy tools and trackers that can help you stick to the plan. The price starts at $12.11 per day.

The Uniquely Yours plan is the most flexible option. With this plan, you can choose from more than 150 meals and snacks and customize your plan with as much frozen food as you need. Furthermore, you get to create your own custom combination of fresh and frozen food, with unlimited mixing and matching, so your plan can perfectly fit your lifestyle. The price starts at $13.71.

In addition to the previously described 3 plans for omnivorous gentlemen, Nutrisystem offers a 4-week vegetarian plan for men that costs $13.71 per day. For men who suffer from diabetes, the company has designed 3 plans – Diabetes Basic, Diabetes Core, and Diabetes Uniquely Yours for men.  The prices of diabetes plans range between $11.39 and $13.71 per day. All orders come with free FedEx shipping.

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