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UPDATED Aug. 2020
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Atkins is possibly the most famous low-carb diet around and thanks to handy meal plans and ready-to-eat diet food from Atkins Meal Delivery, it is now super-easy to follow. You can lose upward of 8 pounds in a month while saving cash with the best Atkins Meal Delivery coupon we have found for you.

We found 1 verified Atkins Meal Delivery promo code for August, 2020.

Atkins Meal Delivery Discount

10% Off Get 10% Off Entire Purchase Sitewide!

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With this special deal, there is no limit on how much money you can save on your Atkins Meal Delivery orders. Save $10 for every $100 you spend and get your Atkins kits, shakes, bars, and more at even better prices!

To illustrate, you can get:

  • The Easy Peasy meal kit for $81.19 instead of $97.99, save $16.80 per kit, and pay just $3.14 per serving;
  • The Evening Chef meal kit for $80.99 instead of $89.99, save $9 per kit, and get your meals, snacks and shakes for $2.89 per serving;
  • The Frozen Foodie meal kit for $67.49 instead of $74.99, save $7.50 per kit, and pay as little as $4.82 per single-serving meal;
  • 12 servings of Atkins Plus Chocolate Shake for $21.57 instead of $23.97, save $2.40 per pack, and enjoy your shakes at the price of $1.79 per serving;
  • The 30-count Meal Bar Bestseller pack for $47.46 instead of $52.74, save $5.28 per pack, and pay $1.58 per bar;
  • 90 Milk Chocolate Caramel Squares for $32.34 instead of $35.94, save $3.60 per pack, and pay a mere $0.35 per square.

The best of all is that the more you order, the more cash you get to save. Keeping in mind that there is no minimum or maximum order value, you can save anywhere between a few bucks and several hundred dollars, depending on how much food you order. Since Atkins Meal Delivery products have a long shelf life (up to 12 months), you can fill your cupboard and your freezer with your favorites without worrying about the food going bad and make the most out of the generous discount.

Be sure to take advantage of this excellent offer and do not forget that if you subscribe, you get an extra 8% discount plus FREE shipping on all orders over $50! Huge savings are just a click away.

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