BurgaBox Stops Shipping Its Craft Burgers

October 16, 2019

Praised by the likes of Guy Fieri and Rachel Ray, BurgaBox was one of the finest sources of original burgers packed with super-juicy beef patties, secret rubs and spices, plenty of extras, and delicious sides in ample portions. After trying it out, we honestly thought that it was a service destined for success.

BurgaBox closed services

However, since December 2017, the service has stopped fulfilling orders. It is not officially out of business and the message on its website says that the BurgaBox team is busy in the kitchen, working on the company’s next spectacular creation. Still, after so much time, we cannot say that we are positive that the service will resume its operations, even though we honestly hope it will.

While there is no food delivery quite like BurgaBox, we have more than a few interesting alternatives for you to try out while you are waiting for the service’s not-so-likely comeback. We definitely recommend checking out the best meal kit delivery services that regularly feature unique burgers on their menus and the best meat delivery services that provide premium patties for custom burgers of your own making.

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