What Is A Beer Club

March 28, 2016

Beer lovers, the day has come! We can order fast food, we can order healthy food, we can order wine and now we can order premium craft beer and wait for it in the comfort of our homes. How is it possible? Well, someone got the idea to open a beer club and the rest followed.

What is a beer club exactly? Beer clubs are delivery services that are created in order to provide beer enthusiasts with magnificent craft beers, which are delivered to your doorstep.

What Is A Beer Club

How Does A Beer Club Work?

Beer clubs provide carefully selected craft beers for their customers. Some of them, like Craft Beer Club, pick the best domestic beers while others such as The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club pay equal attention to both domestic and international beers.

Most beer clubs offer different club memberships to their customers. As a member of a beer club, you get hand-picked craft beers delivered to your doorstep. With most clubs, you can choose how many bottles you want to receive and how often you want to receive them. Boxes usually contain 12 bottles of extraordinary craft beer, but there are clubs that send 4 or 8 bottles, for instance.

How Often Can I Get Beer

The frequency of your delivery depends on the beer club of your choice and on your membership. The majority of clubs deliver beer monthly, but some of them also offer bi-monthly and/or quarterly subscription. Noble Brewer, for instance, only offers quarterly delivery. The reason is quite simple. This beer club works as a bond between home brewers and big breweries. The process of finding first-class homemade beer and getting it to the brewery is very complex and time-consuming, so they can’t possibly offer monthly delivery.

Where Can I Get Beer

You can get craft beer delivered almost everywhere in the United States. Check the website of a beer club you find interesting or call their customer support to make sure they deliver to your area. Unless you live in Utah or Alaska, there probably won’t be any problems.

Can I Send Beer As A Gift?

Are Beer Clubs Worth ItAbsolutely. Beer clubs know that their members want to share their passion for excellent craft beers with their loved ones. Therefore, beer clubs offer various gifts for beer lovers. You can send a beer basket, gift a membership to someone or even send cigars, cheese or flowers, like you can as a member of The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club.

There is also a beer club that only delivers gifts. This club is called Give Them Beer and they have the most incredible gift offers. Their selection is very colorful. There are baskets that only contain beer and then there are baskets with pretzels, peanuts, and even chocolate. In case you don’t think any of the offered baskets are a good choice, you can also make your own basket arrangement.

Are Beer Clubs Worth It?

As a member of a beer club, you get a chance to taste delicious beer from lesser-known breweries from all over the world or discover the gems of American beer-making. Every beer you receive is of the highest quality and many of them cannot be purchased in stores. All of them are delivered to your doorstep monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, whatever suits you most. That should be enough reasons to spend some extra bucks on your favorite drink.

Bottom Line

If you’re extremely passionate about beer and love exploring interesting and fine flavors, a beer club is just what you need. Superior craft beers, selected by experts, are about to reach your doorstep.

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